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 Hi! I


Hi! I recently joined the Chatterbox, so here's my introduction! I'm Peppermint, (but you can call me Pepper if you'd like) and I'm an aspiring writer. My pronouns are she/her.

I love, love, love reading, and some of my favorite book series are the Heroes of Olympus, the Kane Chronicles, Wings of Fire, Harry Potter, and The City of Ghosts books! I also love dancing, and I take ballet and modern classes. I'm from the United States, but my location will probably vary from different magical worlds because that's more interesting. :) I'm super excited to meet all of you (and the admins!)!! Oh, and I've already read the Ultimate Guide, which was super helpful! 

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Hi Peppermint! I'm Honeybee, and I joined about a month ago. I do modern dance too! I also love to write :)))

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hello Peppermint! There are so many nicknames you could make out of that name. Pepper, Mint, Minty, uhhh... actually that's it. Anyway, I'm Majestic Mary (as if that wasn't obvious), but you can call me Mary or MM. I like the way you think - fictional worlds are much more interesting than having just "USA" as your location. As you can see, my current location is Majestopia. 

Also, you have great taste in books, I would definitely recommend that you check out some of the threads on Blab about Books! We've been trying to revive that section of the CB, because it's been dying out. 

Anyway, welcome! Hope to see you around! 

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Hey, Peppermint, I'm Tealeaf! Welcome to the chatterbox! My pronouns are she/her. See you around!


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Aloha, Pepper! I absolutely love the name Pepper, so you may notice me commenting after you a lot so I can say your name. Just kidding, that would be really creepy, sorry. But it really is a great name. I'm Morning, and I can't think of any nicknames for that (Mor? Morn?) but if you think of one, you can use it. My pronouns are sh/her as well. It's so cool that you dance, I used to (when I was about five) but I am extremely non-dexterous, and I no longer do that.

It's nice to meet you, and I'll read you around!


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Hi Peppermint! I'm Silver Crystal, Silver for short if you want. I've only been here a few days myself. I also know pretty much all of the books that you've mentioned, which are all amazing :) I'll see you around!

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Hi! I'm Nightfall, joined in about August along with Inari, I'm they/them, and it's amazing to meet you! 

Peppermint candy is actually amazing, so I love your name!

You can call me Night, or Nf in drastically small situations. I love to write, draw, and read, and am kinda introverted. 

I've been impersonated twice, though, but I have a specific writing style and all, so yeah. 


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Hi Peppermint! I'm Twilight, and I also take ballet and modern classes, as well as a number of other styles.

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*drops through ceiling* 


*drops through floor*

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Hi Peppermint! I'm Lizardo, but I'll probably change my name soon. That's good that you found the ultimate guide, it's super helpful. Anyways, have fun! :DDDDD

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