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Chatterbox: Chirp at Cricket

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I have a couple of questions for you about pictures:

1. I know you can't post pictures of people, but what if the person has a camera in front of their eyes and most of their face? I took a picture in the mirror yesterday with my new camera that's me, but you can't see my eyes, nose, and you can only see a bit of my mouth. Is that okay or not?

2. Can you post pictures of the back of people's heads? Like, for showing hairstyles?

I guess that's it. Thanks. 


I've passed the question on to the other editors/admins, who are not working today. My instinct is just to say No, which is simpler than saying yes then having to carefully examine each submission to see if any "cross the line." But if the others have another opinion, it may be somewhat acceptable in the future.


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Okay, thank you. And thank you for posting this so quickly! And all the other post's I've made within the last 20 minutes.

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