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CBer Recognizing

CBer Recognizing

Hi, I was thinking about how I wonder if I know any CBers in real life. Maybe we could have a way to find out if people you know are CBers. There could be some kind of code, or something you wear. I can't think of anything that would work to well. Does anyone have any ideas? 

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YESS!!! I may have become a bit stalkerish trying to find out if maybe I know or have seen any of these amazing people and I also may have daydreamed a bit too much about chance-meeting the CBers I know live around where I do (or if Cricket had like a CBer convention that'd be so cool but there are so many things wrong with that idea so I know it's not gonna happen) and sometimes I just want to go around saying to anyone and everyone I meet "do you know the CB? I'M CELINE!!" But then people would be like "whaa??" So I just ask if they get any magazines (though I know some CBers don't) :) BUT THIS IS A GREAT IDEA!! Ig, if everyone's comfortable, optional:

Age or Age Range (however big you want the range to be):

Location (however vague, you could even just say "Earth", unless... someone's from Mars...?):

School mascot/homeschooled/past mascots:

IRL personality:

IRL appearance: 

Activities? (e.g. teams, companies, scouts..): 

um if you guys have any other suggestions please add! 

OR YES WHAT IF ALL CBERS USED LIKE A CODE IRL THAT'S A COOL IDEA!!! :) Except... if nothing happens... that'd be disappointing... but, like.. umm.. something probably not that common but also common enough that everyone can use and something comfortable for everyone... or you could just greet people with "do you know the CB?" But that'd be less cool... OOH! What if we all make like a special CB bracelet (that is, if everyone wants, I'm just spitting out ideas completely optional oc) like we have a DIY meeting and.. uhh.. something that's comfortable for every-day wear also and... but what if.. and I don't want people to feel left out idk how they'd feel left out if we spread the word but it feels like someone will.. and well yeah sorry ignore all that that was a bad idea. But excited for this if everyone wants to do it!! I'll do the form:

Age or Age Range: younger teens 

Location: the SW I think??

School mascot/homeschooled/past mascots: I'm a Wolf right now!! Before I was a dog and before that a hawk!!

IRL personality: very shy, quiet, serious, and kinda like the only kid in class not laughing with friends and goofing off, I'm just hyper-focused on the teacher the whole time and yes I'm that person who shushes her friends when they try to talk to them because she is trying to learn and hates getting in trouble (also hates causing trouble). Doesn't get that involved in stuff like gossip and is generally nice to everyone so everyone's nice to her and not that interesting, just that a bit unusual quiet girl in the back. Except try to step on a bug or whatever and I WILL COME FOR YOU!! I've pushed my fair share of people over because they were LITERALLY GONNA STEP ON AN ANT WHAT DID THAT ANT EVER DO TO YOU NOTHING THAT'S WHAT but it's basically instinctual bc I'm only thinking of the ant at the time and not the person so I usually feel bad afterwards (but I wouldn't do it any differently) so sorry. Proud of being weird though, even though I usually don't rly like attention tho I seek it (Ik, I flash my accomplishments around then sink down in my seat when everyone claps and wish for it to be over... it's weird), can usually be found hiding behind a book. May strike ppl as unfriendly. But very enthusiastic still and more like how I am here when with friends. Overly enthusiastic and kinda socially awkward (like my first day of music class last week my music teacher was like "you must be (enter name here)! Come in, welcome!" And I literally said "uh, hi, thank you, welcome!!" And then I realized what I said and kinda just ran to my seat. Or sometimes people say hi and I try to say hi and it comes out too quiet so I try again but at this point the person's done waiting and has moved on bc they probably think I hate them (we never spoke again things got weird ughh). And it's not like I'm gonna go up to them and be like, "hey, I tried to say hi to you but I couldn't." Or sometimes someone says "hi" and I think I say hi so I leave but while the door's swinging shut I realize I only moved my mouth a bit and said it in my head and I'm like ARGHH. So yeah. :) ) Also very prone to overly thanking and apologizing for everything, sorry I'm working on it (argh just did it again). Also may be prone to random outbursts of laughter recently. May also be more outwardly friendly since recently too. Idk.

IRL appearance: Asian, messy, bangs swept aside, long hair, can be a bit intimidating/serious ppl say, sometimes super focused and sometimes looks like in a bit of a daze but usually reading, super skinny, long legs (I think) but not that tall, almost always wears a watch on left wrist and hairtie on right if hair not already tied up (in a ponytail). Not fashionable at all and oddly proud of it (actually idk am I? My mom and other family picks out most of my clothes... they're just normal long-sleeves and leggings idk...)

Activities: soccer team, tennis lessons, Chinese school, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts (my brother is one and parents are Den leaders so I can just tag along the fun w/o actually committing to anything! :)), Cello lessons. Used to take swim classes, ballet, musical theater, piano lessons, be on a basketball team, and other. In-school clubs: D&D club, dance company, Library Advisory Council... at my old school (remember I transferred) did DIY club and Book Battles (eek so funnn) and was in the advanced advanced (two grades advanced) math (does academically fairly well)

um if you guys have any other suggestions please add! 

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Ooh, nice topper!

Very creative. 

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Personally, I think that if anyone knows me well enough irl, they'll know who I am based on my CB name. If not, then

..I live in the US somewhere in the west. 

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Age or Age Range (however big you want the range to be):13

Location (however vague, you could even just say "Earth", unless... someone's from Mars...?):Massachusets 

School mascot/homeschooled/past mascots:homeschooled 

IRL personality:fairly stand of-ish but once you get to know me I'm really nice. I'm quite moody so I can get really happy or sad quickly. I'm  also an ambivert but I lean towards introverted.

My friends and sister say I'm intimidating, and I often look angry for no reason. So I'm sorry about that. I talk a lot and use either big words or lots of them .

IRL appearance: fairly tanned skin, brown eyes (often lowered), long brown hair with bangs on one side, 5'6, I wear black all th3 time and live in hoodies.

Activities? (e.g. teams, companies, scouts..): I go to an anime club and A creative club. Other than that not much except cons and camps in the summer

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Age or Age Range (however big you want the range to be): early years of teen

Location (however vague, you could even just say "Earth", unless... someone's from Mars...?): West Coast

School mascot/homeschooled/past mascots: Scots i think

IRL personality: quiet, tells people random facts about words, crazy with friends, CHEESE, obsessed with music

IRL appearance: blonde hair, t-shirt, jean shorts

Activities? (e.g. teams, companies, scouts..):girl scouts, choir, uke lessons. 

 Ranky says abwot. 

How should aproach people to ask about it though? If you suspect someone is a CBer, maybe you could make eye contact and scratch your right eyebrow? Then if someone does that to you, you look to the left. Those things could be passed off by normal people as normal things to do. Thanks for all the great ideas Celine and everyone else!

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(September 17, 2023 - 7:05 pm)

But what if someone does that accidentally? I found this thread while exploring also, I think it's really worth reading all the way through... ok I can't find it right now but basically it's another CBer recognizing thread, it's awesome. In the meantime, this is pretty cool too:


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Age or Age Range (however big you want the range to be): 12

Location (however vague, you could even just say "Earth", unless... someone's from Mars...?): Southern Oregon

School mascot/homeschooled/past mascots: Riverhawk, Cheiftan

IRL personality: smart, nerd, almost alway with friends...

IRL appearance:  5'3" Red hair about shoulder length, glasses, 

Activities? (e.g. teams, companies, scouts..):  Soccer, Drama Club, 

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Age or Age Range (however big you want the range to be): teens, 12-13ish

Location (however vague, you could even just say "Earth", unless... someone's from Mars...?): west

School mascot/homeschooled/past mascots: A wildcat and a horse

IRL personality: rather talkative, easygoing, loves writing, reading, can be quiet sometimes, but mostly talkative with my friends and classmates around me

IRL appearance: sleek dark hair, sometimes in a ponytail, probably wearing short-sleeved shirt and long pants, dark brown almost black eyes

Activities? (e.g. teams, companies, scouts..): clubs! i joined 2 and made 1!

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Seeing everyone's really short forms and then comparing to my painfully long one :/

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Age or Age Range (however big you want the range to be): 13ish

Location (however vague, you could even just say "Earth", unless... someone's from Mars...?): the corn-infested Midwest, but my family travels a lot

School mascot/homeschooled/past mascots: homeschooled

IRL personality: funny, quirky, knows everything about snakes

IRL appearance: dark brownish-blackish hair with a green-gold streak, lightish skin, brownish greenish eyes, usually wearing black, gray, and green sometimes with gold jewelry

Activities? (e.g. teams, companies, scouts..): I'm reluctantly part of a running team. I also do archery and a co-op thing (the colors of the co-op are green with gold and blue)

me and my family go on vacations a lot, like twice a year, to national parks and stuff. 

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oh, and in the rather-unlikely scenario that you think you met me, just ask how much I know about snakes. if I declare myself to be an expert on snakes, it's probably me :)

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Age or Age Range (however big you want the range to be): 14
Location (however vague, you could even just say "Earth", unless... someone's from Mars...?): California
School mascot/homeschooled/past mascots: Lancer. Before I was a marauder, and before that a rocket.
IRL personality: Quiet, very shy, doesn't get mad, not very good at talking to people and when I do, I mostly just listen.
IRL appearance: About 5' 5", messy wavy light brown hair, big glasses, a watch, probably a purse that looks homemade unless I'm at school, bluish greenish grayish eyes, jeans or shorts, solid-color shirt, and a hoodie or fleece jacket when it's cold out. 
Activities? (e.g. teams, companies, scouts..): I'm in my church choir, culinary club, and am signed up for debate club (not started yet)
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Age or Age range (however big you want the range to be): 14

Location (however vague, you could even just say "Earth", unless... someone's from Mars...?): Long ago in a galaxy far, far away... just kidding! I live in the Midwest 

School mascot/homeschooled/past mascots: Current Mascot is a Tiger, but past ones were a bulldog and (get this) a lightbulb

IRL personality: Funny, outgoing, very very talkative, a bit like a raccoon (I'll steal my friends snacks and I have a large hoard), I will rant to you for hours about a single hyperfixation of mine or give you paragraphs of speech about my newest OC

IRL appearance: Short, brown and pink underut-like hair, olivey skin, brown eyes, I got that cryptid hunter vibe so I dress in mostly brown, sweaters, and big ole cargro shorts. Oh, and glasses, how could I forget the glasses?

Activities? (e.g. teams, companies, scouts...) I do orchestra (I play the viola), Theater at school and this little local theater they have near me, I'm a scrapbooker, I'm in my schools eco club, I was in my schools DnD club, but it got overrun by other random boardgames, I draw and paint, I ike to make little things with random junk

I think thats all... I think this is a really cool idea. Like, what if I've known a CBer all along? Or what if there's a CBer who lives near me?

Also @CelineBurningBright, I like the idea of special CB bracelets! It's a very fun idea! 

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Age or Age Range (however big you want the range to be): 11

Location (however vague, you could even just say "Earth", unless... someone's from Mars...?): Northern California

School mascot/homeschooled/past mascots: My school isn't very big on mascots.

IRL personality: I never go up to random people and talk to them but I talk to people I know; sometimes I'm a bit of a spitfire and other times I'm very calm. 

IRL appearance: long light brownish hair (white at the ends, because of sun and that being the color it used to be), greenish eyes, pale skin, hair usually having had something done to it (for instance a ponytail or braids), occasionally wears bracelets or a watch or a hair tie, always on the right wrist or both but never only the left, and never wears T-shirts with words on them. 

Activities? (e.g. teams, companies, scouts..): Swim team. I used to do ballet until the end of last school year, when I quit because of wanting to do more swimming. I also play the violin but not really in a group setting. 

Maybe one of the things we could add would be habits, like things that you normally do that are distinctive? I never look people in the eye and am always tapping my fingers.

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