So I've been

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So I've been

So I've been here for about, um, 2 months-ish, but I never actually introduced myself. So I guess I should do that. I'll just list some random facts about me.



~Gamer: I like playing Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Minecraft, Roblox, and Among Us~



~Likes LEGOs~

~plays viola~

~Percy Jackson + Harry Potter fan~

~5th grader~

~likes climbing trees~

~likes writing~ 

~is obsessed with ATLA + TLOK~

~has 2 AEs, Emerald and my other, newer, AE(as of today), Ruby.~

~has 2 CAPTCHAs, Umoca and Dee~


There are a lot more facts about me, but those are the main ones.

Ok I don't really know how to end this so I'm just going to post it. Bye! 

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