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It's official, lizards! It's been 1 year since I joined the CB >:)

I can hardly believe that so much time has gone by since I excitedly made my first comment on here. I'd been ghosting around for a couple of weeks before that, getting the hang of what this place was and what it was like, and it seemed amazingly magical to me. I was completely new to socializing online, but even then I could see that this community was something special - not just among online forums, but among communities in general. Where else can you find a group of kids and teens who support each other so unequivocally and understand each other so well? I guess that's my favorite thing about the CB - we're all kindred spirits. I still find it amazing that so many people who don't even know each other in real life can be so much on the same wavelength, and that this forum can give us a space to cluster together and feel understood and appreciated for who we are even when our real-life companions just don't get us. And on top of everything else, it's moderated by the admins who put so much work into it - thank you, admins! Without you this would be a very, very different place, and I'm very grateful that you spend your days enabling this wonderful community to exist.

Since I joined I've written a ski-lodge and a solo write, made friends, and been endlessly spellbound by the CB. It has never ceased to make every single day brighter than it would have been otherwise, and for so many reasons - the art, poetry, inside jokes, but most of all the friendship. I've met so many amazing people on here, every one different but every one special in a unique way. The CB has always made me laugh and smile and just be happy, and I'm infinitely grateful to be a member of it. My hope is, that as I start my second year here, I can give back to this community as much as it's given to me.

Anyway! This is all to say that I've spent a year on here already!! *releases eco-friendly balloons*

I'll be doing a Q&A thingy to celebrate, so if you have any questions, now's the time to bring 'em on! :)

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Happy CBversary!

Why did you decide on Poinsettia for your CB name? 

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Thank you! Hmm... I chose Poinsettia because I liked the way the word sounded, and because poinsettias are beautiful red flowers that remind me of my old home and that suit me rather well, I think.

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Yay, Poinsettia! You've been a great friend and I loved doing the Magical Horse RP with you a while ago. Everything you said about the CB was exactly how I feel! *happy sigh* I love this place, all the kindred spirits ... and you're one of them! Happy CBversary! :)

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Thank you! Yeah, the RP was great. I'd love to say we should revive it, but I'm not positive I'd have enough time, because school is so intense this year. But maybe we could still revive it... anyway, you've been such a great friend too! I'm so glad we've been able to get to know each other even though we've never met irl :)

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Happy CBversary, Poinsetta! Everything you said I agree with and much of it is the reasons I want to be active on here again. <-- don't think I used correct grammar there but oh well, I'm sleepy

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Thank you! and yes yay goodbye to all grammar the CB is one of the only places where you can actually do that in a good way :)

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*rushes onto thread because it is getting sort of late in my time zone and I should be getting ready for school tomorrow*

Happy CBversary Poinsettia!! (Oh dear, I almost said birthday instead of CBversary, which proves how tired I am). I agree, the Chatterbox is a super special place.

Question: How did you come up with the idea for your incredible, mesmerizing solo write? 

(Note: This post is rushed because I don't have much time left to be on the CB and if I post tomorrow I will be late...)




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Happy CBversary Poinsettia!!! Agree with everything you said, woah, one whole year here ALREADY?!? CONGRATS!!! Yay, eco-friendly balloons! That Solo Write was amazing (and I'm so grateful to have been given the opportunity to be a part of it!!), and you did a ski lodge too?! Anyways, you're really an amazing, friendly, beautiful person, and always so optimistic and there to brighten everyone's day! Thank you!!

*rereads post*

*realizes it sounds like, to quote Reuby Moonnight I think, a bunch of random words strung together, randomly*

Oh well! 

Question: what would be a good question to ask you/a question you want to answer? (Yes, because I want to ask a question but don't know what, but also I'm kinda curious)

Btw, love your name! It has such a nostalgic and happy and homey and beautiful feel to it! 

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oml thanks so much for all the compliments! you too are such a lovely person :) and it doesn't sound too random at all :)

hmm, perhaps a good question would be what my favorite song at the moment is? And the answer would be "Kerry County Fair"  by Clodagh Lawlor :)

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Tysm! And that's so nice of you to say my solo write was incredible... :) Hmm, I knew I wanted to do a solo write, and I thought a good plot for it would be the typical fantasy story of kids in a boarding school who discover they have magical powers and go on a journey to save the world, since it provides lots of action and a good role within the story for the charries people submit. The rest of the story, like the Topaz and the Aquimans, came to me as I was writing. A lot of times I just sat down to start writing and came up with my ideas then, although the general framework came more slowly. I think I came up with the idea of Iridescence because I just wanted to write the story under that name, but later I decided it would be told from the point of view of a charrie called Iridescence, so that it made more sense and was hopefully also more mystifying for the reader. Albine was the villain because he just seemed very villainous in his charrie sheet and gave me kind of bad vibes. The way the kids work together came up because I really wanted to show a group putting aside their differences and defying the people who have trained them to fight each other, especially because I feel like people are getting unnecessarily divided right now in the real world, such as in politics. Anyway, the point is that I had my basic framework, and then the other things just kind of fell into place :)

The idea of descendants of magical beings, who hold the key to taking over the world, evolved seperately, one day when I was listening to a Latin pop radio station. A song came on which seemed to me like it would be good to use in a potential movie scene where a group of teenagers facing an enormous threat decide to enjoy the few moments of safety and unity they have left. I sort of combined that idea with the solo write, although that particular scene never made its way into the final version.

That was probably way more info than you wanted, sorry! I hope it's interesting, though :)

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Oh, that's really cool and interesting! I agree that there is division in real life because of different opinions, backgrounds, experiences, and the like. Captcha says <kfckr> KFC? It's been saying things that are closer to actual words, YAY.

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Thanks :) Yeah, I think division is definitely a problem nowadays :/ and congrats to your captcha! mine says "cernp."

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Happy CBversary, Poinsettia!

Question: Where can I find the ski lodge you wrote? 

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Right here: https://www.cricketmagkids.com/chatterbox/puddingsplace/node/526016

I hope you enjoy reading it!

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