@Admins, I expect

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@Admins, I expect

@Admins, I expect an answer to my post, please. I will respect it if you have chosen to think about my words and talk them over with your peers, but if you have merely disregarded my post then I will say that I thought better of you.

Then again, I am deeply sorry if you find this disrespectful. However, I must point out that your refusal of acknowledgement would be disrespectful as well.

Please know that I am only fighting for my religion and equal rights for all topics/requests. I am not fighting against you or your morals.

Justice is blind,


We carefully consider all comments, including yours, Anonymous, and we reserve the right to decide which ones are appropriate for Chatterbox and which are not. Chatterbox is not a forum for everything. There are other places more appropriate for your requests.


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