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What's your favorite activity here on the CB? VOTE FOR THE OFFICIAL BESY OF THE YEAR AWARD! RP and vote gor one of the following buildings (each represents an activity you do here on the CB)



Welcome to the CB extreme vote! 

Random rping of our CB life takes place here, and business transactions as well as a few once in a lifetime  activities! Vote for the GREATEST BUILDING OF ALL (aka best part of the CB)!

Each building is basically just a metaphor, but it serves as your digital HQ of sorts, where you can write reasons to vote for said activity. The buildings metaphor also serves to give people reasons to reqruit voters, through art, description,  and more. Sorta like world domination.

1. CAPTCHA adoption building (also AE funhouse) 

You can name your CAPTCHA and adopt a CAPTCHA here. Also rentable for parties. This represents AEs, CAPTCHAs, and CAPTCHAES.  

2. Murder building

Poisoned Teacup is set to take place here. Also fast paced Ski Lodges (FOUR DIE EACH DAY). This represents ski lodges and poison teacups. 

3. Fandom building

Fandom battles and several fandom related things are here. (This represents fangirling/fanboying).

4. RP building

It's obvious.

5. Kyngdom building

Yep, obvious. Connected to RP building.

6. Library

Any book related thing, other than extreme fan personing.

7. Q&A

Conversations,  Ask Admins. 

8. Domination building 

World domination, pie fights 

9. Debate building  

Yep, obvious.

10. Art building

Obvious,  again.  

11. Picturing Building


Psst..vote Kyngdom.


submitted by CB life
(January 28, 2017 - 9:45 pm)

Okay so if I am understanding correctly, we are to vote one of these and defend our position? Hmm...

I cannot partake in this for I love everything about the CB (even though I've never been on Kyngdom). Although I cannot wait to see what wins the Greatest CB Building of All award! 

submitted by Ashlee G., age 15, The Future
(January 29, 2017 - 12:24 am)