Hi lovelies! So,

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Hi lovelies! So,

Hi lovelies! So, I am sitting in chem class currently and I just thought of a game. Well, I guess I didn’t make it up myself, i’m Sure I am just remembering of its existence, but here it is:

You are given a sentence or a quote of some sort and that is your prompt. You must then write a scene out of that. It can be anything, as long as you use the prompt within your writing. Here’s an example using the very same piece of writing (by yours truly hehe;)) that inspired @The Riddler and I to write a book together:

Prompt — “I do love her... just not in aa forever sort of way.’

“but I do love her. Just... not in a forever sort of way.”
Alya had begun to drift away again. Her heart rate dangerously low as the poison wended its way through her system. But something in his voice dragged her back. Back to this innate sense of home. Of something that was not the glistening beckoning of a place far removed from this world. She felt the tug of wanting to go to that place, but stronger was the tether holding her in the here and the now.
She slowly, painfully reopened her eyes as she dragged herself up, out of the in between world, breaking the surface and choosing to stay. Stay with the living and the broken and the joyous.
“Of course not. No one could ever love a soul broken in the way that mine is like that, Malien,” the girl breathed. So softly that even she wondered if she had said it aloud. “Alya, look at all you do for everyone around you, and still you believe you are the villain of our story. But I don’t think anyone ever told you. The villain is the one that leaves the world darker than they found it. You’re the one that took that darkness away,” Nikolai said from her other side, voice breaking.

”I made the darkness mine. It became a part of me as surely as the sun is a part of this earth and as surely as you and I will die one day.”

The bluff was silent, but for the wind buffeting them from all sides. Alya slid her eyes around the circle, at this band of liars and cutthroats and thieves that had somehow found family in one another. To all of them and none of them, she made her request.
“Tell me to stay,” she whispered, still barely holding on.
The eight of them looked at one another, hands clasped. “Stay,” begged Muriel. Each of them followed, echoing in that same devastated tone. Malien, Nikolai, Muriel, Kestrel, Faria, Sebastian, Taz, and Ekaterina. With each voice added, color began to bloom on Alya’s face. The poison seemed to seep out, escaping back to whatever hellish hole it was created in. The world became still, even the wind holding its breath. Stay. Stay. Stay. Staystaystaystaystaystaystay.

They were not cutthroats, they were survivors.

Not liars, but storytellers.

Not thieves, but people trying to build something out of the broken pieces of an old and tired world.

And most definitely, they could not define themselves as criminals any longer. Their story was much larger than that. This group, they were the builders. The ones tasked with fixing the world and making it right. Making it a place for the dreamers to dream, the wanderers to walk, and the children to learn. 

Alya took a breath

and let go.


The first  official prompt isssss......

“I don’t wanna be you anymore” (Bonus points if you know what song this is/ the artist!)

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up up up!

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Oh, sounds cool! I'll see if I have time to whip something up! :D

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Ooooh, this is a cool idea! 


“I don’t wanna be you anymore.”

Jianya smiled sadly. “Not so easy, huh?”

Aileen shook her head and looked away, tears slipping down her face. “I thought it would be perfect. I thought that if I just had your life, everything would be perfect. I thought that maybe someone might notice me.”

”Nobody’s life is perfect, Ailey,” Jianya laughed drily. “Least of all mine, as I guess you must’ve seen.” 

“At first, when I shifted skins, it seemed like a dream come true. Suddenly, I had popular friends, good grades, a life. But...” she paused, choking a little, and pulled in a shaky breath. “But it was so hard. And even in your skin, it was still me underneath. Even then, people stopped noticing me after a while.” She looked up at her older sister. “What’s wrong with me?” 

Jianya pullled her into a tight hug. “Nothing. Nothing is wrong with you. You are my little sister, and you are perfect just the way you are.”

Aileen cried harder. “I can’t change back. I’m trying to, but I can’t.”

”Ailey, you know you can’t change back into someone you don’t really want to be. I need you to trust me on this - you will be happier once you learn to like yourself. I know it’s rough for you sometimes, but... I miss you. I miss seeing your face. Think of your friends, think of everything you like about yourself. You can do it.”

Aileen took a deep, steadying breath, and focused. She thought of her friends, laughing at dumb jokes together. She thought of all her favorite books. She thought of running wild across a field, not caring about what anyone else thought. Most of all, she thought about her sister. And slowly, she began to change.

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I like this idea, Kestrel!

"I don't wanna be you anymore." Alina whispered.

"Oh, Ali. What do you mean?"  Jaylin said gently, wrapping her friend in a tear-stained hug. 

Alina bit her lip. " I wanted..." her voice cracked. "I wanted everything you had. I wanted to be you."  

"But, Ali.." Jaylin looked at her with disbelief etched across her face. "You're already so incredible." 

"I'm not. You are. I'm just a jealous fool." Alina said, a fresh wave of tears spilling from her blue eyes. She could feel herself fading.

"Are you happy now, then?" Jaylin asked placing a hand on Alina's shoulder. 

"No. But I realized there's only one you. And it's not me." She smiled a heartbroken smile.

Jaylin hugged her tighter. "There's only one of you too, Ali. And you're the most amazing person I know." 

Alina shook her head and pulled away. "Thank you. But that's not me." 

Jaylin stared at her. "What are you talking about?" 

Alina looked at the ground, choosing her words carefully. "You don't know what I've done." She murmered, the tears increasing. 

"It doesn't matter! I'll always love you, Ali." Jaylin's eyes were filled with concern. 

"It does matter, though." her voice was little more than a whisper. 

"I love you too, Jaylin." she shook with sobs. And then, she slipped away.  


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