Word Picturings! 

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Word Picturings! 

Word Picturings! 

I want to say this was created by HoodedMidnight/BabyRabbit a few months back, but I can't be sure. 

SO, this is not your normal picturing thread! Anyone can create picturings, but instead of drawing them, you post them in words. Basically, you are describing other CBers how the looked in your mind.

-An Example-

Viola?: I always imagined you with really long black hair and blue eyes. You have a purple dress that fades to this midnight blue that goes to your knees, and you have a train in the back. These white studs are all around your dress, and look like stars. You also have those cat ears on, pitch black with small pink bows at the end.

Word-Picture Away!!! 

submitted by Secret
(May 19, 2019 - 6:53 am)

Secret~ You have long, straight hair, with a few colorful highlights. You wear black glasses, contrasting with your blonde hair. You are wearing a short black swing dress with short sleeves, maybe with a jean jacket or cardigan over it sometimes. You also have brown sandals on your feet. You have a little fluffy white dog, that you carry around in your arms. He is never far away from you. You often have a backpack slung over you shoulder, maybe filled with books or journals. 

If anyone else wants one, I can do them. I enjoyed writing this.

submitted by Dandelion
(May 19, 2019 - 12:41 pm)
submitted by thetoppinglion
(May 19, 2019 - 7:12 pm)

Dandelion: Female. You have short green hair, with a fuzzy yellow beanie and huge brown glasses. Your eyes are cornflower blue, and very sparkly. Your shirt is blue with 'Lioness within' scrawled in black cursive on the front, with dandelions framing the text. You have a short denim skirt over black leggings, a charmed-up keychain hanging from the front-left belt loop. Your combat boots are slightly mudstained, and the right boot's bow looks like it could fall out at any second.

Zeus: Male. Your face is obscured by the shadow of your hood, but whisps of blond hair poke out at select places. Electricity has made your hair kinda... pokey. Your hoodie is a size too loose, royal blue, and the drawstrings are perfectly the same length. You have jeans on, the left shin is slightly torn, and it looks like you tore it accidentally. You're barefoot, but your feet are clean, if given a little wet, and the hems of your jeans are water stained, like you walk in the rain often, which explains your wet feet. Lightening crackles around you occasionally, sometimes giving the outside world a glimpse of part of your face, but too fast to peice it together. Even though your face is hidden, you give off a vibe of 'I'm shy but I'm adorable, I promise.'

I... may end up drawing some of these... *Nervous laugh* 

submitted by Rogue Wildling
(May 19, 2019 - 11:15 pm)

Can I please have one? I'll do anyone else.

submitted by Gracia
(May 20, 2019 - 9:53 am)

Gracia: Female. Hay-blonde hair, fittingly, put up in a messy bun, in which pieces of hay are poking out, but it looks more like a decoration than being sloppy. Your hands are graceful, but they have a toughened look to them, like you do regular farm work. You have a red flannel on, with a nice bandana tied around your neck. You have jeans on, and riding boots. A chick perches on your shoulder, asleep. Your eyes are sharp, but warm, and brown like chocolate. Your skin is slightly tanned.

submitted by Rogue Wildling
(May 20, 2019 - 3:45 pm)

Here are some!:

Rogue: Male. Short black hair that is shaved all but the top, combed to the left. You have menacing royal blue eyes and pale-ish skin. Slightly rosy cheeks. You have a thin build, and a bit wispy and boney. You are wearing a black beanie and a grey T-shirt wih a black sweatshirt with a hood and navy blue jeans. You also have red Converse. 

Gracia: Female. You have brown hair that reaches the top of your chest and is slightly curly. You have green eyes and a tan. You are lanky and tall. You are wearing a solid forest green T-shirt and beige, faux denim shorts. You have green Converse. (I always imagine people with converse)

submitted by Secret
(May 20, 2019 - 4:19 pm)

Thanks so much Rogue! I love the picturing!







submitted by Dandelion
(May 20, 2019 - 3:53 pm)

Rogue Wilding: In my head, you're female. You've got shiny, straight dark brown hair that reaches down past your waist and big, hard dark brown eyes. Black military-style boots and pants with throwing stars tucked into secret pockets, with a short red leather vest over a black tank top. You've also got a black choker-style necklace with a mysterious red symbol attached. Nobody has ever gotten close enough to see what it is except for you, and you've certainly never told anyone. 

submitted by Twirlgirl, age 13, My Imaginary Dance Studio
(May 22, 2019 - 8:43 pm)

Ella Starburst has bright yellow hair in spiky pigtails at the top of her head. She wears lots of bright colors-- I'm picturing an outfit with lots of hot pink and yellow, and maybe orange. She's blowing a bubblegum bubble.

Starseeker has long, wavy black hair with gold highlights. She wears gold eyeliner, and her eyes are gold, too. (I don't know why I'm picturing so much gold...) She wears a flowy dark gray t-shirt with constellations on it and either a black pleated skirt or black leggings. 

Agent Winter has snowy white hair that's shoulder-length and maybe shaved on one side? She wears a black lacy choker and a furry white vest, with a light blue longsleeved shirt and white capris. She has sharp blue eyes. (Also, has anyone seen her? She used to be really active and now she's not.)

Nyx has really short black hair and gold eyes. They wear short overalls (so, not the kind with full-length pants) and a black and white striped t-shirt underneath, as well as sparkly gold sneakers.

Viola? has long wavy dark hair, and a braided crown of flowers. She wears a shortsleeved dark purple dress that has a short skirt, as well as black ballet flats. 

submitted by Fleet, Kingdom ;-;
(June 1, 2019 - 6:22 pm)

i reallly like word picturings so please don''t let this thread die!

submitted by Faith C.
(June 2, 2019 - 7:42 am)

Twirlgirl- You are wearing a denim overall dress with a solid light pink tee undeneath. Your hair is shoulder length, and straight. You have medium brown hair and brown eyes. You are also wearing bright white adidas. 

submitted by Dandelion
(June 2, 2019 - 6:24 pm)

Could I have one, too?

submitted by Spell Caster, In the woods
(June 3, 2019 - 12:58 pm)

Spell Caster, I picture you with longish pale purple hair, bright blue eyes and a mysterious smile. You're wearing a silver cloak, and you have sparkles coming from your fingertips.

submitted by Fleet, Plastic's couch
(June 6, 2019 - 8:16 am)

Thank you, I love it!

submitted by Spell Caster, In the woods
(June 7, 2019 - 5:43 am)

@Spell Caster, you're welcome! Does anyone want to do me? 

submitted by Fleet, stealing control chips
(June 9, 2019 - 7:38 am)