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The thing about names is that they don't mean much. They're just a way of classifying stuff so our brains don't explode. That said, I was wondering: what are the inspirations behind your CB names? What alternate names could you give other CBers based on their personality? And if you were forced to change your CB name, what would you change it to?

I haven't thought about these questions much. Maybe this thread will make me come up with the answers.

Have a great day! :) 

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When I first joined the CB, there were a few people whose names to ink in some way--and I thought that was a really cool idea, with the whole writing site thing. I ended up just going to the wikipedia page for "words relating to ink" and picking out "Alizarine". Tada! "Alizarine ink" is an ink some guy named Professor Leonhardi made with alizarin dye and some other kind of ink in the 1850s, so it's not really a meaningful name. I just thought it sounded cool XD

Anyway, that's how I ended up naming myself after a fantasy-sounding kind of ink for... Wow, two years at the end of this month! That's pretty crazy. 

If I had to change my name I'd probably change it to Alizarin because that sounds basically the same but um that's maybe a lot cheating so.... Hmm. I might go with my real name + last initial, just because I think that's sort of a unused naming scheme these days. "Quagmire" would also be a good one, A) because it's a really cool underrated word and B) asoue, of course.

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Ahh, okay. Storytime. *rubs hands together*

So, when I originally joined, it was May 2018. (Wow that makes me sound kinda oldish) I honestly had no idea what I was doing. I thought the "first name and initial" thing was required. So I went with, not my own first name because I thought that was boring, the two things I was most obsessed with at the time: Harry Potter and... Minecraft Story Mode. (hides in shame) Thus, I became Soren P, 'P' standing for Potter.

(Side note: what even happened to me in sixth grade. I was obsessed with that derpy game for the longest time and I had this disgusting Justin Beiber bowl cut. My CB personality was that of a deranged geek who was trying way too hard to be cool. It is so bad I can't even laugh about it. Okay. Moving on.)

A month later, right when I turned eleven, it had dawned on me by that time that the "first name last initial" was a mere suggestion and not a requirement, so I was eager to shed my not-actual-last-initial-initial and went for a far cooler "surname" of sorts, which was the name of a dragonic character I had recently invented and was also one of my favorite words. Plus, as I defended in the original post, "it sounds cooler". I was then, for a very long period of time, "Soren infinity".

Fast forward to August of 2019. I was growing out of Soren infinity; it didn't feel meaningful or lasting or whatever else. So the following is a conversation reminiscent to one of which I had with myself upon debating what else I could be called on the CB:

Me #1: so I'm kinda not loving my CB name anymore

Me #2: well what else could you possibly go by Eliza

Me #1: well I don't know I want it to be all in-depth you know. Like has this strong connection to and/or alludes to things that are important in my life

Me #2: okay so what could that be

Me#1: well i mean,

Me #3: hi what are yall talking about

Me #1: the CB kinda like,, played a big role in the development of my writing you know, so like maybe something to do with that

Me #2: okay so,... where are you

Me #3: what does the word quinessential actually mean guys

Me #1: OO I KNOW,

Me #2: wow i'm so enticed, please continue the suspence is killing me,,

Me #3: i'm bored let's play slitherio

Me #1: you know how we wrote a novel like last month? let's do something with that 

So it kinda went from there. the main character in said novel was named Luna, and for that like one week I was super obsessed with using "Star" with an extra 'r' in random things, and since Luna means moon I was like "well it's stupid but clever & it won't get old", so I became Luna-Starr. yayy. Thank you for anyone who listened to my story, especially Admin thank you very much you work very hard and it is your job to listen to such stories, I hope you enjoyed my recreation of my internall conversation and that it wasn't weird and bothersome. 

Yes, I enjoyed your recreation, and I think Luna-Starr is a beautiful name.


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Haha, yes! Your conversation with yourself is hilarious!

I really like Luna-Starr as your name. It seems to fit you naturally. 

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Aww, thanks, @Admin and @Summer!! <3

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I came up with this because I'm kind of a girly-girl and not ashamed of it, and I like bagels, and my name on a derpy cat game was Bagel Princess.

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I put basically zero thought into my CB name, sorry to disappoint. I was reading the Michael Vey books at the time (September 2016, so I guess I'm really old) and Zeus was my favorite character. I used the name even though I disliked the books.


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I love this thread! It's so creative!

The inspiriation behind my CB name... Hm... I just kind of think the name ‘Luminara’ makes me kind of fill up with light and brightness. I guess that could be a feeling. Part of my family is Finnish, and I enjoy the snow. So that's how I got ‘Lumi’.

My name isn't even close to Nora, but people like to call me Nora. (I personally go by Nora for my name now. Just saying. *Shrugs*) I have no idea why? People tell me they call me ‘Nora’ because the name meaning in Greek is ‘light’. People say I'm kind of a light in the darkness. So thank you my friends! They mean I'm the light in the darkness is kind of the most happy and the most exuberant person they'd ever met. It's very nice of them!

Anyways, back to the ‘Nara’ part in my CB name. ‘Nara’ was close to ‘Nora’ so I thought it was kind of creative, and the origin meaning of Japan, Hindi, and Celtic name meaning is ‘happy’.

And I guess it's just how my name was born on CB. Sorry if I rambled too much, I tend to do that all the time.

Alternate names for other CBers on their personality? I honestly wouldn't even change their names! All of them suit their CB self so much, that I could never think of a better name for them.

If I changed my CB name I guess I'd name it ‘Ilaria’. Why? I don't know. I just think it's unique and everything like that...

Anyways, that's my ramble. Thank you for reading if you read it! 

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I put a lot of thought into my CB name. I spent exactly... 0 hours thinking about it!

Yeah, so I joined the CB kind of on a whim. I’d been looking around for a few days, and I saw the Poetry Contest thread, and I thought, ooh, I want to post! I’d used the name Kitten as a username for other sites before, so I just kind of put it in without thinking much. 

I’ve thought about changing my CB name a couple times, but it always confuses me when other people change their names, and it sort of suited me, so I kept it. I did add ‘Pondering’ as my location for a little interest at one point, but I’m thinking of changing that.

At one point, I considered changing my name to Squiggle. I still consider it sometimes. I’m not sure if it represents my personality, though - it’s really hard to encompass yourself in a name, you know? I also considered Alyss, which is the name of one of my favorite book characters.

I might change my location sometime soon. In the meantime, I’m experimenting. :) 

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I think my name is based on the Winter Soldier? I think? I don't even remember how I came up with it. When I was Fleet, that was from these comics that were based on the game KotOR. There was this character named Carth, but everyone called him Fleet in the comics. I still don't know why. But I liked the name, and was always too lazy to change it once I started to become less obsessed with KotOR

If I could change my CB name, I might change it to... oh gosh, I don't know? Maybe back to MoonWolf, honestly. I kinda liked that name. Or AdorableAngle, which is an inside joke. 

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(Okay, brace yourself: my background story will either be really sweet or really boring, jus' saying.) My name, Nyx, was originally the name I picked to use when I was doing an rp on another platform. I picked Nyx just bc I thought the Greek goddess of night was really cool, and I liked the sound of it. 
The problem with my rping was that I never told my parents. I was doing it secretly. Long story short, I told them when it got uncomfortable and had to leave that life and several good friends behind.
Eventually, I joined the CB (with permission, luckily.), and decided to keep Nyx as my name, bc if my old friends ever somehow ended up on the CB, I wanted them to reconize me. 

As for changing my name, I don't know that I would, simply out of stubbornness, and the fact that I like it. But if I really had to, I suppose I'd use the first name surname initial thing, which would make me Maria K.  

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So, at first I actually used my real name, but that didn't last long, considering I wanted an interesting name. Then I posted on Kyngdom, and I didn't know what my Kyngdom name should be so I made it after my wolf character. I just call him Dusk the Wolf now, but before, I wanted him to have a last name to fit with the 'first name last name initial' thing. So, Dusk Sky it was, or Dusk S.

But then, I wanted a seperate name for the other parts of the CB. So I first considered Violet (sicne that was one of my dog's names at the time and I used it a lot for websites and such), but I wasn't feeling it. 

So, I decided I liked Dusk S. the best, and that became my permanent username for everywhere. I have thought about changing the S. part to Sky, since there was no reason to have the 'last name initial' but I kind of like my name the way it is. Besides the S. makes it seem more interesting. 

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I started my CB life on Inkwell, and I couldn't decide between the names 'Rogue' and 'Wildling' so I just squished them together and became Rogue Wildling. I had that name for about a year and a half and in November or so I looked at my name and realized just how much I had changed. The person behind the name was no longer me. So, I thought long and hard and eventually came up with the analogy that my mom uses to describe me. Porcelain Dragon. IRL, I look delicate and I don't try to act tough, hense 'Porcelain,' but I've always had surprising physical strength and I can get fiery in some situations, hense 'Dragon.'

That nickname has stuck with me throughout my entire life,  so I decided to start using it as my generic username. In some places I'm still 'Rogue,' because I'm a rogue inside :P but that^ is my story, and Porcelain Dragon is my name.

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I picked this name back when I was on Kyngdom and not the CB (it's the other way around now, hah.) Viola was one of a few names I was considering, and I added the question mark as a little shrug, like "It might change, but I guess you can call me this for now". And then it just kind of stuck. I haven't thought much about changing it, honestly.

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I first posted as Wiseowl on Kyngdom on February 4, 2016: 

Wow! I guess I'll be four CB years old this February.

Wiseowl was chosen because my actual name held the significance of "wisdom" in a different language and because owls are said to be wise. 

Anyway, I pretty much forgot about Wiseowl until one day the Cricket Magazine showed up with quotes from Kygdom. And 6th grade me thought Oh wow! I wanna be in there! So I started posting in the RP sections of Kygdom. I wasn't a very good writer to begin with, so my characters (yes, I created many in Kygdom) were very Mary Sue.

My a few of many (cringeworthy) characters: 

Sometime along the road I noticed that others also made many characters but posted under one username. So 6th grade me was trying to think of a cool username for Kygdom on one fateful bike ride when I was pretending to be the fastest bike-spy in the world (don't judge) and somehow I can up with Unsuspecting Story Teller. But if you've ever tried to make a really long name, you'll know that the name box only alows so many letters. So it became UNSUSPCTINGSTRYTLLR.

That was my username for a while and I even joined the CB on Inkwell, still making rather Mary Sue characters left and right.

Example(and also my first RP):


I continued posting into 8th grade when I introduced AutumnArtist to the CB. She posted more on Chirp at Cricket than Inkwell, which was my main area. Anyway, one day she showed me one of those posts where people post what they think other CBers are like based on their CB name. I think Kestrel said that something about the all-caps made her think that I was evil. Now I laugh at that but back then I was like: *dramatic gasp* OH NO!!! And so I changed my name to lowercase and put one of the vowels back in as unsuspectingstrytllr.

Also in 8th grade I began to feel... lonley? I don't really know what prompted me to do this, but you know how in boks there's a trio of friends(more often than not)? So I created my own trio of friends. 

Jaden Selesky/Apprentice:

Watchgirl(this example is lame but can't find any others):

And of course, the original. unsuspectingstrytllr. 

Eventually, as you might imagine. This became a little much to handle. So I condensed them into two people. Spring Flower and red tailed panda

This was around the time where I (a person of mixed ethnicities) decided to go to my Chinese roots. As a result, Spring Flower's location was her username in Mandarin and rtp used a lot af random Mandarin phrases. I imagined these two pesonas to be... twins? Cousins? That was my I wish I had a twin phase.

I was on for the beginning of 9th grade but drifted for a while. And then I came back at the beginning of 10th grade just in time for Inktober as possibly wiser which is a play on the "older and wiser" line from The Sound of Music. I am definetly older but I'm not so sure if I'm wiser. And then I was gone for a bit but now I'm back. And I've had enough name changes to last me a while, so I don't think I'll be changing any time soon.

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