Greek Gods SI!

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Greek Gods SI!

Greek Gods SI! yes, my friends, another SI. CaC will be overrun with SIs!! *wicked laughter*

submitted by Hermes, age immortal, Mount Olympus
(October 11, 2023 - 11:24 am)

*spreads rainbows*

submitted by Iris
(October 11, 2023 - 5:59 pm)
submitted by top
(October 11, 2023 - 7:51 pm)

Pretty sure you'll guess me quickly, but anyways~

@Hermes, Hawkstar or pangolin? 

@Iris, Rainbow or Celine? 

(I'm not the CBer btw) 

submitted by Artemis, age immortal, Mount Olympus
(October 11, 2023 - 9:04 pm)

Gosh, I'm so hot. And not just because i'm the sun god!

submitted by Apollo
(October 11, 2023 - 9:34 pm)

@Apollo, Rainbow?

submitted by Hestia, The Hearth
(October 11, 2023 - 10:36 pm)

Well I guess that's it
I was figured out oh so
incredibly fast

(also my CAPTCHA is saying "zunyi", which I'm taking to mean "sun you" which is correct, Apollo is the god of the sun, along with many other things)

submitted by Apollo/Rainbow, Falling into a dumpster
(October 14, 2023 - 2:48 pm)
submitted by Athena
(October 11, 2023 - 10:38 pm)

I like the God and the game equally.

submitted by Hades
(October 12, 2023 - 6:03 am)

aww, I wanted to be Iris...

Hermes, are you Rainbow? 

submitted by Athena
(October 12, 2023 - 9:16 am)

I'm a minor goddess, of justice.

submitted by Dike
(October 12, 2023 - 12:50 pm)

I'm none of the ones anyone guessed

@Dike, I didn't know of you! When I saw that you posted, I thought you meant Nike. That's cool though! Are you Sine?

@Hermes, are you Moon Wolf or Celine?

@Artemis... Hawkstar?

@Apollo, I TOTALLY agree with you ;D are you Darkvine or Peri?

@Hestia, definetly on of my favorite goddesses. Are you Cloud bunny or Celine?

@Athena, considered being you but- decided IRIS MWHAHAHA are you Hex?

@Hades, Lord of Shadows, Darkvine, or Jaybells?

*Hands out gluten free Ding Dongs* 

submitted by Iris
(October 12, 2023 - 2:06 pm)

I'm not Sine, are you Peri?

submitted by Dike
(October 14, 2023 - 6:57 pm)

Status: uNgUeSsEd

@hades, i doubt this, but are you darkling?

@athena, are you lyric?

submitted by Hermes
(October 12, 2023 - 3:23 pm)

i have not been guessed muahahah

@Iris, are you Poinsettia?

@Hermes, are you Jester? 

submitted by Athena
(October 13, 2023 - 10:01 am)

yep! :D

submitted by Hestia/Celine, :D
(October 13, 2023 - 1:15 pm)