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AE/OC TRUTH OR DARE!!!!!!!!!!!!.

I made this so I could cause trouble and drama >:} so I can watch it like a soap opra (he he he he)

Please fill out the from to play (More speacifacations like where, when ect will later be compleated).


AE or OC:




Favorite Food:

Favorite type of seating:

Inside or Outside:

Are you ok with personal questions(shipping, love life, pronouns and seacrets), If no leave or don't come at all:

Have you spoke to me (Lore) before?:

What rank am I in the Moonnight children:

Reuby's Captcha Wiccan said" mrvmw" A new type or car, or do you think cars are people too..

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If I tell you It won't be a surprise. Now will it.

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Name: Wildfire

AE or OC: Æ

CBer: Gallium

Pronouns: I'm genderfluid, so subject to change. I'll put my current ones in the location box! If in doubt, use fae/faer (those use singular verbs btw)

Appearance: i'm a shapeshifter see pic for what i'll look like in the beginning. I'll post if it changes

Favorite Food: chocolate covered strawberry

Favorite type of seating: tree!

Inside or Outside: outside

Are you ok with personal questions: yes ;)

Have you spoke to me (Lore) before?: mmm i do not believe so, but I'll be glad to meet you!


Please delete the web address and resubmit art. 


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Here we go. 

Wildfire 2.bmp
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$COOL! Can't wait to meetyou Wildfire! I'm have horns...and a rose...can I take that rose?$

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I apologize for not replying sooner!

Of course you may! *hands over rose and conjures a new one in hand* 

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(July 25, 2022 - 8:35 pm)