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Chatterbox: Chirp at Cricket

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This is the I am bored has no point thread. I just feel like typing right now. Here is the I am just typing random things that pop into my mind. 1) When I was reading my textbook, I realized there was a grammatical error. 2) covid really sucks. 3) I don't even know why Im doing this thread. 4) Why am I smiling?. 5) I hope the Elf-Human War continues faster. 6) I am inpatient. Very impatient.7) I dont think anybody is going to pay attention to this thread cuz its boring. 8) WHY AM I DOING THIS. 9) Hurray almost done we shall be saved. 10) you guys can put random thoughts but I am too fond of doing this. *OKAY THIS IS RIDICLOULESS! STAPPPP* 11) My AE has no idea how to spell. 12) I dont even know what a AE is. 13) If you get to reading this your awesomely focused. 14) Okay sorry guys, I am done now.

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1) weird. 2) Yes, it does. 3) Me neither. 4) Because you're happy 5) I don't know what that is. 6) MEEE TOOO 7) I am. 8) Because you're boared. 9) I am! 10) I dont know how to speell 11) An AE is a Alter Ego. Basicly a charrie you talk to on your threads 13) THANKS! 14) It's okay.

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