@Starli and Ellerie!

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@Starli and Ellerie!

@Starli and Ellerie!

IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN; SHIPPING TIME (specifically Ellerie x Tempest ;])

So! Going off of the plan we made in the Diaries thread, I’m assuming I’ll start with Tempest arriving at Ellerie’s house? Unless you’d prefer something else, of course.

I’m not sure what to say, but I’m very excited! Without further ado, let us begin!

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Yay! Yup, starting with him arriving at her house sounds good! :D

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Alrighty! This is just a starting point so it isn't that long :\

#*is pretty nervous and walks slowly most of the way* *gets excited when he sees Ellerie’s house and runs* *slows down near the door* Okay… *knocks* *fidgets while he waits*#

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:*answers door and you can hear the chaos inside ensuing very loudly* Hi, sorry that took a sec... *glances behind her* Just... follow me directly if you wanna avoid my siblings. I have no idea what's going on with them. It should be fine though, my room's pretty sound-proof, you won't have to deal with them for long. *does the lil' head tilt follow me thing and briskly walks, turning right past the living room where her siblings are and goes upstairs* Welcome to my house! *points at doors* That's Meg's room, there's Five's, Ever's, and *opens her room door and walks in* Mine:

So she does have some stuff that's significant to her past. I'll describe her room down here because I feel like that's probably important and the stuff will be among the description.

So her room is a rectangle, the door is to the right of one of the long sides. It's pretty big, very roomy, and VERY clean. (imagine the rest of the house relatively messy- this is completely the opposite.) The walls are purple- not lavender but not dark. Her bed is on the left short wall, the headboard against it. purple bed sheets, one small teddy bear that's a little bit tattered. Two pillows. Above the bed frame, her electric guitar is hung up. On the long end that's on the same side the door is, there are hanging lights with pictures of people she cares about and next to that there are skateboards hanging from the wall and a folded up electric drum set. Next to the bed there's a purple bedstand. At the foot of her bed there's a white leather chest. On the long end across from where they walked in, there's a window, near the bed, with scissors, a bottle of water, and her phone. Next to that there's a door to her closet, and next to that are sliding doors to go out on a little veranda to see outside. on the short end closest to the door, there's a door to her bathroom and her dresser, with some bracelets, a fish tank, an empty picture frame, and a few necklaces on a necklace holder. Beside that, there's the amp for her guitar. Theres also a fuzzy dark purple rug in front of where they walked in, otherwise the floor is black polished wood.

Lots of detail... sorry that got so long admins!! 

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#Woah! *smiles at Ellie* Your room is so cool! It's really pretty. *is quiet and just sort of looks at her first a minute*#

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:*smiles* Thanks. *notices Tempest looking at her* Is something wrong?:

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#Oh, no! I'm just... uh, really excited to hang out again! *blushes awkwardly* Yeah! It's been a while. Again. *laughs*#

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:Oh! Yeah... it has been a while, hasn't it? *sits on her bed* So! What do you wanna do?:

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#*walks over and sits on the floor next to them, because that's more comfortable for him* I dunno. *looks up at Ellie* Just hang out with you, I guess. *grins, revealing fanged teeth* What've you been doing?#

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:*slightly blushes when he smiles at her and smiles back* Hmm... the usual, I guess? I mean I've learned more guitar, which is pretty fun. And more songwriting. Just more music in general. How about you? What have you been up to?:

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#*shrugs* I've been going outside a lot... and trying to convince Writing's other AEs to make a band. Most of them are for it, but Dawn and Ronin... not so much. *laughs quietly* I dunno, I don't really do much.#

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:Oh, a band! That's cool! Do you play any instruments?:

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#Not really... I'm mostly a singer. I think it'd be cool to learn how to play drums or bass or something. It's awesome that you know how to play guitar.#

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:Thanks. I mainly sing, too, but I know bass pretty well if you want me to teach you. It's an easy instrument, easy to know but hard to master. Meg has mastered it and she's really good. I have a drum set *looks at it* but I don't know how to play it yet.:

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