Name Change Ideas?

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Name Change Ideas?

Name Change Ideas?

I really need to change my name, it has been hanging over my head for a while, but the ting is that I don't know what it should be! I like plants, animals (specifically birds), rocks and crystals, chess, and Greek mythology. Maybe Obsidian, Rook or Nyx (associated with the night/dark) or Opal, Phoenix or Aether (associated with day/light)? Or maybe something in between.

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We already have a Phoenix and I think we also had a Nyx at one point, so I wouldn't reccomend either of those. We also may have had an Opal? Of your ideas, I like Rook the best. Here are some other ideas:

Crystal Raven

Eos (that's the goddess of Dawn)

Selene (that's a name for the goddess of the moon, I think)

Gold Finch


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About Opal: I think we had/have an Opalescent Dragon who sometimes went by Opal, but I think is now also considering a name change?? So idk

I like all your ideas though!

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Thank you for replying! Yeah, Rook is pretty nice! Selene is the personification of the moon, while Artemis is the goddess of the moon (at least that's what I heard).

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Personally, I like Rook as well, but I agree with Peri, Eos is a good one too! Maybe the simple name of Dawn as well (haha, same thing as Eos practially)

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Ooh, Rook is nice, and so is Aether :) Maybe you could also try something like Firebird (similar to Phoenix)?

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Thank you for replying! Rook is nice, but maybe I could add something like ♦︎ or ☆??

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I also quite like Eos, though I do have another suggestion: Hecate, for she's the goddess of magic, moon, and witchcraft, among other things. And from what I know abt witchcraft from my two friends who do it (and I rly want to, too), witchcraft uses crystals a bunch, soo... Also, Hecate is just really cool and she's one of my favorite goddesses and I dressed up as her yesterday and now I'm just rambling, sorry. Anyways, good luck on choosing a name!

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Thanks for replying! I know about Hecate, because I love tarot! I actually thought about starting a thread where I did tarot readings for other people or a situation, but I'm a beginner and don't want to give people false advice! And I am kind of practicing witchcraft, but just a little because I chicken out whenever I try to do any spell. Thought I realize that I'm already doing it, I have a huge crystal collection, draw tarot everyday, and read a lot of mystical books.

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OMG! I have tarot cards as well (actually, I have a deck of Greek gods one :D) and I love crystals! I think that doing drawings would be great practice, even if you are just starting out! Witchcraft is always super cool :DD Do you do anything else? I haven't actually done any spells, that's more my mom. But I'll pull a card now and then, I should really get more into it though.

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Well, I have tried astral projection but each time I've failed, except once when I astral projected as a hawk and it was so cool, I got to fly and see the landscape in such a different perspective! I can never quite astral projection as a human. One time, me, my sister and my mom went to this place where they sell things made by local artists and we found these really cool handmade brooms! We couldn't turn them down! Of course I don't expect them to actually fly, but who knows, I haven't tried that yet lol. And I love astrology, I have this website that can show you the exact sky from years ago. Well I'm not the only one whose mom practice witchcraft XD. For me, she doesn't say it but always wears all black, has a herb garden and is very superstitious so...Kind of my whole life I've been surrounded by protection amulets and such because of my Greek culture.

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Ooh cool! I don't think I've astral projected on purpose before, but I think I may have done it on accident? I remember going to a forest, and then like a few months later we drove through a forest that looked exactly like the one I'd dreamt.

Lol, my mom loves brooms (and baskets) especially if they're handmade at a little store or somethin'. We used to have an herb garden (super huge!) but then we moved and haven't had the chance to start again...

Our family is pretty non-religous, but I'm always fasinated by mythology (especially Greek!) That super cool that you have that Greek culture though!

Would you like to do a practice reading on me? 

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I personally think astral projection on accident is way easier then on purpose.

My family has a small herb garden, but since we compost there's a random cherry tomato plant in it.

My family is technically Greek Orthodox, but we never go to church, we only have a different calendar and holidays then most. Yeah, my grandparents were Greek immigrants, and I'm very proud. We have a lot of books about the myths so naturally I love them! 

I would love doing a practice reading on you, what do you want advice on/which spread?

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Hi! I just wanted to ask about your witchcraft? Because magic doesn't really exist (though it can certainly seem like it sometimes!) I hope this doesn't come off as rude; I don't want to hurt your feelings at all. But believing in magic and superstition is usually not a good idea because, aside from the fact that magic doesn't exist (as proof: if it did, I would be very happy, I would go learn it, I would become an active practicing witch and I would be FIXING all the darn problems the world has and thus there would be no pandemic, no global warming, and no political worries, and I would be able to go live in Mexico again because it would be a beautiful safe country once more, and sorry this got rant-y but it's all true), believing in it can often make you vulnerable to manipulation by others. Someone can tell you what to do by threatening to put a spell on you if you don't obey them, and thus you become manipulated by a person who doesn't really have any power over you.

Anyway, again I really hope this doesn't hurt your feelings - I don't want to seem like a know-it-all. I just thought maybe you should know. And please ask me if you have any questions or you need me to clarify something!

And if you're still looking for name suggestions, here are some that I really like - I hope they're along the lines of what you're looking for~




-Aquamarine (though I think there was an older CBer called Aquamarine, so this may not be the best choice lol)


-Astrea, or other star-inspired names


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Okay I have decided on three names:





I'm sorry to have removed one of your names, but we don't allow other languages on the CB. - Admin

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