GT CAMP!!!!!

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GT CAMP!!!!!

GT CAMP!!!!!

So, I know that there was a CAMP!!!! thread at some point, but really GT camp is a bit different.

So, GT stands for Gifted and Talented (Shout out to anyone who's ever read the Joshua Dread books if you get the reference). Just to be clear, you aren't stupid or something if you take the test and don't get in. My school district often turns away kids from the program because they don't have any classes or activities that would benefit them. I just took it not that long ago myself. Anyway, I got in for Reading and Languages, so I can take some cool classes once I get into high school!!!

So, now to the point of this thread. Soon after the school told us that I had been accepted into GT, we got the invitation to the GT camp they have every summer!! It's a week long, and you only go there for like, 3-4 hours a day, but it's  gonna be super fun!!! Everyone has a minor and a major, and I got Dance and Theatre!!! We're going to do a play in five days!!! FIVE DAYS!!!! I'm a bit nervous. 

Anyway, is anyone else in GT? Any other GT campers? 

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(June 3, 2016 - 10:36 am)

Well... according to a number on a piece of paper I am a "genius" but I don't trust IQ tests, so... ANYwhooo... I go to a school for GT kids, but our catchphrase is "gifted" because peeps like me often times have social issues... yup. Ok.

Has anyone else been tested for IQ or taken a WISC test? My score's over 150, but I don't trust it. Any other certified geniuses?

I'm kidding. I'm not very smart, except for the number. 

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(June 3, 2016 - 8:52 pm)