It's my CBversary!

Chatterbox: Chirp at Cricket

It's my CBversary!

It's my CBversary! I really can't believe that it's already/only been a year. A lot can happen, like creating two ski lodges, winning a Cricket writing contest, joining a bunch of ski lodges, solo writes, and RPs, and helping to revive Kyngdom.

I'll do a Q n A here, and I think I might also make a personality quiz. Any topic suggestions? 

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Happy CBversary! I forgot when mine was...

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:) thank you so much! 

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HAPPY CBVERSARY MY FRIEND!!! I've really enjoyed getting to know you and you are such a special part of the CB! You're amazing Moon Wolf!

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aah thank you Wildsong! :)) I've really enjoyed chatting with you in our group! you are such an amazing friend <33

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Woooo happy CBversary! *throws eco-friendly confetti and balloons* *presents you with cake/plate of cookies/nice thing to eat of your choice* It's been wonderful knowing you for a whole year :) You're an amazing person. For Q&A, what's your favorite song or general piece of music?

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Thank you Amethyst!! I've really enjoyed having Lyra and Eri interact. Hmm, my favorite song changes from time to time but right now, it's Sober Up by AJR. I enjoy listening to mainly pop music. :)

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happy CBversary!!

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thanks! :))

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Happy CBversary! I can't believe you've been here for a year already! Time flies... Hope you have many, many more happy years on here! Also, I think this is a good time to tell you that I think you write really well :D

For the Q and A... hmm, what's your favorite movie? Oh, and also, how did you decide on your name?

For the personality quiz, yay!! I love your personality quizzes! Maybe it could be something like "what Greek god are you most like?"



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thanks Poinsettia! :D you are such a kind person and I really enjoy your writing! My favorite movie...hard to choose, but probably a Studio Ghibli film like totoro and kiki's delivery service, or someday or one day. I decided on my name by using my username from another website, which I got because I just like the moon and wolves. and inspiration just hit me haha

Thank you for the suggestion! 

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Happy CBversary Moon Wolf!!!!! I've had so much fun RPing with you this past year (and leaving you hanging on most of them... yeah... :/ I'm pretty sure the trains for most of them have left but I have not forgotten about Woodland/B+B and will get that up... hopefully tonight!!) It amazes me how quickly/easily you finish/progress your ski lodges, and I think you're Taiwanese?? Which is awesome because no I am not Taiwanese sorry but I've been to Tai Wan and I love it and I think you've mentioned it a few times on here and WAIT I SHOULD START A TAI WAN THREAD!! Because also, happy AAPI month!! Anyways. Your poetry is AMAZING. Idk if it's just me but in my opinion, you've also really super grown as a poet this past year!! I mean, you've always written amazing poems with masterful rhyme schemes, but from what I've seen you seem to be experimenting (or at least posting) more -- using italics, using free-verse, most recently interspersing italics mid-line -- while still being an amazing rhymer and poet in general!! And also your animal drawings are so cute!!!

Q&A: have you ever been to Tai Wan? Do you have a favorite Taiwanese treat?

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Aaah thank you so much!! It has been so much fun RPing, and I think you might have joined CB around when I did? :DD thanks for following along my ski lodges! Yes I'm Taiwanese. YESS A TAIWAN THREAD!!! Happy AAPI month! Thanks! I've been experimenting with different styles, as you said, and I do think I've grown as a poet. Your poetry is amazing as well! I always enjoy reading your poems in regular poetry thread. Thanks! Your art is great as well!! 

Yes I have been to Taiwan, and I'm going again this summer! My favorite Taiwanese treat, probably Ba Wan (Taiwanese meatball) or popcorn chicken. What about you? 

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Happy CBversary!

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