Chatterbox: Chirp at Cricket

Okay, so, I've been seeing lots of puzzle thread thingies, so I thought I'd try my own! Some of these I got from friends and others are inspired by other CBers. Sooooo you will find out my identity only if you want no actually there is another puzzle too. (No no I'm kidding just my username) Anddd have fun! ( I  hope you do anyways) The rules are:  You cannot directly tell people the thread name or link, however you may give them clues.(unlimited amount) 2 (this is more of a reminder actually) Each level gets harder, supposedly and you will get the Detective title if you pass the Whole thing. (At least I will call you that.) And without further ado, LETS BEGIN!

                                        This is the first _uzzle,

              find the error,

     make it right again and find the m_ssing letter.

    Pi_ce them together and you will have the _lue 

                          it will not be as e_sy as you thin_.

                 You will have to find out what to do with that clue,

                     Good luck, Good by_, Have a good day too! 


submitted by Remains a Mystery
(January 11, 2021 - 1:27 pm)