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Otherworld help

Otherworld help

Well, həļĺø! I'm guessing that if you're here, you're confused at what on earth the post by Øłhərwørlđ (hey, that's me!) is.

My post is more or less a Murder Mystery, with large roleplay aspects and a tiny bit of Ski Lodge inspiration (however, you won't die, haha). I'll explain.

Otherworld is a murder mystery scenario you get to roleplay your way through. NPCs will be introduced to you throughout the story, further adding to your list of suspects and characters. You and the other RPers choose what to investigate and deal with, giving you a better idea of who the culprit is. Manage your time carefully, and remember, when one door closes, another opens. 

A couple things Otherworld is not:

1. Otherworld is not a solo write or Ski Lodge. It involves participation from the CBers involved, whether that be in RP posts or just being like "yeah I'd like my character to do this". Otherworld is more of an RP than anything else.

2. Otherworld is not a choose your own adventure. Yes, it is an interactive world, but I really don't want to emulate the stress of a Choose Your Own Adventure in this. You have a lot more freedom in this, and I don't want to stress anyone in any way. 

...no offense to those books, in their defense they're really neat and I doubt they were that stressful to their general audience. Just me. ._.

That's it! Please let me know if you have any questions, and ask them here. Enjoy the murder mystery!


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(July 5, 2019 - 2:24 pm)