Here's a form. 

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Here's a form. 

Here's a form.       

In the CB, we have an addiction to filling out forms. Anything that could possibly involve a form will. So, here's a form to fill out. Not for any specific reason. Just for the sake of being a form.





Favorite food:




Height in inches:

Height in centimeters:

Opinion on soup:

The proper way to ride a bus:

Favorite animal:

If I have 37 purple pickles on a rooftop, what is the value of beans?:


Is Apple or Android superior:

Opinion on the state of the world:

Do dragons exist:

Are humans actually sharks in disguise?:

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Yes! More forms!

Name: WiLdSoNg 

Age: teen

Pronouns: she/her

Appearance: 5' 2", long dark hair, one gold eye, one silver eye, athletic, slim, lots of henna like tattoos, barefoot, long silver hair half up with intricate braids, freckles, claws and fangs, simple black tight fitting clothing.

Favorite food: don't have one

Pickles: love them

Personality: INTJ-T

Zodiac: Saggitarius 

Height in inches: 63

Height in centimeters: 160

Opinion on soup: it's ok

The proper way to ride a bus: not riding it at all

Favorite animal: fox

If I have 37 purple pickles on a rooftop, what is the value of beans?: who cares about beans? I want purple pickles

Allergies: none!

Is Apple or Android superior: apple for sure

Opinion on the state of the world: in desperate need of help

Do dragons exist: heck yeah

Are humans actually sharks in disguise?: no, they're aliens in disguise 

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(January 12, 2024 - 4:36 pm)

this is hilarious XD thank you, Scuttles 

Name: Hex

Pickles: I recently learned that pickled mango was a thing; I also recently tried some jewelry metalworking and pickled my rings. I think it's fascinating the wide range of useless things humanity has decided to pickle.

Height in inches:

Height in centimeters: I'm not even going to deign to answer that previous one (metric system for life)—or this one, because I can't remember, but I'm sure you get the point

Opinion on soup: I think that many people say things aren't soups when they obviously are—for example, a swimming pool with swimmers and lane lines and stuff in it is obviously technically a soup.

The proper way to ride a bus: quietly. without singing 99 bottles on repeat or blasting loud music or talking at all D:

If I have 37 purple pickles on a rooftop, what is the value of beans?: depends on the rooftop, the rgb shade of purple, and if you're planning to share. But if the consumer price index is 100 in that year that'd also make things easier. My current bet is ~$2.74 per liter of lima beans

Is Apple or Android superior: well you can't eat an android, so that should be obvious

Opinion on the state of the world: ...there are a few choice words I'm not going to say on here, but generally very grim and sad in a hilariously cynical way

Do dragons exist: yeah they're what the UN modeled the myth of dinosaurs after (to justify the "existence" of the robotic drones we call "birds", we've been over this)

Are humans actually sharks in disguise?: I really hope not

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(January 12, 2024 - 4:43 pm)

Are you joking about the dragon part? I personally disagree with the robotic drone bird thing but if you sincerily believe that I respect that, I'm just not sure if you're serious or not.

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(January 12, 2024 - 6:36 pm)

yeah, I'm joking :) though I did meet a kid once who told me how she thought AI was scary because birds were robots who recharged on telephone wires or something and I still can't decide if she was messing with me or actually believed it...

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(January 13, 2024 - 1:47 pm)

About your soup response- fun fact! Did you know that in Mandarin, the phrase for ppl soaking in hot springs is "pao tang" (or something like that, can't quite remember - oh wait yup google translate agrees, except when you put "pao tang" in it says "taking a bath", which is even funnier)? Translation: making soup! :)

(you can see why this is my favorite language, even if I weren't biased) 

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Name: Hawkstar

Age: almost 15!

Pronouns: she/her foreverrrrr


Favorite food: cheese pizza, spaghetti and meatballs, rice and chicken, or chocolate 

Pickles: GROSS!! but fun to put in sentences


Zodiac: aquarius 

Height in inches: 67/68 in.

Height in centimeters: 170.18 cmish?

Opinion on soup: YUM! Except if it's broccolli or chicken soup

The proper way to ride a bus: on the ceiling

Favorite animal: Horses, dolphins, and cats

If I have 37 purple pickles on a rooftop, what is the value of beans?: 78%

Allergies: red dye and too much gluten

Is Apple or Android superior: Apple

Opinion on the state of the world: Dreadful with a side of hidden beauty you have to look for

Do dragons exist: Yep

Are humans actually sharks in disguise?: Well duh what did you think I was, a turkey?

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Forgot appearance AND personality *rolls eyes* that's what I get for skipping stuff and not doing it in order

Appearance:Tall and skinny, 5'7, with short, almost shoulder length coco colored hair. Brown eyes, full lips and a normal sized nose. freckles across cheeks and nose bridge. Long, slender and quick fingers. Ears are small and have slight points. Usually dressed in brown gray tunic, forest green leggings and a brown, long, hooded cloak. bare foot in warm seasons, booted in cold weather. Has a braided leather belt with sheaved hunting knife. Either has a wooden staff, or a bow and quivver full of arrows. Never both. Is very handy with both weapons. I have hawk wings that appear on my back, 4 feet long on each side. I hardly ever use my wings, and they aren't even there until I want them.

Personality: I'm kind, firm, clever and fun. can be very open with laugh and smile, or closed off and mysteriously grumpy. Enjoys company of others usually, and hates to be left out or miss something. Loyal and helpful. Observant and thoughtful most of the time.

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Ahh yaayyy more formssss 

Name: WildWolf

Age: 12, 13 on April 21 

Pronouns: she/her 

Appearance: Dark brown hair just past shoulder length, light skin and brown eyes

Favorite food: TACOOOOSSS

Pickles: Huh? Did someone say pickles. I WANT SOMMME

Personality: Silly, optimistic, introverted sometimes and extroverted sometimes, loyal, easily annoyed, and excited. 

Zodiac: Taurus

Height in inches: Around 57, I think 

Height in centimeters: 144 

Opinion on soup: sometimes good, sometimes bad.

The proper way to ride a bus: Never! Nope! Too overwhelming and car sick inducing! 


If I have 37 purple pickles on a rooftop, what is the value of beans?: Uhm... whut?

Allergies: cats. )':

Is Apple or Android superior: Apple, obviously.

Opinion on the state of the world: A little awful right now, honestly... but in some ways good.

Do dragons exist: Unfortunately, I cannot make myself believe that.

Are humans actually sharks in disguise?: Uh...duh! That's he only explanation! No jk, I don't think so. (But who knows??? XD) 


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Name: Darkvine

Age: idk anymore, 13ish

Pronouns: she/her

Appearance: long black hair with shiny black horns, bright green eyes, wears dark colored cloaks, t-shirts, and ripped jeans. carries a sword everywhere, in case I have to fend off monsters or cut a cake.

Favorite food: pizza with olives

Pickles: yes

Personality: friendly, goofy, optimistic, loves snakes. dramatic, loyal, brave.

Zodiac: cancer or leo

Height in inches: idk, I'm short and hate numbers

Height in centimeters: see answer above

Opinion on soup: *obnoxiously loud slurping*

The proper way to ride a bus: on top, singing at the top of my lungs

Favorite animal: BALL PYTHON CUZ THEY ARE ADORABLE :3 also I'm getting one for my birthday :D 

If I have 37 purple pickles on a rooftop, what is the value of beans?: trader joes

Allergies: math and overly ophidiophobic people

Is Apple or Android superior: idk. I guess apple

Opinion on the state of the world: I'm just gonna say that humans are very good at messing stuff up

Do dragons exist: yes. we just call them platypuses and iguanas.

Are humans actually sharks in disguise?: no. that would be a mermaid

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(January 12, 2024 - 6:07 pm)

Name: endless_parodies, but you can call me parody. <3

Age: 13, but i'm turning 14 on the 25th of january.

Pronouns: they/faer.

Appearance: see image--my CBsona is a shapeshifter.

Favorite food: i have way too many...

Pickles: meh, they're alright. good with sandwiches and in tuna salad.

Personality: INFP, and proud of it. i'm very introverted and shy, but very chaotic and weird at heart. i am afraid of being judged the wrong way and first impressions (for me) are everything. i don't like being embarassed, whether by myself or somebody else.

Zodiac: aquarius~

Height in inches: 60-61 inches, i'm pretty short for my age.

Height in centimeters: 153.4, i think.

Opinion on soup: i love clam chowder! and creamy soups in general. ESPECIALLY CLAM CHOWDER. i'd kill for a clam chowder with oyster crackers right now. I'D KILL FOR IT.

The proper way to ride a bus: dancing upside down on the windshield, of course. or, you know, just sitting down like a normal person, with a book.

Favorite animal: rabbit or octopus! i have a rabbit named napoleon bunnyparte <3

If I have 37 purple pickles on a rooftop, what is the value of beans?: infinite beans. infinite beans.

Allergies: none!

Is Apple or Android superior: apple, by far >:D

Opinion on the state of the world: politically? it's a mess. emotionally? it's a mess. overall? it's...a mess. but i'm so very glad for our little group of queer/straight allies that we have here on the CB. <3

Do dragons exist: yes! in my heart.

Are humans actually sharks in disguise?: y e s. i am a shark. *proceeds to dance on a rooftop as a shark in the dead of night*

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Name:Sinusoidal Polyglot



Appearance:Please, this is so hard to describe

Favorite food:sushi

Pickles:Normal kosher dill pickles

Personality:Introverted, quirky, and obsessed with particle physics

Zodiac: My Greek zodiac is Aries, my Chinese zodiac is the Snake.

Height in inches: 61

Height in centimeters: 155

Opinion on soup:Depends on which soup. I like lentil soup and a family recipe called Sopa de Avas (bean soup), butI don't like other kinds. However, I do like most soups.

The proper way to ride a bus:With a seatbelt on, and in one of the backseats, sitting normally, unless you are the driver. Then you can sit up front, but still with a seatbelt on and aware.

Favorite animal: Penguin, dog, or dolphin, i can't choose

If I have 37 purple pickles on a rooftop, what is the value of beans?: What do you mean by value? The "value" of beans would be the same whether you have 37 purple pickles on a rooftop or not, unless the placement of those pickles required the annihilation of beans or the production of more.

Allergies:Some kinds of bugs.

Is Apple or Android superior:I don't know; I use Apple but Google is also just as cool. I think you mean iOS by the way.

Opinion on the state of the world:It is deepening into annihilation unless we fix things.

Do dragons exist:They do, somewhere in the universe.

Are humans actually sharks in disguise?:No, otherwise we would have known by accidentally pulling off our human skin to reveal shark skin. Don't forget, X-rays do exist, and can detect sharks.


OK, this was a great quiz, but two of the questions (IMHO, u can probalby guess which ones) were completely stupid, but others were very thought-provoking.


Joe Cool says biirp. burp?

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(January 12, 2024 - 6:33 pm)

I am wholly and completely complemented you called the questions stupid! Their entire purpose was to be stupid and random and useless and maybe slightly funny!

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(January 13, 2024 - 5:35 pm)

Poor Android XD

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forms! i love forms. 

Name: my cb name is pangolin. my real name is *is yanked off stage with vaudeville hook*

Age: fourteen

Pronouns: she/they

Appearance: i'm too tall for my liking, and i have lightish freckled skin. my eyes are greenish-bluish-grayish, and i have red hair. (there's like one other redhead in my school, and people are always asking "hey is that you're brother?" and when i say no, they're like "are you sure??" and i'm like "oh, wait, yeah, you're right!! i totally forgot i had a brother who went to this school. how silly of me.") i like to wear sweaters and almost exclusively jeans - they're the superior type of pants, fight me - and the same beat up pair of converse i've had for like two years. i have a tendency to take notes on my hand, so my left hand's constantly covered in messy scribbles and smudged ink. 

Favorite food: empanadas or momos (a tibetan dumpling)! 

Pickles: yesss mango picklessss and all pickles (not school lunch pickles though - well, those can't really be classified as true pickles anyway)

Personality: i'm pretty quiet and a chronic overachiever and overthinker and over the garden wall enthusiast. my burning hatred for chemistry class is matched only by my hatred for our mile runs in gym class. i like to think i'm funny, but i'm probably not to anyone but myself.

Zodiac: asparagus (just kidding what's november? scorpio, right? silly little stingy scorpions) 

Height in inches: uhhh idk let's sayyy 67.25? this is just guesswork

Height in centimeters: based off my previous answer - 170.815. but i really don't know

Opinion on soup: sOUP!!! i once got into an argument with my eighth grade music teacher about soup. i don't really remember the specifics - just that there was soup involved. there is some graffiti near my house that says "soup" - it's not even nice-looking graffiti. someone just spraypainted the word "soup" on the side of the building. but i love it - it is the most pure and honest form of art. and i can do a good impression of pea soup. sOuP! >:D

The proper way to ride a bus: swinging from the bars and trying not to fly forward when the bus breaks because you have NO upper arm strength, my goodness. 

Favorite animal: pangolins. jellyfish. pigeons. the rosy maple moth.

If I have 37 purple pickles on a rooftop, what is the value of beans?: well, that depends on the type of bean, of course. are we talking about lima beans? kidney? pinto? my cat's toe beans? 

Allergies: dust, grass, cats (despite owning two), formerly peanuts but thankfully not anymore, like eight types of trees. and i can't really eat dairy or gluten or sugar but i haven't been tested to see if that's an allergy or just in intolerence. 

Is Apple or Android superior: well, apples don't dream of electric sheep, do they?

Opinion on the state of the world: 2/10 would not recommend

Do dragons exist: well, komodo dragons exist - but why stop there?

Are humans actually sharks in disguise?: no, it's sharks that are obviously humans in disguise. duh. 

that was fun! thanks, Scuttles!! and yeah, why do we CBers enjoy filling out forms so much?? 

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just wanted to say that I thought this was very funny and witty and it provided me with something really entertaining to read on an otherwise ordinary Saturday morning :) and in reply to what you said about your personality, yes, you're definitely great at being funny! :D

perhaps we enjoy forms because it gives us a chance to ramble on about lots of interesting things? For me personally there's the added enticement of the actual appearance of the form, with the questions and the empty spaces just waiting to be filled in. I don't know why it's so appealing, but I think that's one of the main factors that makes me enjoy it :)

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