hi, i'm new

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hi, i'm new

hi, i'm new to the cb! i've ghosted around for a few days and now i'm ready to make an intro post and join.

a few things about me: i'm 14. my pronouns are she/her. i'm homeschooled. i consider myself a poet, a writer, and a daydreamer, in no particular order. i'm rather fond of long and elegant words. my name is the word for the scent of rain.

i'm pretty quiet, but i do have a sense of humor that other people tell me is funny, in a dry way. i tend to talk for a long time about particular things. including: musical theater (i'm in a theater club!), books (fantasy and historical fiction), and music (indie folk, of course). i'm also fond of nature, my friends tell me i was likely an elf in another life.

i suppose i'd best conclude this post. if there's anything anyone wants to ask me, please feel free. and to finish off, i've a question; where can i find the ultimate guide?


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Hi there petrichor! I love your name and location! I'm Moon Wolf, she/her. I love reading fantasy and historical fiction as well. What books have you read? I also love writing stories and poetry. :)

Here's the ultimate guide! http://www.cricketmagkids.com/chatterbox/chirpatcricket/node/443573 


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hi fellow story/poetry writer! it's great to meet you; thank you very much for the ultimate guide. it's proven useful already-

i've read far too many books to list here, as i spend every possible minute devouring all the books my small library holds! i've gradually collected a list of favorites, though: Prince Caspian by C. S. Lewis. I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith. Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott. anything about Greek and Celtic myth. what books have you read?

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Welcome petrichor! I love your name! It's such a cool word with a beautiful meaning. It looks like we have a lot in common! I also like musical theater, books, music, and nature. Here is the updated Ultimate Guide. Hope to see you around and get to know you better!


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why, thank you! for the compliment and, of course, the guide. your name is exquisite :> hope to get to know you better as well!

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Welcome to the CB petrichor!! I'm Celine, she/her/they/them pronouns (you can do whatever you want with that since it's fluid :) ), though I'm sorta on unofficial hiatus rn sorry to everyone I haven't yet responded to I'll try to do that later tonight! 

I love your name; hello fellow sesquipedalian (hehee)!! I too am a poet, a writer, and a daydreamer (lots of us here are, as you might already know), and I too love musical theater (both performing -- which is a fact I like to find funny because I am known to be extremely shy at my school (new school :/) and probably nobody at my school would think I find my home singing and dancing on a stage in front of large crowds because I can't even speak up in class :) -- and watching), books (all genres except maybe romance/horror though some are good), music (all genres), and nature!
this is getting long and I gtg so bye and hope to see you around :) 
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hello Celine, it's very nice to meet you. i feel the same way about performing. irl i'm terribly quiet. i'm lucky if i can think of one interesting thing to say. but on a stage, my shyness dissipates and i become the person i'm acting. it's like magic. and i too am ambivalent at best about romance and horror books. it seems like we've a lot in common! hope to see you around too!

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hi! i'm parody, and i use any pronouns <3

14 and homeschooled club, woop woop! i'm pretty quiet as well, and my sense of humor is quite similar. it's so cool that you're a poet--i love writing haikus, but i'm not very good at other types of poetry. i love writing, though. do you have a fantasyland in your head? (ah, that may sound weird, i mean like your own universe that you're working on developing) i'm working on developing my OCs and AEs, but they're not incredibly developed yet.

you have a really pretty name! what musicals do you like, and do you think you'll have any AEs? 

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woop woop :)

ah, haikus are lovely. they're so deceptively simple.

yes, indeed, i do have a fantasyland; it's more inspired by Tolkien's work than i care to admit, but i justify it by telling myself he is, after all, one of the founding fathers of modern fantasy! it's called Illiora. i don't think it's developed enough for me to share much about it; i might post some stuff about it when i can, though. it's so hard to fully flesh out a character or a place.

thank you!

i like You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown, Hamilton (bc of course), and the Sound of Music musical. of course i have more than that! -but those are my top three. i'd love recommendations for new musicals to watch if you have any.

i might have some AEs; one or two of my OCs might morph nicely into being alter egos of mine. but i'm not sure. we'll see :> do you have any?

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hey petrichor! welcome to the cb :) i'm th3mysticwolf (more commonly known as mystic or simply "eph" - been here since august 2020, on and off) - nice to meet you ! 

your name's really cool !! i'm a big fan of fancy words too (my two main aes are named ephemeral and evanescent, two of my favorite words, and another two in the developing are named kalopsia and philophobia! i had two other ones, but sadly, they are retired, along with my mountains of other aes that are, unfortunately, retired too.)

anyways! i'm sure you'll enjoy the cb! :) others have already linked the ultimate guide, so i won't bother doing so - but again, welcome! 



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thank you, i'm glad you like my name :) i simply love the words ephemeral and evanescent! they sound like their meanings. if that makes sense. yes, i'm also  sure i'll enjoy the cb, and thank you for the welcome; hope to read you around!

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Hello Petrichor! I'm Zealatom, he/him, lingers around Inkwell and CaC. I really adore musical theater and acting in general! I'm currently immersed in the musical Elisabeth. What musicals do you love?  

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hi! nice to meet you petrichor! i absolutely love your name--i actually have to say that's my favorite smell. 

im also a big theater kid, are you in any shows currently? 

ooh also lmk if you've listened to the decemberists, they're so good! :D



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Hi petrichor! I'm Silver Crystal, she/her. I love that name, it's such a cool word. Being a poet, writer, and daydreamer is the best way to go through life! What are your favorite books (and musicals, but a few people have already asked)?

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Hi, petrichor! I'm Darkvine, she/her pronouns :)

I also like nature! did you know there's a snail that lives in underwater volcanoes and has scales made of iron?

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