Chatterbox: Chirp at Cricket



ok so here goes

What happened was I have a crush hmm Lets call him K and K was sitting with his goofy friend .....C I guess. and C said I liked K (which was true) so while K gets his snack I say ¨How did you get this info?!¨I whisper shout. That was a big mistake because then K comes back from his snack search and C says Dude you will not believe what Hana (that is my name) just said! and so on and so forth. Now let's get too the point you cannot trust C so he has tell the goofiest goof of time let's call him J every time J and I are partnered up It ¨Kanau¨ ~HELP 


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welp I'm just 10 but I think you should just admit, it's better then someone saying you like them.

um.. don't listen to us, we've never had a crush...


Well anyways consider it!

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