Two new AEs!

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Two new AEs!

Two new AEs!

First, we have Kaspar *drumroll*

Age: about 15

Prounouns: he/him

Speaks like: [this] (although he used to speak like \this\)

Appearance: Black tousled hair, brown eyes that look golden in strong sunlight, a mischievous smile

Personality: He's pretty proud and might not show his feelings readily, but he could act funny or friendly to cover it up. He doesn't want to seem vulnerable. He's extremely stubborn and will never give up on a project, sometimes becoming overly perfectionistic. He enjoys debating and planning strategies. I'm not 100% positive about all the aspects of his personality, so I might be changing him a lot.

Shipping: Shipped with Arum Lily, pangolin's AE


And next, Oriole!

Age: 16

Pronouns: she/her

Speaks like: \this\

Appearance: Very long, fine, slightly kinky brown hair; green-gray eyes; pale-ish complexion; might look slightly haughty. Fairly pretty.

Personality: She's willing to try anything daring or dangerous, and is a bit of a drama queen. She could come across as sassy, but she's also very charismatic and fun to be with, having a really principled side. She's witty and self-possessed, and loves surprises, new experiences, and anything beautiful or amazing.

Shipping: Open for shipping with boys


I think I'm retiring Sapphire; I might bring her out again later, but I doubt it. Anyway, those are Kaspar and Oriole!

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*hey there all imma Daisy*

/Justin. 'sup/

*don't tell but Justin I said but he thinks Oriole sound cute. Ow don't hit. Neva mind he heard me*

{Oh my goodness you to just can't stop. Don't mind them Kasper and Oriole they are cousins but act like they are toddler siblings when together. I'm Rose}

~ hi. I'm Oliver. Where is my laptop Rose? ~

>Hello I'm like Stacy and Oliver your laptop is under your pillow where you left it. I love love chocolate. Don't happen to have any Kasper? You seem like you would be the type to carry it around>

{Stacy thinks everyone is the type to carry around chocolate. She is ageless but seems like a hyper 10 year old}

Oh my goodness you crazy 5. Anyway. I haven't really introduced my AE's to anybody. So a few things about them

Daisy is super friendly and will somehow make friends with a grumpy skunk (ahem animal human or otherwise)

Justin is kinda a brooding type and has a bit of dark humor. He has black hair and pale skin and he plays the piano

Rose is very responible and down to earth. Also quite sweet and motherly like. She always tells the truth and speaks her mind a lot

Oliver is a comuter and math whiz. he is smart but easily distracted.

Stacy is as Rose said. Hyper girl who loves music and chocolate

>Kasper sounds dreamy>

{Stacy! he is shipped with someone!}


{please ignore her. And Stacy he sounds way more mature than you}

Ok time to go guys we'll come back later. Bye! 


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