It's about time

Chatterbox: Chirp at Cricket

It's about time

It's about time to freshen up my AEs (Alter Egos), as they're getting tired of living in this box I'm keeping them in. Just kidding. 


Hollyhock-used to be Lavender but times have changed

Speaks in: }italics{

Age: 14

Appearance: medium-length wavy lavender hair, pale ish skin, round glasses, dark brown eyes. Usually wears long colorful skirts, t-shirts, knee socks, and converse. Medium height.

Personality: Introverted. Slightly sarcastic but gentle. A bit awkward. Daydreamer. Likes to doodle during math class. Can seem grouchy but she's just shy and she's really nice once you get to know her. Often has her nose in a book. 

Iris-used to be Zinnia

Speaks in: :CAPS:

Age: 13

Appearance: medium-length brown hair, often in two braids; tan skin, tallish, often wears t-shirts, necklaces, and skinny jeans, freckly

Personality: sometimes talks before she thinks, likes to make corny jokes (especially puns ;)), very dedicated to her friends, likes to dominate conversations.

Aster-used to be Sunflower

Speaks in: -bold-

Age: 15

Appearance: tall and thin with long, brown hair that's usually in a french braid. Tan skin. Usually wears flannel shirts, jeans, and sneakers. Spends a lot of time reading or drawing by herself, but also really likes hanging out with her close friends. A bit of social anxiety. 


So yeah, that's them now! I don't think of it as getting rid of Lavender, Zinnia, and Sunflower, but that they've grown up and changed a little. :YEAH, BECAUSE HOLLYHOCK IS SOOO MATURE. WINK WINK.: }says the person who literally tells me my sock is untied every single day.{ -Stahp fighting- :MM. ANYWAY IF ANYONE WANTS TO DRAW US THAT WOULD BE FUN! AND I'D LOVE TO MEET OTHER AES! I'VE MET SOME OF YOU ALREADY AS ZINNIA BUT I HAVEN'T SEEN YOU IN A WHILE :): }Social gathering? Count me out.{ -Don't be so isolating, Holly.- Anyway, as this is literally turning into me having a conversation with myself, I shall end here so you don't have to hear any more rants. :)


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Hi, Hollyhock, Iris, and Aster!

Hey there, everyone!  I'm Spontaneity.  I look forward to getting to know you all (especially you, Iris!). This is Lucky Star, who sometimes needs a bit of a push to get started talking. 


Neity, do you remember our talk about bullying?

When was that again?

This morning!


Nope, doesn't ring a bell.

Stop taking things so literally, too!



Then tell them about stuff!


I dunno, stuff about you, I guess! 

No thanks.


OW!  Ow, ow, ow- okay, fine!  I'm Lucky Star and, and I like to draw and I'm not good at talking to people! 

THANK you.

I'm Tsu-shut up you, you are not an AE!

DOESN"T MATTER!  ANYWAY I wanted to say before I was so RUDELY INTERRUPTED, there's a chat thread for AEs in either Pudding's Place or Down To Earth.

Anyways, see you sooooon... Bye.... I talked, can you get off me now? 

Confetti says drout... there's gonna be a drought and we're all gonna STARVE??? 

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/Fellow AEs! Yay! Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi am Chail Chail Chai Chai Chai Chai Chai--\




They get it, Chai. 




*~S-sorry. S-she found Periwinkle's extra st-stash of candy... Uh... I'm Indigo... Everyone says I'm shy but I'm trying to be better about... S-socializing...~*




Ugh. Socializing. 




/Does anyone want to be BEST FRIENDS?!?!\





I feel like we need an "observative" AE, but since we don't have one, I'll just point out that Aster and Indy seem to have lots in common. 








Well, I mean, they both like drawing. Aster's got social anxiety, and Indy's... Shy? 




/But I want a bestie toooooooo.....\





*magically appears*




Hey Lupine. I see my AEs have been being chaotic, but Rogue makes a good point-- Your AE, Aster, and my AE, Indigo (AKA Indy) have a lot in common and could become good friends. Maybe we should introduce them sometime? 


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We've met before, I believe, but nice to re-meet you! I love your new names. Harper, Ace, come say hi.

Hi! Whoa, Hollyhock, your hair is awesome.

Oh, um, hi again!

I'll definitely draw them when I get a chance! I actually wanted to do that anyway as I was reading their descriptions. :)

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