Oh boy, itś

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Oh boy, itś

Oh boy, itś been a long while since I´ve said hello! So, *dramatically clears throat* Hello. 

How were your summers everybody? Mine was quite eventful.  (Side Note: I'm in seventh grade now...yikes!)  

Shall I list off events? Yes, I shall. *takes out old timey looking scroll, dust falls from the yellowing paper onto the floor.* 

Numbre Uno, I finished my production of Willy Wonka Jr along with Artumerrx. It was so sad to end the show after we worked so hard on it. 

Two! This one is big. 

In late July I went to Europe for two weeks. The first place I went to was London, where I saw Hamilton (!!!!). Something I found quite humurous was that, when King George entered the stage, quite a number of people clapped for him, even before he sang.  

The Second Place I went to was Paris, it was so beautiful and I saw the Eiffel Tower! We went on a tour and saw lots of street art (When any of you get a chance, look up "Space Invader Street Art,Paris").

While I was busy becoming lord of the French pigeons, a man in a very interesting bike came by, it was large and very steampunk. Instead of handles, there was an accordian and lots of random bits of gears and it reminded me of something one of you would come up with. 

The third and last place I went was Amsterdam, and holy heck, there were a lot of bikes. Like too many. It was such a wonderful place and everyone is so nice. I didn't realize how ridiculous the dutch language is. I saw the Van Gogh muesem and many other things that are getting hard to remember. 

The third biggest thing was I did Frozen The Musical Jr with Rhode Island Youth Theatre, that was the first time I worked with that program and I met so many amazing people. Even though I didn't get a large role, I had fun remembering what's like being minor characters. I played the Steward and Oaken Family member #5, again, nothing huge but it was crazy fun. 

Oh! By the way! I turned 12 on August 15th! 

Okay, that enough about me, how were your summers? 

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Welcome back! *Hugs* My summer was good! I did a college camp for my dream school. It was on physics and rocket science, and it was SO COOL. I'm so stoked for college now. XD

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Hooded, good to see you! It's Soren Infinity btw, I don't know if you're aware of my name change. 

Wow, your Summer sounds amazing! How does it feel to be Lord of French Pidgeons?

Mine was semi-eventful. I turned 12 a few months before you and my CBversary was in May. I also learned some sign language at a class I did and I finished a big writing prodject.

And I don't know how to end this post. Um. Yeah. 

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Aw hey Soren! Er-Lunar-Starr. 

Being Lord of the French pigeons is quite fantastic, though I fear whilst I am in America, I may lose their loyalty and they'll form some sort of rebillion. 

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Oooooh Frozen? That must have been awesome. That bike sounds really cool, by the way. Wish I could have seen it. 

My summer was great! I played "Auggie" in a remade version of wonder. 

Also, after everyone keeps talking about turning/being 12, I feel very, very old. 


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Hey, Hooded! My summer was kind of meh. But I decided to switch from homeschooling to public school, so now I'm in high school. *Aaah*

My dad is actually going on a business trip to Paris today! I feel like the two places that I might actually want to go on a plane to get to are Paris and London. (I've never been on a plane and I get kind of claustrophobic, as well as seasick sometimes, so I don't really want to get stuck on a plane for a long amount of time XD) 

Happy late birthday! I'm glad to see you again <3 

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