Hello! I am

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Hello! I am

Hello! I am Lilac. I am introducing myself and my AE. :D

I am Lilac, that is my favorite color. I love to sing, all the time. My favorite books/series are Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Hunger Games, The Lunar Chronicles, and The Giver. I am a Slytherin/Slytherclaw and an introvert and I love audiobooks.

My AE is Gracie, she is very shy and loves to dance.

I'm not very good.

Gracie, you are an amazing dancer. Don't put yourself down like that!

Ok, I'm sorry. *covers face*

You don't need to apologize.


I'm trying to get her to put herself out there, hopefully it'll just take a little bit of pushing.

Anyway! I'm here and ready to do stuff!



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Hi Lilac! Welcome to the CB. I'm Leafy--I used to go by Leafpool, but I shortened it a while ago. I'm looking forward to seeing you around!

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Hi Lilac!!!!!

I like Harry Potter, LotR and The Giver too. ;D

My AEs...

*gentle smile and nod* Hello Gracie

Hi! Gracie, so nice to see you here! I'm pretty new AE, and so is Patrick; I'm Daisy. And the first person to say hi to you is Emerald Frost, who has now retreated into a corner apparently?....

And I'm Patrick. *sullen nod* *stomps away*

Don't mind him... 

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Hey Lilac! Nice to meet you. I am Tuxedo Kitten! I also enjoy Harry Potter (I'm a Ravenclaw! ) LotR (Which I have read all of), and singing. Are you in a chior? Though, just singing at home is cool too. See you around!

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@Tuxedo Kitten, yeah I'm in a choir, but I also like to belt showtunes at the top of my lungs when I'm at home. :D 

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@Tuxedo Kitten

I like your name. I'm in my school's choir. But I also like to sing showtunes at the top of my lungs when I'm at my house!!! :D

I'm a Slytherin, but I'm very Ravenclaw (Slytherclaw) ^_^ 

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Nice to meet you, Lilac! I'm Nyx, I love singing too, and dancing, and I'm also very much an introvert and I'm proud of it. (Is that weird?) Anyway, I love LotR too, and I've read all the books and watched all the movies. I'm a hardcore reader and a homeschooler, writer, artist, and Catholic. My AEs are :

Vivian: Bold, outgoing, easy to make friends with, loves singing and dancing. Distingishing features are her ankle-length ginger-gold braid, and her 6'4" height. 

Rhaksha: Less outgoing. Tends to be reclusive and irritable, unless around her friend Nihil. She wants to make more friends, but isn't sure how, when she's so dark. Distingishing features are her completely black eyes, her pale complexion, and her overall resemblance to a vampire.

Khione: The crazy one. VERY outgoing, to the point that she will make friends with you almost without you needing to peep. Can and will use unneccesary emphasis on sentences, but will be quiet if asked. Distingishing features are her knee-length jean shorts, and her t-shirts with weird logos on them. Also the fact that she's always one of the loudest people in a room.

Apollo: K1nd 0f shy, 4t l34st unt1l h3 g3ts t4lk1ng. H4rd t0 und3rst4nd s0m3t1m3s, s1nc3 h3 sp43ks 1n numb3rs. D1st1ng1sh1ng f34tur3s 4r3 h1s t3nd4ncy t0 dr3ss 4ll 1n bl4ck, 4nd h1s sh0rt pl4t1num bl0nd h41r.  

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