So, I may

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So, I may

So, I may need some help...

I mentioned in the Random Thoughts/Things thread that when I'm 16, I'll be able to date right?

Well, the guy I like, S, still doesn't know I like him. I haven't seen him since October, and he's probably not gonna come to Youth Group soon. I wanna tell him I like him, and I have a couple of friends that I asked to ask him if he'll go on a date with me, but if he says yes, how do I ask him? Do I just say "hey, do you wanna go on a date when I'm 16?" or do I say it another way?

I already picked out what I'm gonna wear with my friend, and I'm thinkin' a picnic lunch in a nearby park (S and I live within a mile of each other), but should I pick another place to do it (my friend said NOT the movies, but personally, I think it'd be cool)?

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I'm reaaally inexperienced in this kind of thing, so I don't know if I have any good advice, but I thought maybe you could say something like "so, it turns out that my parents finally said I can go on dates when I'm sixteen! Just a few months away!" to give him a ~hint~, and then if he still doesn't take the hint, you can just flat-out tell him that you'd like to go somewhere with him and suggest a location. Idk if you should actually invite him out on a date per se, because I have the impression that boys tend to get sort of apprehensive when girls take the initiative in asking them out, but I could be wrong. You probably know more about it than I do :)

A picnic or the movies sounds fine! Wherever you and S would enjoy yourselves most :)

Hope this helps, and good luck with your relationship!

OMG IT'S A SIGN IFFY JUST SAID GFZKW and by "gf" she obviously means "girlfriend" so she's saying something about a girlfriend and I guess she means you're going to end up being S's girlfriend?!

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