Am I afraid

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Am I afraid

Am I afraid of heights?

I'm not sure if I'm afraid of heights, but maybe if you hear what makes me think that I am you might be able to help me out.

I am afraid of rock-climbing walls, but not the short ones in playgrounds. Walking up stairs to roller coasters and the first going up part of roller coasters scare me (though I love roller coasters). Sometimes escalators scare me. Hiking up/sitting on mountains doesn't scare me except for when there are a lot of rocks and I think I'm going to slip off. I am not afraid of planes. Jumping down from stairs and things like that scare me sometimes.

So, what do you think? Do you think I'm afraid of heights?

Thanks for helping me out!

Reporter out! 

submitted by CNN Reporter, age 11
(September 5, 2016 - 8:07 pm)

thats exactly how I feel about heights! 

submitted by Daisy
(September 6, 2016 - 11:55 am)