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@Admins, Disappea

@Admins, Disappearing Threads/Comments

Admins, I have a question. I know most of us CBers have been battling terrible lag and disappearing threads. Recently - within the past two days - I've made numerous comments on my "The End?" thread, and to other threads from Jack-a-Nat, Leafpool, etc. It's been nearly a day, and I went back to check. Other comments have shown up, but mine haven't. I know it said they were submitted, with no CAPTCHA errors. Is there a reason why my stuff keeps on getting deleted? I never said anything against the rules, just a simple "thank you" or "congratulations", or so on. And if it isn't on my end, but with the server, do you know when this will be fixed? Thank you, Admins!

We know there's been lag and we're working to fix it. I don't know about disappearing comments. I haven't deleted any threads as you describer, and doubt other Admins have either. All I can say is look on a back page or do a site search. And you're always welcome to just resubmit the comment if that's easier.


submitted by Ashlee G., age 15, The Future
(September 4, 2016 - 10:34 pm)