A New Guide

Chatterbox: Chirp at Cricket

A New Guide

A New Guide to the CB

the complete history, glossary, and general heads-up for CBers both new and old.

there have been several guides to the CB, but most of them are on the Back Pages by now. so i wanted to make a new one!

K. i will need help from other CBers who know more/different info, so... um lets do this! :D

how about we do something like this every, say, three years? something like that...

guide for new CBers

hi! welcome to the Chatterbox! some things can be a little confusing at first, so here is a guide! *awkwardly types*




CBer (noun) pretty much anyone who posts on the Chatterbox. some of us have cool made-up names, like Tsuki the Skywolf, Rainbow, or Darkvine!

CB (noun) this wonderful place, the realm of imagination, the Chatterbox.

here's a link to an AMAZING video about the CB. 


Thread (noun) a section where CBers chat, play games, ect. some examples would be LAST TO POST... or Random thoughts/things?...

Admin (noun) the absolutely amazing people who make the CB possible! thank you Admin for all you do! :D

Ski Lodge (noun, activity) a solo write, mainly on the Pudding's Place but they can be found in Inkwell too. the main purpose of the Ski Lodge is fun and humor, (hyper AEs are frequent) but they have a darker side, too. THERE IS A MURDER ALMOST EVERY PART 

and usually it's a CBer commiting the murder... heh

You can join almost any active Ski Lodge, but only if the owner says it's OK. most Ski Lodges have a date when you can't post a form for it. 

A Ski Lodge is not an RP. The owner of the ski lodge is the only one who can post new parts of the story.

RP (noun) roleplay. participants fill out a form and RP from that character's perspective.

charrie (noun) character. ex. (anyways, here are my charries...)  

AE (noun) Alter Ego. a fictional character that some CBers make to give a little more fun to the post! AEs sometimes post inside the posts of their CBer, usually in bold, italics, or italics +bold. i dont know a lot about anything AE related, so some help from other CBers would be appreciated :)

CAPTCHA (noun) the little box of letters at the bottom of a post you haven't posted yet. some CBers have imaginary pets that speak in those random letter sequences. they used to say four letters apparently but now there's five. example: right now my CAPTCHA says 'pwvmt' 

CAPTCHAE (noun) i don't really know a lot about CAPTCHAEs, but i think they're a crossbreed between a CAPTCHA and an AE. 

Impersonator (noun) sometimes people pretend to be other CBers and post as them. it's really NOT cool at all. If you're reading this as an impersonator, please never do it again. it's not funny, it's not cool, it doesen't make you seem powerful or mysterious. i'm not scared, and i'm assuming no one else is. don't. it's horrible.

Chatterbox Rancor (noun) a virtual beast made up by Shoshannah Lily, to explain why threads and comments lag or don't post. this will make sense and even be funny to Star Wars fans, but if you don't know Star Wars, imagine a terrifying monster with drool and giant fangs, and it destroys stuff.

CB sections

this month- supposed to be talking about Cricket magazines. instead you'll find CBer Censuses and MCU questions (if someone could explain MCU that would be awesome) 

chirp at cricket- supposed to be for talking about Cricket magazines buuut no one really does that, instead there's fun announcements, LAST TO POST... (if you join it you'll regret it.) and this guide!

blab about books- hm, i wonder what this section is about? XD

down to earth- random stuff, mostly. some example threads are ConfessionsC... and Random Thoughts/Things?...

pudding's place- talking about the arts. also most Ski Lodges are on here. some examples: ART POSTING(... and ULTIMATE PICTURINGS THREA... 

inkwell- creativity knows no bounds here! RPs, Ski Lodges, and Solo Writes all have a place here! 



Of course, it is important to obey all rules when using the Chatterbox. Fortunately, there aren't too many rules, so this should be easy.

Rule #1    Be nice. The Chatterbox is for Cricket readers to exchange ideas in an open and friendly manner. As in the Letterbox printed in the magazine, disagreements should be polite and fair.

Rule #2    Fill out the submission form completely when posting a comment. Be sure NOT to include your full name, e-mail or other web addresses. Links, usernames and passwords to other Web sites will not be posted.

Rule #3    We don't allow explicit violence or romance. 

Rule #4    Be patient. Cricket editors review all comments to make sure they're appropriate for the Web site before posting. Check back later to see if your comment has been posted.

Rule #5    Enjoy exploring the Chatterbox.



i know there were several wars, including the Impersonater War, two AE wars, and the Nostalgia War. i don't know a lot about these, so help me out please.

AE wars

(copied and pasted from a different Guide)

At one point, there were so many AEs flooding everywhere. These AEs hindered other types of expression- RPs, RRs, and common threads. The war ended with AEs only being allowed on certain threads. Though the rule is a bit looser now because the creators have been getting much better about figuring out when a little pie throwing is appropriate, that was the original agreement. 

the Impersonator war

More history. This may be a painful topic. I'm sorry.

Between the Alter Ego war and the Nostalgia War was the Impersonator War. All I can say is: I think we need to remember it because this hurt a lot of CBers.


dont click on the link if you aren't prepared for some really mean stuff. it's an example of the Impersonator war, which is an important part of our history.

the Nostalgia war

i dont know a lot about this, but apparently a bunch of new CBers were joining, and some of the older ones didn't like how the CB was changing, so they left. the CBers who stayed were mourning the vanished CBers instead of greeting new ones, so the new CBers got offended. in the end, a few of the CBers came back, so the war ended. i wasn't actually there, but i read a few old comments.


additional notes:

@Imposters, DO NOT impersonate people. it's EXTREMELY mean, and it's still happening, even after the Impersonater war. not as frequently, though.

@new CBers, Welcome!!!!!

@admins, sorry if this post is a little long... XP 


Someone just topped the new ultimate guide, as well! --admin

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(June 2, 2022 - 9:55 am)

I was kinda hopeing you would metion me in the CBer part. :7

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(June 4, 2022 - 4:33 pm)
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(June 4, 2022 - 9:00 pm)

What are RR's? You mentioned them in the AE War section of the post, but never explained what they were and I’m a bit confused. 

submitted by a semi-newbie
(June 5, 2022 - 5:47 am)

Those are "Round Robins" tbh, I don't really know what they are? They aren't really present here anymore. I think it's just a story that a lot of CBers work on together?

I think participants take a turn at writing, then hand the story on to the next person to continue. The origin of the term predates Chatterbox. I picture campers sitting in a circle (round) around a campfire. One person starts telling a story, then the person on the teller's right (or left) continues the story and so on, all around the circle.


submitted by Writing_in_the_dark , age 12, Valhalla
(June 5, 2022 - 9:01 am)

Yeah I'd heard of them but never really knew what they were. So kinda like Rora's tag game on inkwell? 

submitted by LunaWolf , age 12 winters, Narnia
(June 5, 2022 - 12:12 pm)

Yeah, RR stands for Round Robin. It's similar to a Role Play, except instead of writing from the perspective of charries, CBers take turns writing out full chapters. 

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(June 5, 2022 - 1:06 pm)

History of the compliment threads:


In the past, there have been compliment threads where CBers compliment other CBers. Some CBers got offended, but it never stopped and after the old ones died down, new ones came in. However, the old traditional [compliment] threads have completely died down after the ChatterBox Award thread got deleted after many people were offended. I don't know how they were offended or if there were even any comments about that, but yeah it was eventually deleted. However Periwinkle has given rise to a new generation of compliment threads where she compliments anyone who can find the thread and posts on it--that way, no one gets offended.


In the older Compliment Threads, not all CBers received compliments, which can be hurtful. The new method of complimenting those who ask for compliments ensures no one is accidentally left out. - Admin  

submitted by Golden Lion Tamarin
(June 20, 2022 - 4:23 pm)

Unfortunately, Impersonating is still a problem--Kitty Cat has recently been impersonated. 

What I have been able to piece together is that the Impersonator war was when someone impersonated two people, where in one impersonation they blamed that person for the impersonation of the second in order to cover up themselves.



Also, there is another "section": Kyngdom. It is hidden in the corner of the screen. I don't know much about it, just that it is some kind of mideval-set story. It is not really active, there are only archives. 

submitted by Golden Lion Tamarin
(June 20, 2022 - 4:42 pm)

AEs get their own personality from their CBers. It's kind of like the CBer is being split into multiple parts, with some sides of them showing in the form of an AE. Reccomended amount of AEs is 2. Also, AEs are also given creative names, example: Chai, Tempest, Ellerie, Emmett, Henry, etc. 


Woohoo I'm famous! No I'm more famous you blabbing Henry, our CBer mentioned me before you.


Anyway, that's an example of AE's arguing. The one in bold is Henry the one in italic is Emmett, my two AEs.


There have been things such as AE balls, which is like CBer balls but only AEs. Also AEs have been participating in many activities CBers have, but they are limited for reasons involving the resolution to the AE war. 

submitted by Golden Lion Tamarin
(July 12, 2022 - 11:02 am)