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Chatterbox: Down to Earth

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Icy quietly sneaks into Abi's house and finds a soapbox. It's slightly crushed, but it will work. She takes it, and walks into the sidewalk and gives a cat a defiant glare, trying to work off her anger. Good. All of her anger has been wasted on an innocent kitty. She bends over, and carefully places Abi's soapbox onto the sidewalk, then steps on it.

"Hey!" She says quietly to everyone on the sidewalk. Nobody listens. She then grabs a megaphone from seemingly nowhere. "HEY!" She yells, her tiny voice magnified by the megaphone. Everyone turns and stares. "I'm talking to you..." She says, trying to not get angry. "Because Abi's feelings were hurt. Heck, I don't even know Abi that well. But I heard something...and I hope it's not true."

Icy takes a deep breath, and looks at the notecard in her hand, then looks up and talks. "I heard that allot of feelings were hurt on the debate thread, from Abi's post. I heard that we were upset because our opinions were different. I heard allot of things that I do not like...and I just want all of us to be friends. Life isn't perfect, and we need to calm down once in a while and try to get there. Yes, I know it's impossible to be perfect. But is it impossible to have peace?" Icy asks. "No, it's not. We have so many good memories here on the CB..."

A tiny tear fell down Icy's cheek. "I've had some of the best times of my life. Making my AE and AETCHA. Enjoying myself as a different person. As Icy. Because I'm not like this away from the screen. Away from the screen I am quiet. I am shy and meek and paper-pale and being on the CB and having you guys to encourage me has been amazing...and now I have something to be proud of....because you guys taught me I could have pride in everything about me, without being braggy, or full of my self, normally and in the CB. You guys aren't like this. You aren't supposed to be like this! It's not right. I want the happiness I had back. I want us to just be friends again!" 

Icy checks her note card again. "Also....I want to tell you why I'm doing this. Why I'm taking part in something that doesn't involve me." She pours emotion into her voice, letting a bit of anger leak in. "WHY? Because...Gared has quit all aspects of the CB except for the Inkwell and Kyngdom. I don't know why even--I think it had to do with the debate thread--and I just am writing this to try and stop not only the anger doing with the debate thread but so many other things." She swallows.

"And now, I just want to say sorry for taking up your time...but please, can decide to end this."

She steps off of Abi's soapbox, which is now VERY crushed, and puts the megaphone away. She leaves the soapbox on Abi's doorstep with a thank-you note, and steps into her own house, just two away. She stares out of the open door for a second, then shuts it. Unlike Abi, she has nothing to say. She doesn't know what to say. She has used too many words, it is clear. She's used too many words...

submitted by Icy, age 11, The Forest
(July 16, 2016 - 6:22 pm)

Thank you, Icy. That was an honest statement you have created. Something I cannot agree with more. "You guys aren't supposed to be like this. It isn't right. I want the happiness I had back. I want us to just be friends again!" So true. So, so true. Thank you again, Icy. I hope people see this the same way I do.

submitted by Ashlee G., age 15, The Future
(July 16, 2016 - 9:08 pm)