Favorite bugs and

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Favorite bugs and

Favorite bugs and fun facts! Not Cricket bugs, just bugs in general and bug fun facts and stuff, though I suppose you could also do Cricket bugs.


Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches A.K.A. Madagascar Cockroaches A.K.A Madagascar Hissers A.K.A Hissing Cockroaches for me! They can survive with their head chopped off for 2 weeks, can survive a nuclear blast, can climb glass, can hiss like a snake through holes called spiracles, aren't invasive, can survive being flushed down a toilet, make awesome pets that you can hold and pe (I've held am before and they're so tickly and just crawl around my hand!!), eat dog food, are the biggest cockroach species with a length of up to 2 inches, hatch their children inside of them, are from Madagascar, and are SO CUTE!!! They're awesome, but feel free to correct some of my facts as I memorized most of these 3 years ago. That's how long they've been my favorite. I love all bugs though.

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My friend and I raised butterflies at her house for a little bit last summer when a part of her milkweed plant was accidentally cut down. They were all monarch butterflies, and most of them were able to build a cocoon and hatch. In their habitats, we supplied them with, sort of a DIY butterfly net with sticks and milkweed in it for them to eat (because most I believe were found as eggs on the milkweed, and others were found as small caterpillars) We gave them names, and it was really bittersweet to let them go, but it helps knowing that we were assisting an endangered/threatened species and pollinator. <3

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That's so cool!!!

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