So, I'm a

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So, I'm a

So, I'm a little bored, and I want to write some more... so I'm going to offer some written picturings. :)

Just put your name down, and I'll write how I picture you.  

Be forewarned though... my written picturings are not what you would think. ;)

Anyways. If you want one, then just put your name down and I'll get one to you as soon as I can. :)


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I'll take one!

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May I have one? 

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Top top top top top top top top top!! Please and thank you! :)

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Oh my Lightbulb! I'd like one of you have time.

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I'll have one!

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Yes, please!

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I'd like one!

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I'd love one! 

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I'd love one!

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I’d love one!! 

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Cool! I'll take one!

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I'd love one if you have time!

<3 Fidelity 

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Whoa-I did not expect this much answers! Wow, that makes me feel special. Thanks guys! :)

Gracia, you're first since you posted first, so here is your picturing: (sorry it's a little long.) 

(Also, to the others who want picturings, they might take a little longer than I thought. I have finals this week at high school, and I'm trying to study hard, so anyways. But I promise I'll get them to you soon. :)


So, when I first heard of your name, I thought 'graceful,' and also 'thankful.' I also thought that you have blonde hair, brown eyes, and a cute smile. You love summer, love to cartwheel, and are always bouncy and bubbly. You wear a bright yellow shirt, and short shorts. You often carry a backpack filled with neccessities. Oh yeah, you like to explore too. Anyways, that's how I imagine you, so think of that when you read the rest of this.

Time to put my imagination into STORY FORM! :) 


"Bye Mom!" The girl shouted over her shoulder as she raced out the door.

"Gracia-please be home by 6!"


As the screen door slammed shut behind the girl, she finally slowed down to take a deep breath. The sun was shining a beautiful golden color, while the sound of cicadas welcomed the morning with open arms. A slight breeze kissed the girl's cheek as she continued to survey the world before her. It was the first day of summer vacation, and it could not have been a more beautiful day. No more overdue assignments to worry about. No more grades to check. Just her and 3 whole months of nothing. 

Grinning and laughing, Gracia cartwheeled into the grass, over and over and over again until she got too tired to do anymore. Her family had previously oved to the house where she lived not the past summer. At first, she was scared. She wasn't the best at making new friends, and she didn't like change either. But she did love the outdoors, and she loved warm weather. 

Where her family moved had both; a huge backyard, perfect weather (not too hot, not too cold,) and unlike she first though, she was able to make a friend quickly. 

But the best part of where she moved was the huge woods a little past her friends house. Everyday after school she'd walk past it, hoping to explore it one day.

Today was that day. 

She promised to get her friend before though, so they could explore the woods together. Racing to her friend's house, she quickly knocked on the door. Before she could react, her friend burst out of the front door, the same way Gracia had done at her own house. "Race you there!" was the only words her friend said while passing her. 

The woods were dark and mysterious, just the way Gracia liked them. More secrets to be explored that way. 'Wait up!' she called to her friend.

There was only one path through the woods. If you strayed off it, you could get lost forever. Which is exactly where Gracia found herself. "Lost in the woods on the first day of summer vacation. Perfect." Gracia mumbled to herself. She liked the mystery of the woods, she just didn't like being alone in the dark. She tried calling her friend's name, but all she heard back was echos. 

It was getting darker and a little colder. She tried calling for her friend's name one more time, but instead heard a slight tinkling noise-like the sound of bells. There was a blue light not too far ahead from her too. She stumbled towards the light, trying to feel her way towards the sound. All of a sudden, the light dissapeared, but reappeared again further away. This continued for quite a while, until she heard her friend's frantic voice. 'GRACIA!!!! Where are you?!?" 

"I'm here!" Gracia called. "I think I got a little lost... but there was someone, or something who helped me. A blue light..." She looked up at her friend. "Could this wood be, magical? Filled with woodland spirits who guide the way back?"

Gracia's friend looked at her strangely. "Gracia, I know this wood is dark and all, but there is no such thing as magic. You've just had a little shock is all. Let's get you back home." 

"Ok." Gracia nodded. But on the way out of the woods, she looked back over her shoulder. Was it all a dream? Could it just have been her imagination? 

A twinkling blue light in the distance answered her questions. Gracia smiled. She would be back to the woods sometime, but not today. Today's adventure had ceased, but the summer's adventure had just begun.  


So... um, I hope you liked that? *small smile* Anyways. Thanks for requesting a written picturing from me! :) 

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There's one mistake... sorry. I wrote this at 11:30 last night *sheepish grin* 

Anyways,  5th paragraph 2nd sentence is supposed to say: "Her family had previously moved to where she lived now the past summer." 

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