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Vote for Heroes

Warmest greetings to all of you! I want to say a heartfelt thanks to everyone who created a hero or heroine for our Crowd Sorcery story project! Every single entry has been a delight to read--and I know I speak for all the Administrators as well as the illustrator and myself. I can't tell you enough how much I have appreciated your efforts and your great writing! I know a story could be written about any of the heroines/heroes you suggested. Thank you for sharing your imaginations with all of us!

The time for voting on a main character is here!

I have worked together with our story illustrator, Emily Fiegenschuh, to choose ten characters that you can review below. Emily and I selected these based on four criteria: originality, practical potential for effective presence as a character in a story, depth of development, and good writing on the part of the creator. I want to stress again that these are characters we selected. Every character suggested on Crowd Sorcery is a winner, and it was very difficult indeed to choose only ten to be considered in the general voting.

Please read through the list of characters below, and feel free to discuss them on this thread. Which of them would you most like to read about in our story? Why? Your opinion can make a big difference in how others vote!

At the bottom of the page, you'll find the place to vote. You will select your three favorite characters. The character who receives the most votes will be the hero or heroine in Fred and Emily's story. You can only vote once and cannot change your vote, so think carefully first!  The voting for hero/heroine will remain open until June 30th.

In a couple weeks, we'll begin voting on the villains. There's still time to contribute your best scary, devious, powerful, fascinating malefactor to the list, so please use that imagination and add more evildoers!

And again, thank you all for helping to make Crowd Sorcery's hero/heroine thread so interesting!





1. Name: Rayth

2. Appearance: Straight jet black hair that comes down to his chin, and that he usually wears loose. He has deep brown eyes and skin that is slightly tanned by the sun. He is about five foot six, and has long, limber legs. He has a scar that runs from the back of his right ear down the outer edge of his chin.

He often wears a tunic that comes almost to his knees, and  a pair of sturdy brown pants, sometimes patched with cheerful colors. A cloth belt is wrapped around his wait, and his shoes were
once sturdy and now pretty well worn.

3. Background: Rayth was brought up in a little village at the base of the mountain. Until he was thirteen, he lived with his father, his mother, and his younger sister, Freya. His father was a trader, and his mother would accompany her husband in his trading routes from time to time (about once every two years), bringing the children along as a treat. On the way home from a successful two month route, the wagon which held Rayth, his father, his mother, and his younger sister was attacked by bandits. Rayth just barely managed to escape with the clothes on his back. (Which was how he got his scar.) When men from his hometown came to where the attack had taken place, only a splintered, shattered wagon was found. Not a soul was found, and the rest of Rayth's father's caravan was never seen again. That was a year ago. Now, he travels around his country on horseback, earning money by doing odd jobs and selling pictures he sketched. 

4. Personality: Witty and joking, yet he has learned to keep his eyes open and takes in a lot of detail. He is polite to those who are polite to him - rudeness from those his age or older will be tolerated only by a glare or a fist in the face, is he's unusually unnerved. He loves little kids, especially those around the age of seven or eight - his sister's age. He hates killing and fighting of any sort. On the outside, he is a boy who is able to laugh easily and has a good sense of direction, on the inside, he is a fourteen-year old who is very sharp (as in witty, not bad-tempered) yet has a great sorrow of the loss of his family.

5. How is he/she different from others? He has an amazing ability of art - his sketches of people and animals are very lifelike. However, while he is skilled in art and can handle a horse well, his outdoor abilities - such as swordsmanship, fighting, wrestling, and lifting heavy loads, are not close to the skill boys his own age. He can run fast and well, and that is usually his fighting technique. 

6. What does he/she most desire or hope for? To find his family or find what has happened to them.

7. How is he/she strong? He is honest, determined, and knows what is right. 

8. How is he/she weak or vulnerable? Any mention of his family will cause him to take action. From fighting a boy that he knows will beat him, or doing what he knows what is wrong.

9. What does he/she fear most? That his family is dead. He knows that it is what must have happened, but can't help from hoping, and dreams every night what will happen when they are reunited. 

10. Your Crowd Sorcery Sentence(s): Rayth added the finishing touches to the portrait of a young girl and her black and white kitten. To Rayth's left, the girl's older sister was still staring at her own portrait in wonder. The girls' mother was looking over Rayth's shoulder, trying to see what miracle was going on.

"There. I think it's done," Rayth smiled as he took carefully tore the paper away from his pad. As he handed it to the mother, she gaped in wonder.

"Why, it's the exact likeness!" she exclaimed, "Every last detail. Young man, you have a powerful gift in those hands." She pressed a gold coin into his hand. "Even Kime's spirits are captured on the papers! May you have a good life, young man."Rayth ducked his head at the compliments, and tucked the coin into his leather pouch. Looking up at Kime, who looked around seven, maybe eight years old, he gave her a wink and a kind smile. She laughed, and started begging her mother to see the portrait.

Rayth stared fondly at the little girl, thinking of another lass who he once knew. The happy family walked off, and soon blended into the bustling crowd, full of people who were hurrying to get home for the evening meal.

Closing her leather bag that was full of art supplies and his few possessions, Rayth sighed, sadly. I'll find them someday,he told himself. Mother, Father, Freya. One day soon, we'll all be a family again. 

submitted by True




1. Name: Minna of Afting

2. Appearance: Small and rumpled, wild-haired and grey-eyed, usually found barefoot and covered in a layer of dust. She also has a couple of freckles. Her clothes are very noble-looking and generally full of rips.

3. Background: She is one of the daughters of the king of Afting. When she was three, she was taken by the Great Elling Birds of the Elling Mountains because one of their eggs was smashed. The Elling Birds raised her as though she was the chick inside the egg that had smashed, along with a dozen other children who were also taken to replace eggs. Many years later, she was captured by a royal hunting party when she tried to follow her 'brother', a bird, down the mountain and returned to her parents. She's now willing to do anything to find the flock of Great Elling Birds she was part of again. She enjoys crawling through the dust of the Castle's attic, looking for old pictures of various flying things.

4. Personality: Very shy of people, for some of them took her away from her home in the nests of birds, and they all speak a language very different from the shreiks and screeches of birds she heard for the seven years she lived in the mountains. But she loves birds, and the freedom they have to fly. She has a general hatred for her six other brothers and sisters, mostly because of the way they tease her about acting like a bird. She's happiest with the sky above her and the ground below her and the wind tumbling through her fingers. 

5. How is he/she different from others? She is very different from her brothers and sisters in that she has been part of a flock of Great Elling Birds, feared and hated in the kingdom of Afting for the way they take children and for their general unconquerableness, (because anything that is pretty intelligent and won't pay taxes is obviously a threat to the kingdom). She does not care for preparing to compete for the Throne with her brothers and sisters. All she wants is to find her flock again.

7. How is he/she strong? She has a very good head for heights and is very stubborn. Stubborness is a useful thing to have if you're trying to get back home. It forces you to keep trying.

8. How is he/she weak or vulnerable? Also stubborness. It can close your mind to important things.

9. What does he/she fear most? Her brother Thomas, the royal children's Nurse, things with teeth, her father, but mostly of the earth swallowing her up, being cut off from the sky forever, hearing the call of the Great Elling Birds when they fly over the Castle and knowing she'll never be able to answer.

10. Your Crowd Sorcery Sentence(s): Minna lay on top of a pile of pieces of aging paper, smelly leather notebooks, gigantic battered scrolls, several maps, and a couple of grimy eggshell models that a horse could fit into if it curled itself up really tightly. The maps were especially valuable to her, because they showed the exact distance between the edge Wirnift District to the nesting grounds of the Great Elling Bird, how far you'd have to travel up the side of Ellinglenn before the birds attacked. Or, as Minna hoped, recognized their missing child and welcomed her back with joy.

submitted by Iris N., age 13, North Carolina




1. Name: Falok 

2. Appearance: Messy brown hair, sky blue eyes, lighter skin than most Earthgards. Wears a pair of dirty brown pants, a green shirt that used to long-sleeved, but the ends of the sleeves were torn off a long time ago. Over the shirt, he wears a thin faded yellow apprentice uniform vest with old red stitching of gears and cogs along the edges. On his head he wears a red cap with the clockmaker's symbol of a rusted cog on it in brown stitching.

3. Background: Abandoned as a child, he was found on the doorstep of an Earthgard clockmaker and inventor named Dalquiste. Dalquiste raises Falok kindly, and teaches him in the ways of his trade. Falok becomes Dalquiste's apprentice. Now, as Falok is about to become a Master Apprentice in the trade of clockmaking, he works on his magnum opus, the greatest work of his life at that time, that he must present to the elders of the Clockmakers Guild of Earthgard for his coming-of-age ceremony, in which he will turn eleven.

4. Personality: Curious, smart, stubborn (once he starts something, he won't stop until he ends it. It's the time in between projects when he gets lost.)

5. How is he/she different from others? He secretly dreams of going to Skyhide, when everyone else in Earthgard despises the Skyhiders, calling them "haughty little rich kids and good-fer-nothin's!". (Also, although no one knows it, he is the son of some powerful magicians in Skyhide.)

6. What does he/she most desire or hope for? To find out who is parents are, and to find a family other than Dalquiste, because as Dalquiste grew older, he grew grumpier. He also wants to become a Master Apprentice of the Clockmaker's Guild.

7. How is he/she strong? He always keeps his word, and he can make the most beautiful and useful things with his hands and some metal.

8. How is he/she weak or vulnerable? Without someone to tell him what the most important thing in his life is, he gets lost. Whenever he isn't working on something with his hands, he is very clumsy.

9. What does he/she fear most? He fears that his magnum opus won't work, and that he might get thrown out of Earthgard. He is also terrified of heights (which will be a disadvantage in Skyhide...).

10. Your Crowd Sorcery Sentence(s): Falok ran through the dusty, steaming streets of the Earthgard city of Lenroberg, clutching in his hands the small wooden box that contained his magnum opus. I musn't be late. Can't be late, or they'll disqualify me, he thought as he jumped over an abandoned fruit stall and into the main courtyard of the Guild. Past a jostle of people crowding around the main podium, he ducked and weaved through the crowd, tripping more than once. "Sorry, sorry!" he said, pushing past an elderly man. Finally, he reached the place where Dalquiste, his mentor, was sitting, nearly tumbling into him as he did. "Whoa there, rushing stallion!" Dalquiste said with a twinkle in his eyes. A twinkle that Falok was seeing less and less those days. "They've only started with the intermediate apprentices, your turn won't be for a while," Dalquiste tells Falok as the young boy sits down on the bench beside him.

submitted by John F.Q., age 11




1. Name: Lisette

2. Appearance: silver thick hair, very pale, petite, stormy eyes, whimsically beautiful. Age: 16, Gender: Female, Wears: Wolf skin cloak 

3. Background: Lives with wolves

4. Personality:Her personality is brave and clever, and she is always mischeivous and uses that to her advanatge.

5. How is he/she different from others? She is different from others because she is a bit strange, and always is looking for adventure.

6. What does he/she most desire or hope for? Her desire is to take back her queendom.

7. How is he/she strong? She is strong physically, but a bit weak mentally, and can easily be weakened with that

9. What does he/she fear most? What she fears the most is drowning; she can't swim and hates water of all sorts.

10. Crowd Sorcery Sentences: While her parents ( aka, the king and queen of Eln) were escaping the elf revolution, they ran through the forest, only to be brutally murdered by trolls who had sided with the elves. They left the baby to die, until she was rescued by a pack of wolves, who were originally a part of the queen's royal guard until her throne was overthrown by the elves. The wolves cared for her well, and taught her all about survival. Lisette is not a feral animal, she hunts and acts like a wolf, but acts like a human as well. They trained her to fight, until she found out that her parents were the king in queen and ran away. During her travels, she learns of the three wise queens of Eln that lived 1,000 years ago, and how they left behind a book of their secrets, which have the information to defeat the elf revolution. Her quest is to find the book, and restore peace and order to Eln, before it is too late.

"Her questions poured down like rain. Curious to the outside world, she crept out of the wolves den, taking quiet steps to insure the slumber of her companions. As the moonlight kissed her, she felt reborn; everything was fresh and new, and Lisette was ready for an awaiting adventure." 

submitted by Edie The Bewildered , age 12, Middle Of No Where




1. Name: Fable Thatcher 

2. Appearance: Deep blue eyes that seem to hold something deep inside their cores 

3. Background: A poor girl who lived in a poor village; until she met the man who thoroughly recognized her talents, that is 

4. Personality: Scared of her own strength, shy, somewhat depressed, longing for something or someone she doesn't really know how to explain, wise 

5. How is he/she different from others? Whatever she writes becomes true. She can write better than anyone who's lived on the Earth. She does not know who her parents are. Some people speculate that she came from somewhere else...somewhere beyond.... (maybe that's why her eyes are so strikingly blue and so...starry) 

6. What does he/she most desire or hope for? Someone to come and save her from the life she has been living; to save her from the prophecy that was put in place by her hand, a quill pen, and a piece of paper. 

7. How is he/she strong? She is very wise and knows a lot about people just by looking at them.... 

8. How is he/she weak or vulnerable? She is scared of what she writes because of what once happened to her 

9. What does he/she fear most? What she writes; that she would write something even worse than the prophecy; and, of course, the prophecy itself. 

10. Your Crowd Sorcery Sentence(s): Fable tucked her hair behind her ear, and, shakingly, began to write, a tear streaking down her dirtied cheek. No one except her really understood the reason that she wrote so much. It wasn't her fault. Many people would call it a gift to write as good as her. Not Fable. She called it a curse. The thing is, no one--or not anyone that Fable could recall, that is--would call being able to write better than the best writers of the world a gift if they knew what would happen if they wrote. If they knew that their writing would come true, whatever it was that was put down on paper. Now, many people may think that the person that had that "gift" would then simply write nice, sweet things.

But what if they couldn't control what they put on the paper? What then? That was what Fable wanted to know. But even as she thought this over, Fable's hand still danced across the paper, painting with words and ink. She knew it wasn't her fault; not thoroughly, but what she was writing scared her nontheless, for she knew what would happen if the prophecy wasn't fulfilled, and if that happened, she did not know what anyone could possibly do... 

submitted by Madeline T., age 13




1. Name: Rilla Tindell

2. Appearance: Brown hair, very straight, cut into a jagged bob. Emerald green eyes. Pale skin with freckles. Kind of short but no one ever dares stick it to her. Has just turned 13.

3. Background: Ran away from an orphanage at age four and lived off her wits ever since. Made friends with a boy called Jazz, who disappeared a year ago. Taken in at age twelve by a baker's wife.

4. Personality: Sarcastic. Not inclined to be nice to people. Something of a spitfire. Her only tenderness was toward Jazz, but ever since he disappeared, she has closed herself off emotionally, mostly because she's hurt that he abandoned her. Sometimes thinks she should love her adoptive parents, but can't really summon it up.

5. How is he/she different from others? She is the only orphan in her town, and she is a complete tomboy, unlike most of the other girls. She likes bending the rules and has pretty loose morals where stealing and lying counts.

6. What does he/she most desire or hope for? Consciously, she doesn't want anything, because she knows she can always steal it. Unconsciously, she wants to find Jazz and become accepted by her peers.

7. How is he/she strong? She bluffs and lies a lot, and has a razor sharp mind which is pretty intimidating. She also once snitched a dagger, which she protects herself with when her words fail.

8. How is he/she weak or vulnerable? She is very conscious of her difference and is sometimes uncomfortable with it, but it too proud to try to change.

9. What does he/she fear most? She fears being "reformed," but she is really afraid of never finding Jazz again, or finding out he's dead, because she still misses him even though she thinks she hates him.

10. Your Crowd Sorcery Sentence(s): Rilla had always one recurring dream. It was a strange kind of dream, of her standing alone on a hill, lifting her dagger as if to throw it at someone. And always, right when the hilt left her small hand, the blurred face of her antagonist would morph into that of Jazz, and just when the dagger was about to hit him, he would catch it, grin at her, then disappear.

submitted by Everinne, age 14, Characterland




1. Name: Aelwyn Fyrth

2. Appearance: Short, energetic girl with wavy black hair, high cheekbones, long, dark lashes, suprisingly green eyes, delicately arching eyebrows, dainty, slightly pointed ears, almost always wearing iradescent earrings. Light skin, delicate build and long limbs. Gracefully long fingers.

3. Background: Lives in an abandoned castle on Ithyver, an island off the mainland of Amyelthalas. Was in the care of Ms. Bitxi until she ran away in stolen boat. Parents were taken by Potwór when she was young. Has been trying whole life to find them.

4. Personality: Tries her best to be optimistic but usually doesn't manage. Resilient. Proud and independent. Loner.

5. How is she different from others? She lives in a castle, she's a loner, but mostly because of bad memories. 

6. What does she most desire or hope for? To find her parents (duh).

7. How is she strong? She is physically strong, which can be a surprise because of her delicate build.

8. How is she weak or vulnerable? She would never think of asking for help from anyone, she is alone and not very old.

9. What does she fear most? Asking for help, being taken away from her island, Potwór, the monsters that carried her parents away, someone discovering her secret (in my Crowd Sorcery).

10. Your Crowd Sorcery Sentence(s): As had happened every night she could remember, Aelwyn followed the man out the door.  She didn't know his real name, so she called him Perygl, for danger. His black robe trailed on the floorstones, his face, as always, was obscured by a black mask. He took her to the balcony and waited as her hair turned to gold. He plucked a hair from her head and tied one end to the banister. He threw the other end into the dark abyss. It was pulled taut on the other side, and he dragged her onto the golden thread. It thickened to the width of a wire, and they climbed across.

submitted by Hdarr, age 12, U.S.A.




1. Name: Will Gust

2. Appearance: Shaggy brown hair, lightest blue eyes you've ever seen, and a thin form. Is always wearing an apron that signals he is an apprentice butcher. 

3. Background: Definitely is NOT an orphan, has two parents that love him like crazy, and want him to grow up to be a butcher. Loves his parents, but does not want to be a butcher because he loves animals. He wants to be a secret messenger for the castle.

4. Personality: Very humorous, and jokes around so much that it gets annoying. When he is working with his parents, he gets obnoxious on purpose so he can get thrown out for the rest of the day. He is clever like that. 

5. How is she different from others? Can camoflauge into his surroundings, and then float away with the wind, as if he were transformed into it. (Hence the name Will Gust)

6. What does he most desire or hope for? Wants to figure out why the castle isn't sending enough food. Even though you are not allowed out of the village, he can sneak out using his powers to visit the elves. From there, he can find out Eliza-Grace's past. He lives in the same village as Eliza-Grace. The reason Will wants to find Eliza-Grace's past is because he thinks she is his sister. Will also always wanted a pet and a sibling. He hopes if he can do something heroic, then maybe he will get to be secret messenger for the castle. (Floating on the winds, possibly.)

7. How is he strong? His powers help him escape bad situations. 

8. How is he weak or vulnerable? He can be spotted by only people of the royal blood when he is using his talents.

9. What does he fear most? Will fears that people will find out about his powers and put him in prison.

10. Your Crowd Sorcery sentence(s): Will stood and looked glumly down at the headless chicken. "Well, I guess it's time for the old routine," he thought. "Hey, Pop, how 'bout a joke?" Will asked. His parents knew what was coming. "You know what, Will? What do 'ya think about takin' a break for a few hours? Hm? Wha'da ya say?" But Will was already out the door. His cleverness had paid off once again. Once he got out of sight, Will floated away on the breeze, off to watch over Eliza-Grace.

submitted by Grace




1. Name: Azreal Everleaf

2. Appearance: Short, bright red hair. Bright, intelligent eyes and a smattering of freckles. He's tall and and strong. He wears short, rough trousers and a torn, green shirt. His nose is crooked, it was broken and never set right. His smile is crooked and he is covered in scars. Large, calloused hands, with surprisingly nimble fingers.

3. Background: Azreal was abandoned when he was a child. He was found by a cruel farmer and works as a farmhand for food and shelter. His memories from before age 8 are missing. Just gone. He woke up one day and was expected to work.

Before the memory loss, was born to a wealthy family. When he was eight, he was kidnapped by a witch who had an ancient grudge with his family, whose ancestors had refused her a tiny scrap of food when she was on the brink of death. She erased his memory and sent him far, far away to work for a farmer. Numerous farming accidents have led to a broken nose, a bad ear, and multiple scars. Despite this, he is strong, not only physically, but mentally. He is unable to read or write, and hopes desperately to go to school some day.  

4. Personality: Azreal is intelligent and clever by nature. With the other boys he works with, he can always cheer someone up or bring an argument to an end. Most of the boys, almost all of them younger than he, look up to him. He hates his master, however, but has no recourses to run away. And even then, he couldn't leave the boys.

5. How is he/she different from others? His kidnapping and subsequent memory loss implanted a seed of magic within him, which he has unconsciously used to heal minor wounds on the other boys. However, every time he uses it, it binds him more and more to the witch who kidnapped him.

6. What does he/she most desire or hope for? Azreal just wants to escape. He wants to take all of these boys away from the daily punishments they endure and most of all, he wants to learn. 

7. How is he/she strong? Azreal had willpower stronger than that of his master, but knows when to give. He is physically strong, was well, and can work through grueling pain. 

8. How is he/she weak or vulnerable? Azreal hates to see suffering and can be tricked by shows of weakness. And even though he can keep his temper, he finds that every day he is one step closer to cracking. 

9. What does he/she fear most? Azreal fears most that one day he won't be able to protect the boys he lives with. He fears failure, and most of all, he fears the creatures that hide in the dark. 

10. Your Crowd Sorcery Sentence(s): The sweltering heat beat down upon Azreal's back as he pulled the plough through the dry earth, revealing the moist, life-filled dirt from below. His back, which would have burned when he first began to work, eight years ago, was now tanned, and his once nimble fingers were covered in heavy callouses, gripping the yoke across his shoulders tightly.

submitted by Liliana R., age 12, Twin Cities, MN




1. Name: Rowan Kaiji

2. Appearance: Shortish, hair that is just past her shoulders and is bright orange (she usually wears hair in a bun, but when she takes it down, it is curly/wavy and quite thick.), very pale skin, huge green eyes that are very deep, usually wears a green knee length dress/cloak with long sleeves that she usually rolls up to her elbows, the cloak has swirls of gold and the bottom part is white, wears white boots with gold swirling up them, if she ever takes off her right boot, you'll see that her foot is mangled horribly.

3. Background: She is a mage, so she is the child of some entity and a human. she is fairly sure that it is the god of plants who is her father, but her mother felicia died shortly after giving birth to her. she was adopted by six mages who are like her family. they are around her age. she is the third youngest. they worked for a man known only to them as Dragon, he would send them on missions and in return for completing the missions, he gave them ownership of a huge castle that contained everything they could ever need. but one day dragon gave then a portrait of a woman and said only "Kill her." the woman was an evil queen who the children failed to kill. she tried to take them from their castle, but rowan gave herself up for the others. she was tortured mercilessly from the time she was 10-13. at 14, she was rescued by Dragon's son, Caz. she is 15 now.

4. Personality: She has a sweet personality, she just wants to help others even when they are unkind. she never gets angry, but whenever she is reminded of her lost brothers and sisters, her time in the queen's dungeon, or someone is especially unkind, she will silently cry when she is alone. she loves animals and young children. she is very loyal and gets attached easily.

5. How is he/she different from others? she is different because she is a mage and because she has a mind perfect for solving complex puzzles and battle stategies. she also has an aura that inspires awe in people, even though she is timid.

6. What does he/she most desire or hope for? She hopes most to meet her father, find her brothers and sisters, stop the evil queen, unlock all her mage powers, and take revenge on Dragon, who she blames for all the bad events in her life.

7. How is he/she strong? She is strong because she has amazing magical abilities, and if she is struck by a fatal blow, she will become a vine-covered entity and grow another body.

8. How is he/she weak or vulnerable? She is weak because her easy attachment to things makes her heart very easy to break, her right foot sometimes siezes up, and when she grows another body, she will wake up in an unfamiliar place and not know how long she was gone.

9. What does he/she fear most? She fears being tortured again, she fears that her brothers and sisters are dead, she fears the day she faces Dragon, and she fears that her power will get out of control and kill someone.

10. Your Crowd Sorcery Sentence(s): Rowan made her way through the dense forest. she tried not to slip on the wet, mossy rocks that were littered everywhere. Vines hovered behind her, ready to catch her if she tripped. A wolf howl sounded in the distance and her heartbeat quickened. she emerged in a clearing and saw a small cottage in the middle. she ran to it and threw the door open. two wolves lounged in front of a fire inside.they looked up as she came in. "Daniel! Dari!" she cried, tears of joy running down her face. the wolves ran up and licked her face. at last, she had found her long-lost younger siblings. no matter that they were cursed to be wolves! she could fix that. Yes indeed, she could fix that.

submitted by Lacey R., age 12, Lookingglass, Oregon




submitted by Fred
(June 20, 2014 - 4:00 pm)

Any chance that some of the other heroes/heroines might show up as the supporting cast, like the other top two characters voted?

That will be up to Fred. I'm sure it's a possibility.


submitted by Crowd Sorcerer
(June 26, 2014 - 4:20 pm)

Yeah!!! There can be an epic battle where all the villians and heros fight each other in a war with their powers and it would be soooooo cool and awesome!!!

submitted by Edie the bewildered, age 12, middle of no where
(June 26, 2014 - 4:57 pm)

Dear Fred,

I dont want too sound weird or anything, but I am curious in knowing which hero you have chosen for your book? I am excited to read it when it comes out in the bookstores, and I hope you have a wonderful time writing this wonderful book.

Yours Truly,

Edie P. 


Edie, you can VOTE for your favorite hero in the Crowd Sorcery section right now, until the end of June. The Chatterbox vote will determine which hero Fred uses.


submitted by Edie.P, age 12, SF, CA
(June 26, 2014 - 4:26 pm)

Any chance other heroes and heroines might be on the voting list?

submitted by Fellow Cricket
(June 27, 2014 - 12:06 am)

Er... Fred? Did you only pick 10 or something? 'Cause mine's not in there.

Admin: Yes, we chose 10 for the poll. If your hero/heroine didn't make it this time, maybe your villain or sidekick will!

submitted by Gadzooks
(June 27, 2014 - 6:40 am)

oh sorry, I just read the beginnning of your post.

I'm so ignorant.


submitted by Gadzooks
(June 27, 2014 - 6:41 am)

Just wonderin': Can we vote multiple times? I didn't do this, but I have some favorites, and I want to vote more than once. If I can't vote more than oncne, can I tell my friends about this, and ask them to vote? Thanks! This is awesome!

P.S. Will there be another one of these next summer? I really hope so... 

Admin: Hi, Just Wonderin'. Just one vote for person, please! We will be deleting suspicious-looking votes (e.g. a string of 10 votes for the same three characters from the same IP address at the same time). But do tell your friends! 

P.S. As for next summer...stay tuned! 

submitted by Just Wonderin'
(June 27, 2014 - 11:23 am)

So, could my friends all use the same computer to vote? You see, we have this "clubhouse", and there's a computer in there, so they'd use that one, but would thier votes be deleted? Thanks!



Cappie says faff. Interesting... 


The voting is set up to accept only one vote per computer (or other device). So everyone would have to vote on his/her own computer (or iPad, etc.) 


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(June 27, 2014 - 2:14 pm)

VOTE FOR RAYTH!!!! Rayth is a very good character. You can tell that the creator of Rayth put lots of time into making him. When reading True's Crowd Sorcery sentences, Rayth seems to come alive through True's words. I personally think this is the best one. VOTE FOR RAYTH!!!!!

submitted by Gandalf, age Ageless, Hobbit hole
(June 28, 2014 - 9:45 am)

Gandalf why are you living with Hobbits?

submitted by Legolas, age 3000, Mirkwood
(June 28, 2014 - 5:25 pm)

Because we - Mr. Baggins, Thorin & Co., and me - are about to embark on a most wonderful adventure. We shall go and find the dwarves' riches which have been stolen by dragons. However, I shall have a little fun, and make fireworks for the Fourth of July. XD

submitted by Gandalf, age ageless, Hobbit hole
(June 30, 2014 - 7:12 am)

I'll bring my video camera; we could make a movie out of this!

submitted by Legolas, age 3000, Mirkwood
(July 13, 2014 - 8:04 am)

Legolas is 3932 years old I think. :3

submitted by Smaug, Lonely Mountian
(August 17, 2014 - 8:59 pm)

Yeah, I voted for Rayth.  Rayth is good.

submitted by Bounty, age 12
(June 28, 2014 - 5:30 pm)

LISETTE is my fave. Really original idea.

submitted by NUTELLA lover, age 12, Nutella Land
(June 29, 2014 - 9:30 pm)