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Is anybuggy else

Is anybuggy else out there a Hurricane Sandy Refugee? I was, until about a week ago (It will be a week tomorrow). I was away from home for about eleven month and three quarters. It's so weird to be home and to have the upstairs just like we left it and the basement and first floor so. . . bare. And to have none of my stuff except for my clothes (which were upstairs).

If so, how long were you away from home? Did you just recently get back? 

I spent Christmas at a lady's house who was in Israel for Christmas. My whole family was there, and, even though we didn't have a christmas tree, like we usually do, we had alot of fun. We all walked to town in the morning and went to see the Hobit movie in 3D in the town theater. It was cool! Anyway. . . 

How much of your house was hit? My basement and most of the first floor is completly demolished and it's still under construction. And how much did you lose?

Oh, and where do you live? I live on the east coast of New York, right next to a canal, going out the the Jamaca Bay, so the water came in and in and in and in and got all the stuff we had piled in the living room from the basement (which happened to be most of our stuff) and then it just kept coming in.

Now, at least, I can say I've stayed in a hotel! For ten months! In a crowded room with two other girls (my sisters) and sometimes another girl (an older sister) and a boy (one of my brothers)! Really boring! 

And my Grandma passed away while we were at my aunt's house. It was weird, she just stopped breathing and then Mom called 911 and they took her to the hosptil and she died there. It doesn't seem real, just a fuzzy nightmare. Yet she'll never come back. A lot has changed.

But, at least, my house wasn't completly gone. I send my feelings to those people out there who's house has.

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(September 14, 2013 - 2:44 pm)

I'm very sorry to hear about your Grandmother passing away.

My area was hit in Hurricanes Sandy and Irene, but the worst that happened to our house was the power being out a couple days and our basement being flooded.  Thankfully, where I am wasn't hit as hard as some other places.

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