I don't think

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I don't think

I don't think I ever introduced my AEs. I think now is the right time.




Age:&14, but almost 15& 

Personality:&I'm shy and I like to swim more than anything else. I really like to be helpfull. I can seem cold some times....that's because I was probally just swimming in cold water..& Some times she can be too trusting, but don't tell her I said that

Appearance:&I have black, red and orange hair, most likely to be braided, freckles, pale skin, light blue eyes.&

Likes:&Fish, swimming, I like to needle felt aswell. Write in my journal. I like little things&

Dislikes:&Bannanas and crowds& 

Shipping:&Anyone around my age&


Name:Their name is Echo, they are mute. So Koi speaks for them.



Personality:Quite and calm.

Appearance:Soft, short black hair, calm lavander eyes, tan skin and thick eyelashes.

Likes:Making tea and tea. Audio books. Lofi music

Dislikes: Loud music and yelling, really dislikes mean people. 

Shipping:With boys around their age.






Personality:@I find my self to be a little distracted sometimes...and a bit of a airhead....@

Appearance:@Shoulder leangth blonde hair, I have big, bright withe eyes and lots of freackles..because of being in the sun all the time@

Likes:@I like beach days, the sea, popsicals and summer in general@

Dislikes: @Cold, winter days. I don't like when I can't see the sun@

Shipping:@I'm fine for now with no ships@ 



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