Time Capsule!

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Time Capsule!

Time Capsule!

Make a small momento of who you are right now and in a year I'll do my best to find this thread again, top it, and you can see how much you've changed—or how much you haven't changed.

Some ideas for things to put here:

A picture/drawing/bit of writing (nothing too long)/something else that represents you. Something you're proud of. Something you're upset about. A goal you want to work towards. Something you're nervous or stressed about. Something you find interesting. Your opinion on something you think is important—or your opinion on something you do not think is important. Your favorite animal/color/song/book/word/thing about the CB. Your least favorite animal/color/song/book/word/thing about the CB. Describe yourself in 3 1/2 words. All of the above. None of the above.

Whatever it is, hopefully it describes who you are right now. It should be interesting for our future selves—one year older but definitely not one year wiser (at least in my case)—to see what we've put.

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There was actually another reason behind burning F451 that was more reasonable than just for the irony, but I'd rather continuing to pretend there wasn't cause it makes the irony more ironic. 

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Oh, and I really do hope that I'm still friends with all my friends, and if I'm not, it's for a good reason, and that I can finally at least be decently as amazing to An as she is to me... truly, if I had to pick between An and R at this point, I'd pick An. Though oc yes, it would be so so awesome to have both of them, but, well it's just- An is so so amazing in so many ways and I'm so lucky to have her and I hope I still realize that in a year, and don't lose sight of it. I realized it so late and I feel so bad about it and everything I missed, so focused I was on other "'friends'?". :/  Especially since I contribute almost nothing to all our conversations and make her do almost all the work and all she gets in return is having to isolate from her other friends (my "friends"?) bc I like to self-isolate for some reason, and/or being ignored later on like I can't even say a simple "hi" or "good game" to her and just either avoid her or stare at her smiling awkwardly and mutter a noncommital "yeah" or (head) nod every once in a while - also partly bc I like to self-isolate: cuz I'm a bit paranoid of ppl who I like (not in a crush-y way, just for clarification :/ ppl who I feel are good people and who I would like to think of me as a good person and someone they like too) not liking me, and so I try to avoid them so they don't find reasons to not like me and then when they "avoid" me I try not to jump to conclusions but some bit of my brain is always just like "they prob (hate) me now, why else would they not talk to me??? Accept it and maybe it won't be so crushing" which is also so weird cuz I'm abnormally proud of myself (another hope: get way less cocky/proud of myself; it's really hard to do currently, bc even if I point out bad things about myself I feel proud that I have the awareness to point out bad things about myself and then I'm like ARGHH THIS IS HOPELESS and just give up and feel proud of myself cuz why not even if it's prob not healthy and is arrogant and that's why I get called a know-it-all by my dad and stuff, but I hope I can get better with that next time we check in) but anyway back to An. I hope she doesn't give up (on me) and I hope so so much I don't let her down. Or let her down more.


*sigh* rant over now, sorry. I hope I'm also better at saying everything I want to say in a shorter way XD (oc, it's been this way since watermelon seeds and second grade; I also hope I still remember the little memories: the seashell necklaces found on a bench abandoned at summer school, the time my preschool teacher babysat us and I jumped all over the couch, my brother standing at the big/long door side window and pointing and shouting "bu bu che! bu bu che!" (gardener's truck or construction truck or something like that), running on the hill at preschool, getting mad at my brother for slapping me/my BFF at preschool and hiding in that little house full of spiderwebs, how we all bonded over lava monster in 5th grade, my morning doggy plays with the 3rd graders and my bus rides with a 1st grader where she broke the awkward silence by pointing it out, also in 5th grade, my whole history in school of getting in trouble (I can name each incident with pretty amazing detailing (I hope accurately, though I've been wrong before), from the sub's name when I got in trouble in Kinder, to some of what the teacher said in her lecture to us in 1st grade the day after incident (there'd been a sub that day), that's how horrified I always was/always am at getting even close to in trouble XD), and even a bit of what a spoiled innocent self-centered brat I used to be while younger (I mean, I had good intentions... just not a great view of the world, from what I can remember :/). I really hope I can still say "do you remember when we made seashell necklaces on the beach?" to my BFF and be the only one who still remembers, bc she forgets each time, bc we both know it never truly happened. And I know that I'll still love stuffies and unicorns and dragons and fairies and Disney songs, and will absolutely hate makeup and nail polish, so nothing to worry about there! :)  unless there is... but we're not there yet.

I hope I can speak up to my family about how I don't like them touching me, even though it's for like no reason at all and is that even possible. I hope I'll be able to pull away without them reaching out again, hurt, telling me they just want to be affectionate to their daughter, what happened to that sweet little girl who used to love wearing dresses and doing her hair?

As if I'm not a sweet little girl anymore. Which I'm probably not. Now I'm just "why is my daughter so weird?", though I honestly take that as a compliment so it doesn't bother me too much

I hope I can tell them and they can understand that I'm still their affectionate daughter, they can still be affectionate to me, just in a different way. Is a different way really so hard? Most of my friends - the ones I've told at least - can respect that. I hope you'll be able to too. And you won't be hurt by it cuz that's not my intention and it's not my fault that I'm this way and that honestly just makes everything messy and stressful and everyone gets hurt.

sorry I'm full on ranting now. Done fr. Don't know how to end this without making it longer. Thanks everyone. I know it's late and I'm on the screen again but I just really need it rn. My friends were over for a playdate today (don't ever stop calling them that) and it was great and then... my dad suddenly needed to be affectionate. I can understand it. That doesn't mean I like it. Plus, I'm planning to sleep in extremely late late late tomorrow. Good night and sweet dreams to everyone! Love you all /p! And hope that never changes! <3333 

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i totally get the "vacilitating between complete fear of being somehow repulsive to the people you care about and then attempting to act in the opposite manner and by doing so acting pridefully and hurting the people you care about in the manner you were initially afraid of." so, if you ever find the happy medium, let me know!

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ayy cool thanks for filling this out this time! I'll top it again Jan 7, 2025

I'm proud of two rings I made yesterday! They're pretty ugly and I used way too much solder because I was bad at it and kept missing the joint I needed to solder but it was really fun and they're pretty cool :D I'm kind of annoyed because I had a soccer game today and both my calves were cramping badly enough that I couldn't run more than two steps at a time without them giving out/seizing up/hurting like heck and I couldn't dribble far or anything and we didn't have enough subs so that was funnnnn

I'm stressed about the new school semester meaning new teachers and classes and very fun icebreakers yay. my opinions: gender equality!! and also oatmeal raisin cookies are so underrated, chocolate is bad, and green sharpies are the best kind of sharpie although I shouldn't be trusted with any sharpies. favorite book is To Say Nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis. 

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ooh cool idea! this might get a little rambly, let's see.

something i'm proud of is finishing my 2023 nanowrimo novel - i just started reading it, actually, and there's some pacing issues and a lot of inconsistencies and even more typos, but over all it's not too bad. right now, i'm working on the script for a fantasy/folktale-ish miniseries that explores mental health and recovery; my sci-fi/fantasy/superhero/whatever novel; a short story for my school's publishing house (we desperately need more submissions) that's kind of inspired by the song "Aberdeen" by Lor; and, of course, my ski lodge, which i'm really proud of but also really need to work on lol. i'd really like to finish all of those projects by 2025! (that feels like the year a sci-fi novel would be set in what the heck)

my favorite color is probably midnight blue or aubergine or silver. i'm really indecisive about these things. the song i currently have on repeat is - well, i tend to listen to whole albums more than songs? so my favorite albums are better oblivion community center by better oblivion community center and lowlight by lor. i also love taylor swift (folklore and evermore mainly, but you really can't go wrong with any of her music). some favorite words are clandestine, ephemeral, and obelisk. i'm physically unable to choose a favorite book, but right now i'm reading Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K Dick because of a joke one of my classmates made that got out of hand and now i can only read books about sheep, with sheep in the title, or with sheep on the cover for our daily independent reading. it's not a terrible book though. it was written in like the 60s or something and takes place in 2021 so that's fun. anyway. my favorite artists are probably Agnes Pelton or maybe Edward Hopper and there's also an assortment of Dutch golden age painters i like too. i love everything my about the CB but i guess my favorite is the community of such kind, creative, funny, supportive, wonderful people <3

some opinions: dark chocolate is the only good type of chocolate, oatmeal raisin cookies are in fact superior, Pluto is definitely a planet, tea is the best beverage as long as there's no sugar in it, pigeons really aren't that gross, thursdays are the worst day of the week, mountains > beaches, pickled mangoes are actually good. 

this is probably way too long, sorry!! i just know i'll really enjoy looking back on this stuff a year from now :P oh and 3 1/2 words - how about "quiet, kinda tired" yeah that works lol. thanks for doing this, Hex!!

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Whoa wait your school has its own publishing house? That's so cool!

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this is actually a really cool idea!!

right now i really like melanie martinez and nxdia and conan gray, also obscure french indie singers..my best friend just moved to australia and my grandma recently passed away..im working on trying not to burst into tears when someone asks me how i am...because i'm really not doing that great. 

i really like rowing and i have a race coming up on feb 10th, yay!! 

some of my friends right now are kaia, tilly, elliot, griffin, esra, anouk, ramona, annie, gavin, priscilla...and im trying to figure out whether they actually like me or not, per usual. 

i like drowing my feelings in music, wearing big colorful earrings, baking cakes, writing songs and scripts, reading 900 page books, and watching bad 90s shows. 

currently im working on the lady janies series (almost done with it!!) and i recently discovered that love and gelato is not a stand-alone, so im reading love and luck, and also love and olives.

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