CBers as songs!

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CBers as songs!

CBers as songs! Like the CBers as colors thread, but with music! 

Darkling - You Can Call Me Al, by Paul Simon; somehow it just has so much of a Darkling vibe

Red Starlight - Does Your Mother Know, by ABBA

Jaybells - Cruel Summer, by Bananarama - again, it just has a very Jaybells vibe (not so much in the lyrics, but in the sound and instrumental.

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This is such a cool idea! Hmmmmm..... I can't think of any right now, but I am going to hope for a moment of genius inspiration!

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CelineBurningBright - Golden Hour, by JVKE

Amethyst - Enchanted (Taylor's Version), by Taylor Swift

Poinsettia - One More Night, by G.E.M.  

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Celine- Girls just wanna have fun

Moon Wolf- Wolf mother

Peri- Can't stop the feeling 

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Poinsettia - Love Story by Taylor Swift; Poinsettia, if you're reading this and haven't given Taylor Swift a shot, you should! I think you will like the albums Fearless (Taylor's Version), Speak Now (Taylor's Version), folklore, and evermore. Fearless and Speak Now have more of a country vibe, but as someone who doesn't really like country I enjoy both albums. I've listened to more folklore than evermore, but I think you'll enjoy both. Love Story reminds me of you because you've mentioned a love for romance stories.

Amythest - seven by Taylor Swift; Amythest, if you're reading this, the above applies to you as well! This song reminds me of you and your sister in some ways, but especially you. I think you'll especially enjoy folklore and Speak Now (Taylor's Version). 
I'll return later!
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Ooh, I'll definitely look for all these songs! For my own part~

Lyric~Karma Chameleon - Remastered 2002, by Culture Club

Artemis and pangolin~Home, by Nina Nesbitt

Moon Wolf~Tempted, by Squeeze

Lupine~Wrong Baby Wrong Baby Wrong, by Martina McBride

Peri~You and Me On the Rock

<owhrp> Oh dear, you're hurt, Origami? (How did that happen?)

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I'm going to try to do everyone who's already posted here :)

Poinsettia: A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

WiLdSoNg: Fireflies by Owl City

Moon Wolf: Suitcase by JJ Heller

Hawkstar: Saw You In A Dream by The Japanese House

Peri: Lighthouse by G.R.L.

what ~song vibes~ do I give off? o_O (no, I do not know what that emoticon is supposed to represent; still, I kind of like it)

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Here's a few more!

Hex: Candyland, by Tobu

Hawkstar: Birds, by Imagine Dragon

Periwinkle: Paper Rings, by Taylor Swift

Wildsong: Fly, by Fransis Derelle 

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Some instrumental ones~

Darkling - Enchanting Grom Fight but it's electric swing - on YouTube created by Raining Marbles as a different take on the song from The Owl House; it's spooky in the best way, it's strange, it's confident, and it's fun. In other words, Darkling. 

Hex - Luz's Theme (the song that plays at the end of each Owl House Episode) from The Owl House; sweet and genuine, imaginative and magical, like Hex. 

And a few that have lyrics -

Writing - Writing gives me a few different vibes, but I feel like Ordinary (feat. Allie Grace) by Joriah Kwamé fits them in some ways - this person who's exploring the world even though it's hard and trying their best to be a good person. I might come back later with more songs that remind me of them.

pangolin - not necessarily the lyrics, but the music to this song has a pangolin vibe - subtlety genius, strong, and beautiful.

I'm looking for a song for Hawkstar - I think it'd be something with some acoustic guitar but I have yet to find exactly the right one.



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Whoops forgot to put pangolin's song - Not Strong Enough by boygenius

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Celine-Sonata No. 16 in C major, K. 545 by Mozart. Especially the first movement

Lord Entropy-Sonata No. 14 in C-sharp minor, Mvmt. III by Beethoven.  

Periwinkle - Sonata No. 11 in A major, KV331 by Mozart, the theme of the first movement  

Scuttles - Sonata No. 11 in A major, KV331, 3rd variation of the first movement by Mozart  A good portion of it sounds like squawking, and they remind my of your name, Scuttles  

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classical music rocks but i don't know if im cool enough to be sonata 14

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Ahhhhhhhhh thank you sososo much Sine, first of all bc I just listened to "Sonata No. 16 in C major, K. 545 by Mozart" and it's beautiful so thx for introducing me to that and also bc I LOVE IT SO MUCH AND YOU SAID THAT SONG REMINDS YOU OF ME SO YAY BC IT'S AN AMAZING SONG (also it IS kinda like me in ways, like how sometimes it's soft and quiet and sometimes it's lively and loud and it changes so SUDDENLY and plus there are so many times where you feel like it should stop but then it just goes on and on which is me writing/talking cuz I go on tangents and reach points where I should probably stop (like now) but then I'm like NOPE I'm writing MORE and I'm writing a HUNDRED THOUSAND PAGES past my last sentence and sorry all my English teachers but that's just who I am, I just HAVE to write a lot, but anyways and now off to listen to the other songs you and everyone else said!)


that song was very much like me...

I meant to just say thanks 

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Of course you are! I mean the third movement, it has a fast exciting and mildly chaotic theme which makes my think of your name :)

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I listened to what I believe was the first movement of Sonata No. 11, and it's very pretty! Thank you.

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