helloo! hiy

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helloo! hiy


hiya! i'm starlingcherry but yall can call me cherry :)) she/they pronouns please and thank you, proud pan enby! im rather new here but ive been kinda stalking for a while?? like maybe a year or two. but!! that doesn't stop me i'm finally here >:D 

so as for lore...ahem. 

i'm like an outcast sort of? if any of you have read the tripods, im like will, sort of like escaping from demonic mind control?? genshin lore spoilers up ahead btw...altho hopefully yall have played up to the mondstadt archon quests. 

so basically, signora, who stole venti's gnosis, was mindcontrolling all of the fatui with her unspeakable powers. i, who was one of the twelve fatui harbingers, similar to childe/tartaglia, managed to slip out of her mind control powers. however, the fatui god, a dragon similar to the ender dragon, was and is still chasing after me. im half adepti technically?? like ganyu and yanfei <3 

also it appears that in this version of lore that i have created there are 12 fatui harbingers, im the 12th one and have a pyro vision and a cryo delusion.  

and appearance! fun fun 

so basically i have purpleish hair that's up to my waist and fades into a blue, then a pink. my skin is light, and my eyes shalt be one pink, one blue. i know it's unrealistic but bear with me- n e ways i'm probably wearing some fancy clothes with purple colors. probably a snowflake pin. 

yeah that's abt it... <3 


cherry (starlingcherry!) 

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Welcome to CB, then. I am Pancake. I have 10 AEs, created several RPs, only one worked out, I post a ton, and I am planning to help with every MCU. It is actually possible to have one pink eye and one blue eye. It's just very rare. My name comes from Among Us actually. I played as Pancake in Among Us, so now I post as Pancake here.

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hi pancake! 

it's actually impossible to have pink eyes at all. you can have one brown eye and one blue eye, heterochromia, but not pink eyes. 

anyways!! it's very nice to meet you! planning on posting a ton too, and a boarding school rp coming soon! pancake is a very nice name, pancakes are always better than waffles (to me at least.) 

so basically you can't have red eyes, pink eyes, yellow eyes, unless you have contacts. purple eyes are possible with a rare disorder, and pure black and pure white eyes are impossible due to light refracting or something, which would make those color eyes very painful. 

n e ways! see you around!! 

~-- cherry / starlingcherry 

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Oh yeah. You can't have pink eyes. you can have red eyes though. Also, I have an AE named Waffle. I would definitly join a boarding school RP. Actually, any RP. I join pretty much every single RP.

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Hello! I'm new here! I don't quite know what to say! Well, here goes! Ahem... I love frogs, art, and my puppy! I write a lot and right now I've started a super cool story about this town, and every day at a certain time everyone turns into giant creepy dolls. Yes... I love my horror! I also play trombome, and my favorite books are the Giver series, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and The Percy Jackson books! Should I post my story so far? I don't really know how this works!

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Well, welcome! You know, this has given me an idea. I'll post it later. Also, if you like creepy stuff, this is where you should visit: Island of the Dead DollsParque Ecológico de Xochimilco, 16043 Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico

It's very creepy. I would love to see your story! Also, if you are good at writing horror stories, can you tell me what you think about my story? It's supposed to be creepy. Here is the thread. Just click on the name: S.M.S.E.&nbs ... I have read the harry potter books, watched the hunger games, and my brother and sister listened/read to the Percy jackson series. I mostly read manga and comics.
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yayy! another new person!! 

i play the flute, the cello, the violin, the recorder, the piano, and the glockenspiel! technically speaking i can also play the ukelele.... 

i have a golden retriever that's super cute, and YESS HORROR!!! 

harry potter, hunger games, and percy jacksron are all really cool! 

please do post your story on inkwell i'm dying to read it-- 

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:skull: i forgot albinos existed. 

also technically i think you can have pink eyes if the albino condition is a bit more relaxed?? dunno. 

also that's vv nice! waffle & pancake, i like that. 

the boarding school rp should be up within a couple of hours?  

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Great! I look forward to joining it! My other AEs named after food are French Toast, Bagel, Crepes, and Sourdough. My other AEs are Yuki, Mx Out, Wyyiz, Aysha, and StoryTeller. If you want an AE, I have a thread so I can make you the (almost) perfect AE.

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But you can have pink eye! ;P *heh heh*

Also, hi, Cherry!!

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Welcome!!! I'm Red Starlight AKA Star and it's cool to meet you! I joined the boarding school RP and I can't wait for it to start! Oh, and also I love your name! Seeya around! 

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Hi starlingcherry<3<3<3

I'm Tsuki the Skywolf (call me Tsuki!)  Your name is absolutely wonderful it just gives off happy vibes and I visualize it as a soft pinkish-red and silver which is a very pleasing color combination, and it also seems whimsical and calm.  

Read you around! 

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To be honest I also stalked the CB for a long time before joining heheh...

Anywayyyyyy moving right along-

The CB is awesome! You'll have a lot of fun here! 

Also your name is awesome <3


P.S. have a great day :> 

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