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History Nerds. .

History Nerds. . . 

Does anyone like to geek out about points in history? I LOVE the Russian Revolution and the turn of the twentith century (specifically the newsies!!!!) I also like World War Two, and orphan trains. 

A lot of people focus on the adults, the "grownups" of history. We look at what revolutinary ideas they had, cool things they invented, and books they wrote. We forget them. The youngsters. The children. What was their life like? Were they poor or rich? Did they work? What happened to them when they grew up? What where they thinking about life, their reflections? (this is why I love The Little Prince:) Kids are the forgotten people, forgotton generations. They only get recognized if they do something great, or maybe even bad. Which is why a lot of people don't know about orphan trains. 

So. Orphan trains. Between the time of about 1850 to around the 30's, thousands of kids who lived on the streets or had been orphaned were transported by train from the east coast of America to the Midwest. They were literally bought from matrons to families or couples. Some ended up having happy lives with loving parents. Others were turned into slaves, supposedly the couple's children, but was just an extra pair of hands to work. Infants were transported (and usually got lucky with parents). 

I don't know how to wrap this up, but Drean said burrd, which is close to bird. 




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I love history. History is so great. Especially when paired with science. Did you know that Albert Einstein wanted the universe to be proven timeless (aka without a time-restricted beginning), so when his math proved him wrong, he tampered with it to prove his theory? 

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I love history! Especially Revolutionary War era stuff, like with all the colonies. One of my favorite fun facts is that there was a colony militia called the 'Green Mountain Boys'.

The Green Mountains are in Vermont. The word Vermont is French for green mountains. The mountains are much lower than the Rockies and covered with trees.


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I really like history and so does almost everyone in my family. I am fascinated by the medieval time periods and vikings. I didn't know very much about norsemen until watching the show Vikings and getting a dna test revealing I have a nice percentage of Norwegian in me got me interested in the subject.

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I really like history too, but like no one else at my school does. I especially like learning about the 1900s but our history class last year ended after learning about the Civil War. We don't have history this year, we have civics and geography instead, which I also like, I just wish that we could also have history.

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