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Fictional Character Birth

Fictional Character Birthday Calendar!

I decided to create a fictional character birthday calendar and may post weekly updates of what fictional character's birthdays it is that week. If there are characters that you want to add, please tell me who it is, the date, and what the character is from for me to add (even if I don't know the character). If it isn't a birthday but is something like, say, a deathday, you can also share that and I will add it. 

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This is a great idea! Thank you so much for doing this!

These are all characters from She Ra & the Princesses of Power (the 2018 reboot). 

Adora- January 19th 

Catra- October 28th

Glimmer- December 1st

Bow- September 9th

Queen Angella- October 18th

Spinneralla- December 17th

Netossa- April 15th

Perfuma- April 1st

Frosta- May 7th

Mermista- October 21st

Sea Hawk- August 4th

Entrapta- December 24th

Scorpia- July 5th

Castaspella- August 13th

Madam Razz- March 23rd

Mara- July 8th

Hordak- February 18th

Double Trouble- August 8th (Double Trouble's is actually unknown so I gave them their voice actor's b-day)

Lonnie- June 16th

Kyle- April 20th

Rogelio- September 4th

Melog- June 18th


Okay, that's a lot of people. I was also wondering if you'd be okay if I sort of stole your idea and made a thread about Animal Crossing Villager's birthdays (since there's one for every day of the year). 


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Oooh yes, thank you so much! I was going to do this for all of my fandoms but hadn't started and it looks like you covered this one. I'll add them right now!

*goes off to add them*

*comes back*

Again, thanks! I decided to add Shadow Weaver's and am considering adding Hoard Prime's voice actor's. You saved me a lot of work and probably gave me the motivation to add more birthdays. :P Of course you may steal my idea! I know nothing about Animal Crossing. Heh.

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HOW. THE FROG. Did you find this stuff out??

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@Feline Fantasy: You're welcome! 

Also here's another one:

Kipo (from Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts) - Marth 26th 

@Writing_in_the_dark: I just searched up "she ra characters birthdays" and looked on the fandom wiki page. Not every piece of media has character birthdays but it always helps to check!

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It's not a birthday, and I have it to Floor already, but this deserves attention, in my opinion at least. February 16th is Marius and Cosette's wedding anniversary, 188 this year, I believe. (Les Misérables <3)

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Asdfghjkl, autocorrect is a menace. I had nothing to do with Floors, I already gave the date to Floof. 

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September 22nd - Bilbo and Frodo Baggins' birthday from The Lord of the Rings 

September 19th - Hermione Granger's birthday from Harry Potter

March 1st - Ron Weasley birthday (also from Harry Potter

July 31st - Harry Potter (self explanatory lol)

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The majority of the characters of fandoms I'm in don't have birthdays available, but here's what I've found...

January 21 - Morgan Smith (the creator of Averno)

January 19 - Auggie Greenwood (who wrote the musical Willow)

January - Constance Contraire

Harry Potter is the one fandom where I could easily find this information, so here are some of the characters not mentioned yet:

February 13 - Luna Lovegood

March 10 - Remus Lupin

April 1 - Fred and George Weasley

June 5 - Draco Malfoy

July 30 - Neville Longbottom

August 11 - Ginny Weasley

October 4 - Minerva McGonagall

November 3 - Sirius Black

December 6 - Rubeus Hagrid

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Nico Di Angelo: January 28

Piper Mclean: June 3

Grover Underwood: June 5

Frank Zhang: Also June 5

Jason Grace *BOO* (I have a irrational hatred of Jason, Good thing he's dead! I now realize how callous that sounds)

Leo Valdez: July 7  

Annabeth Chase: July 12

Percy Jackson: (You should already know this) August 18

Hazel Levesque: December 17

Thalia Grace: December 22

Hercule Poirot: July 17 

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Quiznak, (my IPad has been trained to write that 8n all caps :,)) everything I just wrote was deleted. Starteing again, I guess?  Sorry if this is formatted weirdly, my enter key is acting weird . . .

Welcome to the first . . . Fictional Character Birthday Celebration! I will be doing one of these every week along with my not-so-helpful cohost, Alex.
Hey! I am plenty helpful! Just not today.
Really? I thought this was your dream.
Yeah, but . .. I get stage fright . ..
Oh, sorry.
Anyways, I would like to start our first FCBC with an announcement: I will no longer be adding fictional characters that 8 don't know. I'm sorry, it's just .. .  This isn't just a thing for the CB, plus it would be hard to do this with someone I didn't know. So, please suggest characters anyways, because there might be a chance that I know them.
Now, to the birthdays. On tomorrow, February fifth is Ava's companion, our very own .. .
Ellis from The Dragon Prince!
The day after we have got our hot-headed Avatar . . .
Korra! From Legends of Korra. Or, at least, her voice actor. See, the ATLA/LoK characters dn5 have known birthdays but they are so awesome I am using their voice actor's.
Finally, on the 18th, we've got our fellow clone who names himself . . .
Hordak from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power! Hmm, was he really born? Not sure.
Quotes from these characters: 
I will post these later, I feel like I can't now because then I'd have to look up some quotes, risking, deleting this thing again. 
Ways to celebrate these birthdays:
Be nice to non+humanoid animals. This is something you should do every day but especially tomorrow. (Ellis)
Punch something! Because that is the most  effective way to do everything. (Korra)
Put your hair into three ponytails! It's a popular water tribe style. (Korra)
Sie your hair blue! Cause why not -- it'll go with your new hsirdo great! (Hordak)
Now, since we missed last week I am gonna do those ones now, too.
On the tenth was our timid translator (wow that sounds boring) . . .
Kazi from The Dragon Pr8nce!
On the twelfth we have got our frog (that sounds even more boring) . . .
Tsuyu Asui! Or Sue, whatever. Oh, from My Hero Academia.
The following day, the thirteenth, we will be celebrating the birthday of the more-than-slightly eccentric . . .
Luna Lovegood! From Harry Potter!
Haha I just realized that those weren't in past tense but l8ke now I'm too lazy to change them.
Auotes: Remember,r I'll get back to y'all, I promise!
Thins you should have done 9n these days:
Studied Finguistics. Fortunately for us, The Dragon Ptince producers have these handy-dandy things for what the characters do on their birthdays but for previously stateside reasons I can't check Kati's right now, all though I am pretty sure it was s9mething like forgetting their birthday. (Kazi)
Turned into a frogs or just acted like one. Gone swimming, stuck your young out really far, said "rib it," whatever. (Su or however her nickname is spelled.)
Worn a necklace made of radishes. She did this, right? Or was it earrings? I chat currently check. (Luna)
anyways, that's it for now, folks! Hope y'all enjoyed! Remember to do the things that I told y'all to do this week! Sorry for typos!
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Alright, here are the quotes! Also, apologies for my MANY typos last comment. :,)


I couldn't actually . . . find any quotes of hers, and the only one I could think of was: "Don't you guys forget me! Don't don't don't don't!" so there is that.


"I'm the avatar and you'd better deal with it!"

"Oh, I'm  sorry. Did I put you in a difficult position by fighting the giant force of pure evil that was going to destroy the whole world? Maybe your administration could have handled that.

"Okay, swamp, I'm all ears."


Okay, major spoiler alert for this one. You have been warned: "I am not your brother. You made me in your image, but I am more than that. I gave myself a name. I made a life of my own. I made a friend. I am Hordak, and I defy your will."


"I suppose it's not really linguistics. What would you call it? Fingiustics?" 

Tsuyu (cause I try to call them by their first names):



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What a good idea to give Avatar characters their voice actor's birthdays! 

I love that you put quotes for the characters in! Also, I am currently trying not to cry at Hordak's quote(that scene was so good, gosh the finale was so good). We seem to like a lot of the same cartoons:). 

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that you're doing a great job! I'm super excited to see more character's birthdays in future weeks.  

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I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it! I actualy got the voice actor idea from you doing Double Trouble's voice actor.

Yeah, the fandoms of ATLA/LoK/She-Ra/VLD/TDP are all very interconnected. :P I actually very recently discovered that a classmate of mine have whatched all of them (ecxept for She-Ra which he had just started but alreay loved) so like it's pretty great. 

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Very true! I've seen ALTA, LOK, She ra, and TDP. I haven't seen VLD and probably won't, but I've definitely heard of it. Also, let me know if you want other cartoon recs!

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Here is the second FCBC! I am particularly excited about this duo. Sorry for forgetting Luna Lovegood's quotes last time! 

On the 25th of Febuary we have got the man (or boy?) with many arms . . .

Mezo Shoji from My Hero Academia!

In three years and eight days from now, on the leap day is the Black Paladin . . .

Takashi Shirogane, or as literally anyone besides, like, two characters call him, Shiro!

Why did I do Shiro this week instead of the next? Well . . .

She moved the days of the week! Haha.

I had a GOOD reason.

Because you wanted to.

It's for the sake of white hair floofs! Anyways, yeah, I shoud be celebrating this on the week that starts on the 28th because his birthday is the 29th, but I reeeally wanted to do his this week because Shoji gives me serious Shiro vibes. I really should make a fanart of those two together.

Things you should do on these days!

Get a white hair floof. If you don't know what I mean by this, look these characters up. Shiro's is probably a better example but they both work. (Shoji and Shiro)

Be good with collaboration -- like, be a good group leader in a school project. (Shiro)

Drag everything out of your room. (Shoji)

Wait for hours for something even if everyone else gave up after the first 10 minutes. (Shiro)

Pretend to always be speaking with your hand by opening and closing it. (Shoji)

Insist on playing a character that has the same proffesion as you do over and over again in a roleplay game, even though your character keeps dying. (Shiro)


"Saving someone always comes with risks. Heroes aen't called heroes for nothing."

I know that's only one but to be fair he's not very important.


"Patience yeilds focus."

"I can't imagine anything more fulfilling than being a paladin!"

"I've been locked up by aliens for years, this is nothing." 

So . . . yeah! White hair floofs prevail, all that stuff. 

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