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For my science

For my science project, I'm growing three batches of alum crystals. I have named the batches Bébé 1, Bébé 2 and Bébé 3. (I do science class in French. It's not fun) But those names are so boring. Any suggestions? Bébé 1 is in a glass jar and I was stupid and put on the lid for 2 days before remembering I'm not supposed to do that. #1 is also the oldest by 2 days. The bébés 2 and 3 were born a few minutes ago and are twins. They are in plastic containers that resemble petri dishes. The alum in #1 is completely dissolved, in #2 the alum is mostly dissolved, and in #3 it hasn't dissolved very much.

submitted by Olive
(May 22, 2012 - 8:05 pm)

Give them cute names! Like I said to my friend on the subject of camp names the other day, "You could be Hiccup again, but I
don't really see the point in keeping the same name year to year. There
are so many other cool ones out there!

/muses/ what about Looney Tunes character names? I remember wanting to be Bugs Bunny last year.

Or do what I did, and read a book and find an interesting name there? From the one I'm reading now, Toris.

Or just throw together a bunch of letters. Aeiou. :) idk.

I don't really know what else."

Well, yes. Last year I was Felix, in honor of HP and all the other wonderful things. She ws Hiccup, in honor of Last Hope and coll stuff like that.

Chickuu says fciu. No, Chicky, I don't think THAT'S a very good name...

~Ash out~

submitted by Ash, age 14, A galaxy far away
(May 24, 2012 - 3:19 pm)