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Harry Potter SI

Harry Potter SI

Helloooooo!!! I remember we did one of these before, but it's been a while, so just wanted to start another one! And since owls can't exactly speak English, allow me to get into character.

*flys around, hooting cheerfully*

*zips faster and faster around the room*

*gets dizzy and smashes into window*

*slowly and squeakly slids down* 

submitted by Pigwidgeon, age feathery, flying in Ron's room
(July 5, 2023 - 9:50 am)

Hem hem!

@Pidwidgeon, might you be Endless_Parodies?

submitted by Dolores Umbridge, Ministry of Magic
(July 6, 2023 - 10:41 am)

*hoots happily* 

*dive bombs Umbridge*

Noooooooo, I'm not! Are you? or maybe Reuby or pangolin? 

submitted by Pigwidgeon, age feathery, very annoying
(July 6, 2023 - 3:43 pm)



I must not tell lies, so...yep I'm pangolin. I never last long in SIs. *deep sigh* How'd you guess me? 

Anyway, are you Celine, perhaps? Or Moon Wolf?

submitted by Umbridge/pangolin, Ministry of Magic
(July 6, 2023 - 7:43 pm)

i'm not very sure how I guessed you just lucky! I was just throwing around random names.

submitted by Pigwidgeon
(July 9, 2023 - 2:10 pm)

@Pidgwidgeon, are you Zealatom?

submitted by Harry Potter
(July 6, 2023 - 7:52 pm)


@Pigwidgeon, are you Hawkstar?

@Dolores Umbridge, are you Darkvine? 

*returns to reading an enormous book*

submitted by Hermione, age reading
(July 6, 2023 - 8:26 pm)

Hello there.

@Hermione, are you Reuby or Peri?

@Pigwidgeon, are you Rora? 

submitted by Ginny Weasley , Senior Quidditch reporter
(July 6, 2023 - 10:37 pm)

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

submitted by Sirius Black, Hoggy Warty Hogwarts
(July 7, 2023 - 9:47 am)

Have you ever heard of a Crumple-Horned Snorkack? Or a Wrackspurt? Or Nargles?

submitted by Luna Lovegood, age 16, Reading the Quibbler
(July 7, 2023 - 9:52 am)

try and guess me :)

submitted by Minerva M, age teaching, at Hogwarts
(July 7, 2023 - 6:22 pm)

My name is pronounced Shay-mus, not See-mus. The person pretending to be me in this SI pronounced it incorrectly for their first 2 years of reading the series. Tsk tsk.

@Hermione, are you Artemis? 

@Sirius Black, are you Hawkstar?

submitted by Seamus F, Gryffindor dormitory
(July 8, 2023 - 12:03 am)

@ Seamus F are you Writing?

submitted by Minerva M, age Classroom, At Hogwarts
(July 8, 2023 - 11:44 am)

@Minerva M, are you BookGirl or Silver Crystal?

@Luna Lovegood, are you Poinsetta?

*wanders around doing magic*

submitted by Harry Potter
(July 8, 2023 - 3:38 pm)

Yes I am Book Girl! Nice Guess!

submitted by Minerva M/BookGirl, age awake, tired
(July 9, 2023 - 11:37 am)

I am none of the people I have been guessed to be.

@Luna Lovegood, are you Lupine? 

@Minerva M, are you Reuby? 

submitted by Hermione, age reading
(July 8, 2023 - 7:41 pm)