AE ideas???P

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AE ideas???P

AE ideas???

Per my habit of creating too many characters, I have some new AE ideas.  Let me know what you think, should I add these guys to the group?

=Name: Peridot=

=Pronouns: they/she=

Appearance: Short but strong, with freckled ligh brown skin and blue-gray eyes.  Their olive green hair is mid-length and wild, usually worn in a loose braid.  Her shoulders and back are scattered with light brown feathers.=

=Personality: ENTJ, the heroic type.  Self-confident, brave and adventurous, facing challenges head-on and sometimes throwing herself recklessly into things.  They're a person of action, not words.  They are stubborn, competitive, and fierce, containing a fiery temper.=

=Likes: The wilderness, mushrooms, archery, birds, shopping=

=Dislikes: Insects, bland food, being told what to do=

(Name: Onyx)

(Pronouns: ae/aer)

(Appearance: Long black hair with an irridescent sheen that covers one eye, olive skin, almond-shaped dark teal eyes.)

(Personality: INTP, although ae could be considered an ambivert.  Ae is driven by intellect and curiousity, with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and love of the mysterious.  Ae almost never stops thinking - pensive, reserved, and deeply feeling.  Ae can often be detached, moody, and tends to overreact.) 

(Likes: Video games, reading, vintage things, cryptids, the color black)

(Dislikes: Hospitals, sports, heights)

~Name: Possibly Diamond or Moonstone~

~Pronouns: they/them~

~Appearance: Tall and lithe with an androgynous figure, dark brown skin, and warm amber brown eyes.  They have curly chin-length silvery-white hair and elegant, detailed tattoos that glow in the moonlight.

~Personality: INFP, quiet, open-minded and imaginative.  They are empathetic and unique, which causes them to feel lonely and like no one understands them.  An easygoing and humble person, but also conflict-aviodant and desperate to please others.  Overall they have a mystical but aloof air.~

~Likes: Music (especially classical), fantasy novels, snow, nighttime, milk tea~

~Dislikes: Summer, bright lights, being dirty~

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