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It's my second CBversary today, as of about fourteen minutes ago :D I think last year I totally ignored my CBversary but I wanted to celebrate at least a little this year. I don't have enough time or motivation to do another written picturings or RP or anything, so what about a q&a? Ask me anything!

on a separate note, y'all are awesome and I'm so glad my younger self stumbled upon this community. I think it's amazing how open everyone is to learning new things and how respectful people can be with unfamiliar identities and concepts. love you all <3 (plus ski lodges are great :D) and thank you to the Admins as well for making this all possible!

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Happy CBversery!!! I'm so glad that you are part of the Chatterbox :)

Honestly, my question is, do you want to start talking on our chat again? I've noticed you've been on here more, so maybe you aren't as busy? 

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thanks! I'd love to try, but I've mostly been free because I'm on break—and school starts tomorrow. I'm only going to get busier from now on, but I'll post something soon and try to keep up with it better this time!! looking forward to talking to you more :D

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Alright, whatever works for you :)

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Hooray! Happy CBversary, and here's wishing you'll have many more!  *throws confetti and blow-dried cows ;)*

I'm really glad you found the CB too! You've always been a wonderful member of it, and I love reading your wit and references to random tidbits of fascinating information! love you too /p I hope you continue to be a part of this community for a long time to come.

As for the q&a... um... what's your garden like (if you have one)?

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thank you for the compliments and blow-dried cows :D very sweet and fluffy

...if you mean my irl garden, it's a large yard slightly covered with dog gate-things with haphazard grass and plants either growing healthily (probably a weed or a tree, then) or almost dying (basically everything else). It looks like it used to be well cared-for but someone forgot to for a few years lol but it's pretty nice anyway!

...if you mean what kind of garden I'd have if I could pick anything, I've always wanted to see the Secret Garden's garden from the picture book (never seen the movie). It always looked so peaceful and wild. Probably something like that, but with a hobbit-hole (although larger, I don't want to hit my head on the chandelier) in the middle!! With a large green door.

interesting question, I've never really thought about that! What about you?

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oh wow, a garden like that would be amazing! my irl backyard is just a typical garden with grass and a tree and some flowers and stuff, but i like it very much. if i were to change it, though, i think i'd go for something that was divided into a Secret Garden-like section, and a very formal, ornamental section with paths and ponds and steps and archways :)

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Happy CBversary!! I'm so happy to have you here. You're very kind, have killer taste in music, and you're so smart and it's always great to hear your thoughts.

Uhh, for the Q&A… well, ik it's basic, but what's your favorite book(s)?

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thanks!! I actually don't share my music taste very often because I'm paranoid it's weird lol so that means more than you think :) and excellent question (although I'm sure you've heard my answer many times before), if slightly impossible~

I'd say probably To Say Nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis or The Rook by Daniel O'Malley. The Kaiju Preservation Society by John Scalzi is wacky but probably makes it into my favorites, as well as Anxious People by Fredrik Backman and The House in the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune. Then books like Ranger's Apprentice, Septimus Heap, Morrigan Crow, Harry Potter, and Six of Crows will always be old favorites :D

what about you? I know I read The Missing Piece of Charlie O'Reilly from your rec, but what else?

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Happy CBversary Hex!! You're such a fun and kind presence here on the CB and we're soo lucky to have you!! <33

Question: If you could travel to space would you, and if you would then where would you go?

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:D well assuming all the practical safety concerns of you know, not dying were sorted out, I'd say definitely! If I was able to come back to Earth after, then I'd go sooner but if this was more of a Mars colonization plan then that'd be a harder choice but I might go for it anyway.

It'd be cool to see the moon or Mars, but I think I'd most like to go on a scientific expedition to Europa. It'd be fascinating to discover if there once was life there because of all the water and ice!

if I could choose from fictional settings, probably a bunch of spaceships with crews I want to meet—off the top of my head the Zero (spaceship from the Aurora Cycle), the Atkis (spaceship from On A Sunbeam), and whatever the ones in Long Way and To Be Taught if Fortunate are called. Plus planets: Arrakis from Dune, Ringworld from Ringworld, Battle School and Lusitania from Ender's Game, etc :)

awesome question!! what about you? 

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Happy CBversary, Hex! (Throws confetti) 

For q&a, what's your favorite...snack? 

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I appreciate the confetti! honestly, I have no idea what my favorite snack is... probably something vaguely unhealthy? Welches, Sourpatch Kids, etc—or just regular fruit (in that case, maybe a mango or a pluot, but I don't think I eat those enough for them to be classified as snacks)! what's your favorite snack?

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:) my favorite snack is probably something like chips or cookies, depending on my mood. As for fruits, I like watermelon and peach. Anyways, happy CBversary (again)!

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HEX!! oh my gosh happy cbversary!! two years, whoa :DD you're such a talented and valuable member of this community - not to mention one of the funniest people i know - and you always have something witty and insightful to share (or a dad joke (which i suppose can be witty and insightful in its own way)). you also got me to read some of what are now my favorite books - like To Say Nothing of the Dog - so i'm really grateful for that :) anyway i'm so glad i know you, and i hope you stick around for a few more years ;) *confetti*

for the question - is math red or blue (or a secret third option)?

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