Word Game!

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Word Game!

Word Game!
There have been so many of these and they keep dying but I love them, so here we go again!
A word game, for those of you who do not know, means, in this case, a word association game. One person says something, another person says something that that word makes them think of, and so on. For example, this is how you turn beautiful into sweaty.
P1: Beautiful 
P2: Princess
P3: Dragon
P1: Knight
P3: Sweaty
The first word is song. Have fun! 
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SeIsMic WaVeS!


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I haven't read Wings of Fire in years and I didn't even like it a whole lot, and yet when I hear the word tsunami, the first thing I think of is a WoF character? Something is wiggly in my brain, I think.

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Scale, like dragon scales. Not a very interesting connection, I know.

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I think I have been thinking about music lessons to much...

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Auditions.  (I have been recording for an audition and it is showing.)

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Stage (also; 100th COMMENT WOO!!!)

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I'm not sure why this was the word that popped in my head, haha. 

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