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a person who thinks all the time has nothing to think about except thoughts. so, he becomes disconnected from reality, and lives in a world of illusions.


greetings, old friends and newcomers! i am th3mysticw0lf, a retired CBer from a while ago- and i'm 12 now, which is pretty cool! 


well, i know i promised a lot of activity, but...unfortunately, debate kind of took up a lot of my life. i picked up volleyball and badminton as trying to keep fit and stuff. debate's been taking up a lot of my time- and so has flute! in other words, i can play divine damsel of devastaion [genshin impact] on the flute. also genshin impact has definitely been taking up a lot of my time- lol gamer girl arc

~--plans for now--~ 

i am going to try to be more active on the cb! it's a wonderful community and i'd like to make more memories. im probably going to start either a ski lodge, a solo write, or a picturings thread- which would you like to see? ヾ(•ω•`)o

~--other info--~ 

as i said, i'm th3mysticw0lf, although feel free to call me poppy! hi! i've been here since august of 2020 i think- it's been quite a bit! uwah! my pronouns are she/they/fae, and i'm a proud pansexual enby! (happy pride month <33) uhh, my favourite colour is purple, and i really love butterflies! 

~--past names / SI reveals--~ 

lol, the ones that i can remember were nightfall and spirit- i was aislynn.lynx for a while but- yk i got lazy. itzzz.raininggg made a short debut, but the most recent one was definitely windblown butterfly- sorry, never got to finish the story. however, maybe a new story shall arise, risen from the depths...

~--purpose of this thread--~ 

first off- saying hi and kind of a welcome / intro thread for myself!! hehe, hi~ 

second off- q&a!! feel free to ask any questions lol, i have no triggers <33 

~--farewell for now--~ 

not every tragedy has a villain - signing off, th3mysticw0lf. 

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Eeeey, th3mysticw0lf!!!! I'm glad to hear you're going to try to be more active :D I'd love a picturings thread, I don't think I've seen much of your art but I'd love to. And flutes are cool. Just curious, do you prefer they, she, or fae pronouns? I'll probably use fae if you don't answer/dont care, just because they're cool, but I wanted to check. Welcome back! 

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hey blackfooted bobcat!! 

that's 1 vote for picturings thread!! hehe 


so, basically i prefer them interchangeably- if it's too confusing, they/them is ok! but if you want to use fae/faer that's fine too, lol- 


thank you!!


signing off, th3mysticw0lf 

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And greetings! 

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Hey! Welcome back :) I vote for picturings.

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Hi poppy! Welcome back, I remember you being around a while back. Props to you for the Pride everything!!

By the way... I heard Genshin?! OwO  It has more or less consumed all my free time, to be perfectly honest.

Also, yes, there is so much great music from that game! 

Also, also, (but unrelated,) I thought the Windblown Butterfly Ski-lodge(?) was really interesting. It'd be cool if you did revisit that for a continuation. No pressure though, of course! :)



Ok, just looking over this post, I feel like this sounds really fragmented, sorry. I'm really tired at the moment. :p 

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