Chatterbox: Down to Earth



Note: Well....... I guess I have to explain this with Frederic, seeing that Chinchilla has "Exed out". Well, you probably have noticed that Chinchilla has been absent. The reason: Chinchilla had to travel to Sebury for her great-Grandmother's 100th birthday. No, really. So, she spent two days in Sebury, hanging out at a Hotel, swimming in the pool with her cousin, and visiting the science museum. (It never fails to amaze me that that museum makes SCIENCE, the most boring of things, INTERESTING.) Well, her plane back to to the place which had planes that would take her home was cancelled and she had to wait until 4:00 to go onto the train.

THEN, the flight was cancelled YET AGAIN when there was fog, so now she had to wait at the airport until 7:15 to take flight. THEN when she finally got to the other airport which has planes that fly to her home, the most outrageuos thing happened. SHE WAS DENEIED ACCES TO THE PLANE ON WHICH SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO FLY HOME ON. THEN she had to wait until 9:00 to board a different plane. When she finally got home and went to bed, it was 12:20! So she had no time for the computer. Well, I hope I've explained everything to you.

"BWai?" Oh. Well, if you insist Frederic, I will tell about the INCIDENT. Well, the next day, when Chinchilla went to swimming, after the swim meet, she started to get dressed. Unfortuanately, she only had time to put her pants on, when a girl accedently took chinchilla's swim bag! So, chinchilla, knowing nothing about this, couldn't find her swim bag! So, she put on her fleece, and gathered everything that was not in the swim bag up, and went out of the change-room, and told her mother about it. Then Chinchilla and her mother started looking at everyone's swim bag to make sure it wasn't Chinchilla's. Then they found the swim bag and the girl who had accidentally taken Chinchilla's swim bag went and looked for HERS. And so ends the saga of the lost swim bag.


"AnMe! Fred. eric!" 

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