NaNo Covers!

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NaNo Covers!

NaNo Covers!

First off, this is going in DtE because I spent quite a bit of my whole PA day- in the real world around me- doing this. Second, because DtE is more alive than I or PP. ;)

So for my NaNovel 2011- which I'm hoping to publish via Createspace- I took a bunch of pictures and saved them onto Dropbox. But I didn't wait long enough, so I decided to draw. That didn't work because I'm a terrible artist, so I used a vector editor. And I finally finished. Phew!


...and I posted the cover without my name on Photobucket but the link's not working right now. Hopefully I can show you all tomorrow! So what do your NaNovel covers look like? 

submitted by Olive
(June 11, 2012 - 8:34 pm)

Mine is just something I threw together in Photoshop with a caduceus that took FOREVER to make it look okay (and a LOT of the Magnifier tool) and a red alarm thingie in the background. I won't even try to put it here, because the inserting-pictures thing hates me and they never show up. So use your imaginations!


submitted by L
(June 13, 2012 - 4:39 pm)