Hewwo! I'm WinterNight,

Chatterbox: Chirp at Cricket

Hewwo! I'm WinterNight,

Hewwo! I'm WinterNight, I am a furry and I am in many different fandoms! Examples for gmes are minecrft, roblox, fnaf,etc, books Im into Warrior cats, Wolves of the beyond, foxcraft, Runt, Etc, I am a supporter of lgbt, and love roleplay, this is all for now! BAIIIII

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Yo! Welcome, WinterNight!

Admins, would you please link the Ultimate Guide? This is a guide to help you around the CB. 

Here you go:






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Hi WinterNight. I like your name. I am Sunshine Wings, though you can just call me Sunshine if you fell like it. I started reading the Foxcraft series, I kind of have an obsession with foxes. I hope we get to know eachother well! See you around, and have fun! <3 

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Hello there. You must be WinterNight! Pleasure to meet you. I am Zeke, Ella's left brain AE. That screamer in bold/italics is Andrea.

Do it Zeke.



*Sigh* OwO.


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